The best part about all of these features is that they are totally free to anyone with an ActivePrint Cloud Printing Subscription. I’ll be searching exclusively through Bing, which is easy as it’s the default in IE anyway, and using Bing Maps instead of Google Maps. I’m thinking by committing myself to Microsoft’s services, forsaking Google’s, I might -- just might -- end up preferring at least one if not more of them.
Because my plan isn’t a boycott, or -- like Joe’s idea -- an attempt to entirely remove Google from my life, I will still use some of the big G’s products.
In a month, give or take, I’ll report back on how I got on, and what -- if anything -- I learnt from the experience and which Microsoft services I loved and preferred, and which I couldn’t wait to give up. I’m curious though, have you switched from one of Google’s products or services to a Microsoft alternative, and if so which one(s). Bu?c 3: Ngu?i nh?n giftcode nay ph?i co tai kho?n tren AppStore, r?i vao ph?n tai kho?n d? kich ho?t giftcode! Many of these features are going to make integration of ActivePrint with your favorite apps possible! Including support for their OAuth 2 standard to provide the best security for your printers and your print jobs.

I was sitting on a beach with a glass of wine and a laptop and I was searching the internet using Bing.
Having only just really made the full time transition from Firefox to Chrome, that will take a while to get used to. I already have SkyDrive set up through Windows 8, so I’ll switch to using that entirely, in place of Google Drive. Because I use my Samsung phone all the time, I’ve become so used to how it works, what features and apps are where, that switching back to an iPhone will seem like a retrograde step.
I might discover features and ways of doing things that are better and that I will miss if I switch back to Google.
My wife came up, saw what I was doing, and said "Why aren’t you using Google?" To which I replied, "I’m boycotting it. Where there’s a straight replacement for an occasional Google service -- Bing Translator, for example -- I’ll use that.
Worried that he’d sold his soul to the Mountain View, Calif.-based company he tried to swap as many Google products for alternatives, including Microsoft services. Microsoft doesn’t have anything that competes with YouTube (aside from Bing Videos), so I’ll have to stay with that.

The company shutdown Reader." Yes, that’s right, I dreamt Reader was being shuttered before Google even announced it, and now I’m using Bing. My aim, really, is just to fully immerse myself in Microsoft’s services, and to get a real idea of how they compare. Although the OS could stand a lot of improving, I’m used to it now, and prefer the way a lot of things are done in it. I use Google Reader religiously, but I may take the opportunity to switch to Feedly, because I’ll have to at some point anyway, so it might as well be now. When I switch back to Windows 7, it seems odd and (admitting this feels weird) not as good.

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