Brian Hall is general manager for Microsoft’s Surface division, and he is shaking his head over rival Apple continuing to sell older Macs. Hall took to Twitter over the weekend to call out Apple, citing a story from The Verge that details the status of Apple’s Mac lineup, which still includes some outdated machines.
The Verge reports that the last MacBook Pro released without a Retina display came out in June 2012, and more than four years later, Apple is selling the same machine. Apple did update its standard MacBook line earlier this year adding the latest processor, better batteries, and the rose gold finish option to the 12-inch laptop. In recent years, Apple has emphasized consistently updating iPhones to add the newest features, a move that is possible because the mobile world is newer and changing so much faster than computers.
Later, Hall praised a commercial for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus that debuted during the opening ceremonies for the Rio Summer Olympic Games Friday. Nat Levy is a staff reporter at Geekwire covering a variety of technology topics, including Microsoft, Amazon, tech startups, and the intersection of technology with real estate, courts and government. This volume-minded inkjet all-in-one prints and copies fine-looking documents en masse, and packs a single-pass, two-sided scanner.
This model, as well as the XL model mentioned above that we reviewed, list for a $299.99 MSRP, despite all the extra ink in the box with the MFC-J985DW XL. Versus competing models in its price range from Epson and HP, this AIO has a host of worthy features. Beyond the connectivity options we mentioned, the MFC-J5920DW supports most key mobile and cloud connection options, including Wi-Fi Direct, for connecting compatible mobile devices without the aid of a network or router. You can also do much of the necessary configuring of the MFC-J5920DW from this panel.Not supported, though, is Near-Field Communication (NFC) for making peer-to-peer, touch-to-print connections with this printer. Microsoft has been around for over 40 years and has seen some of the biggest industry changes first-hand. Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more!
This is great news for Android users running older devices and struggling with the few MBs of storage space left, after accumulating hundreds of photos, videos and everything else.
If you’re out and about or live in an area where data plans are too expensive, Google Maps now lets you switch you to Wi-Fi mode to completely download the maps of wherever you are traveling. Downloading offline maps isn’t a terribly new feature, but people with phones running only 4 GB or 8 GB of internal storage might struggle to utilize it. A user will be prompted to select the storage location when they download maps for offline usage. There are some more options that were added in Maps, like tie-ups with Go-Jek and Grab in Southeast Asia, just like we’ve seen here in India (with OLA and Uber).
Facebook’s deep-learning artificial intelligence systems have learned to recognize your friends in your photos, and Google’s AI has learned to anticipate what you’ll be searching for.
A growing number of tech giants and startups have begun offering machine learning as a cloud service. Subscribe now for ad-free access!Register and sign in to a free LGF account before subscribing, and your ad-free access will be automatically enabled.
Violence Erupts After Officer-Involved Shooting A standoff between police and an angry crowd turned violent Saturday night in the hours after a Milwaukee police officer shot and killed an armed suspect during a foot chase on the city's north side.
When New Parents Refuse Vitamin K Shots and Their Babies Get Brain Bleeds The baby was born full-term and healthy, but now, just a few weeks later, lay limp and unresponsive, barely breathing.
Scientists Who Found Gluten Sensitivity Evidence Have Now Shown It Doesn’t Exist - ScienceAlert If you have stomach problems and are assigning them to Gluten sensitivity then you probably should work with your doctors some more to isolate the real cause. Michael Phelps Returns to His Tank at Sea World ORLANDO—Fourteen-time Olympic gold medalist and SeaWorld main attraction Michael Phelps returned to his seven-million-gallon water tank Wednesday to resume his normal schedule of performing in six shows a day for marine park crowds every day of the week. Inside Spain’s Right-Wing Rebel Catholic Cult Ex cult leader admits that it was all for the money. Zika Found to Remain in Sperm for Record Six Months The Zika virus has been found in the sperm of an Italian man six months after his first symptoms, twice as long as in previously reported cases. Ledecky, DiRado, and Ervin Win Gold in Rio as Michael Phelps Misses Shot at 5th Gold In her race that followed Phelps', Katie Ledecky did exactly what the swimming world has come to expect her to do, winning the women's 800-meter freestyle by several body lengths.
House of Waters - in Waves "In Waves" from their new record "House of Waters" by House of Waters. Corinne Bailey Rae - Been to the Moon (Live on the Current)Corinne Bailey Rae performs "Been to the Moon" off 'The Heart Speaks in Whispers' live in The Current studio. Kyle Craft - Eye of a Hurricane (Live on the Current)Kyle Craft performs "Eye of a Hurricane" off 'Dolls of Highland' live in The Current studio.
American Honor Killing The right wing makes a big story out of every "honor Killing" that comes to light in Islamic families, but they neglect the more horrible American version of honor killing. New Poll Shows Presidential Race Tightening in Kansas Between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Can Democrat Hillary Clinton actually compete in Kansas?
Content ratings help you understand the type of content you might find in an app or game, so you can decide if they are suitable for you and your family. If an app or game does not have a rating, it means that it has not yet been rated, or it’s been rated and we’re working to update the page.

Google Cloud Print is a remote printing service from Google that allows you to wirelessly connect to a printer from your computer, mobile device or tablet. For reasons that do not depend on Softonic, you will be redirected to download Google Cloud Print on the author's website.
Mit dem Google-Dienst kA¶nnen Sie praktisch von jedem Ort der Welt mithilfe eines beliebigen GerA¤ts wie einem Smartphone oder Tablet drucken - vorausgesetzt, sie haben Verbindung zum Internet. The MacBook Pro featuring Retina display, which claims to have resolution high enough that pixels can’t be seen by the naked eye at a standard viewing distance, was last updated close to 15 months ago.
