I saw this in action during a July 20 demo from Tapan Bhat, senior vice president of Integrated Consumer Experience at Yahoo, and it looked intriguing. By mousing over the Facebook selection under My Favorites, users will get a pop-out of their accounts without having to even click into the app. When I want to add something to my iGoogle page, I have to go to Google Gadgets, search for new apps and install them on my iGoogle page.
So if users don't see apps they want, they can whip them up instead of waiting for a programmer to write them a gadget. Unfortunately, I'm already comfortable with iGoogle, and I don't mind adding gadgets, so I'm not inclined to switch.

Join us for Pizza, Peroni and networking, and hear from our experts on the latest topics in Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things at our forthcoming informal event on 2nd October 2013, 6pm-8pm. Networks in Internet of Things – Professor Kun Yang will talk about the latest wireless networking solutions developed in the University in the context of Internet of Things (IoT).
Cloud Computing and Networking – Dr Martin Reed will talk about the latest approaches to virtualisation for both computing and network resources. Jenny Young will talk you through how you can work with the University via a part government funded Knowledge Transfer Partnership. Note the Quaker Oats ad next to the content, which is Yahoo's key to monetizing the home page.

Yahoo's programmers basically turned the left-hand rail into an RSS feed of many of Web users' favorite Web services and destinations, such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and MySpace. Moreover, Yahoo is providing an App Maker to let users create apps and render them via a simple URL.

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