The commercial combines photos and videos shot on the iPhone with a reading of Maya Angelou’s poem The Human Family.
INKvestment is Brother’s relatively new ink-related initiative designed to (1) compete with HP’s ink-by-mail Instant Ink service and Epson’s bulk-supply EcoTank ink-delivery program, and (2) in theory, save you money on ink.
These are very different printers, though.Today’s review unit is a high-volume model designed to churn out hundreds, even thousands, of pages each month, while the MFC-J985DW XL is not meant to print and copy nearly as much.
For instance, it’s the only wide-format-capable inkjet we know of with this low of an operational cost, and it supports most of the latest mobile and cloud connectivity options.
Also, as a business printer, it lacks certain security features that some competitors give you. We know of just a handful of business inkjets with CPPs this low, among them HP’s PageWide Pro models, but the lowest-cost AIO in that line is $200 more than our Brother review unit. In that time, the company has made friends and enemies, been sued by governments, and sold billions of products.
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Especially for a country like India, where budget phone launches have seen extravagant launch events and unprecedented media frenzy, this move by Google will be welcomed with open arms. That allows you to evade data connectivity for the entire duration of your trip, or even if you have limited data connection, this option can be very useful. Here, a user can simply select select the SD card option and continue using Maps without worrying about storage issues.
For many of us, that’s not enough for all the videos, music, apps, and photos we cram onto our beloved smartphones.
This move seems to be a part of their bigger plan to get more folks from countries like India to start using their products more.
But there’s no need to feel left out, even if your company’s computers haven’t learned much lately. That means other companies and startups do not need to develop their own specialized hardware or software to apply deep ­learning—the high-powered version du jour of machine learning—to their specific business needs.
Privately, at the highest levels, party leaders have started talking about cutting off support to Trump in October and redirecting cash to save endangered congressional majorities. The Sunflower State hasn’t gone for a Democrat in a presidential election since 1964, but the latest KSN News Poll has Clinton within 5 percentage points of Republican Donald Trump.
Republican Senate incumbents were neck and neck with their challengers in Florida and Pennsylvania, while GOP Sen. It does not indicate that the app was specifically designed for that particular age, or if a certain level of skill is required to play the game or use the app.
A simple configuration of a compatible printer gives you instant access to print from wherever you are, on whichever device you are using, and even lets you share the printer with other users. Compatible with Windows Google Cloud Print is built to be integrated with Windows so that you can print to the Cloud Printer from any Windows program with a print function.
We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws.
This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. INKvestment centers around very-high-yield ink cartridges that deliver a low cost per page. These enable you to print and manage the machine from a smartphone or tablet, as well as connect to cloud services. Apple and Google have a similar story, albeit over a shorter period of time for the latter. Zoidberg and a bunch of other characters on Futurama, has begun recording himself parroting Donald Trump’s words as the cartoon’s egomaniacal space captain, Zapf Brannigan. Pressing print will open a Google Chrome window to start printing with Google Cloud Print, or alternatively, will save the document to Google Drive.
We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. They're still cartridges, though, unlike EcoTank, which uses ink in filler bottles or even bags.
Among the supported cloud items are Google Cloud Print, Evernote, and OneDrive.In addition to scanning to and printing from cloud sites, you can also do so from network drives, USB thumb drives, and PictBridge-compatible devices such as digital cameras. But there is one aspect in which these companies differ: Microsoft is often unfairly criticised for things which the other two companies also do.

It's all about the per-page cost.The difference between the non-XL and XL Brother models is quite simple. Brother designed this and most of its other Business Smart models so that paper loads into the trays (and runs through the printer itself) in landscape mode. While you still probably wouldn’t want it parked on your desktop (especially in the busy workgroup scenario that this printer was designed for), it should be easy enough to find a place for, seeing as it supports Wi-Fi (wireless), Ethernet (wired), and connecting to a single PC via USB.
So you'll want to be sure the monitoring and limitation functions match what, if anything, you need to do in your workgroup. Thankfully, Google recently announced a feature that lets you download offline maps to the SD card.
Single-person home offices will be a lot less concerned with much of this.Finally, like most Brother business printers, this one comes with a strong software bundle.
You can use the multipurpose tray for printing off-size sheets, or different types of media, without having to remove a main drawer and reconfigure it, thus taking the printer out of service. How they treat usersMicrosoft's products and attitude are often criticised for being user-hostile. With the ADF's help, you can scan, copy, or fax up to 50 single- or double-sided sheets fed straight through the scanning mechanism. It includes Scansoft’s PaperPort SE with OCR for Windows, as well as Presto PageManager for Mac. Windows 8, for example, was derided for being worse than Windows 7 and, while that may be the case, it ignores the fact that Google and Apple have made similar bloopers. Between them, you have most everything you need for scanning, converting scanned text to editable text, and managing your scanned documents. As you can imagine, scanning both sides of an original simultaneously is faster than having the machine scan one side, draw the page back in to the ADF, flip it, and then scan it again.
Removing the tape and other packing materials took only a few minutes, as did loading our initial stack of paper and the bundled ink tanks. Windows 10 is a definite improvement, as are subsequent versions of iOS and Android, which shows that when these firms apply their minds to a problem, they can usually fix it. The printer found our wireless network right away, and with the help of the unit’s Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), it logged on to the network with the touch of two buttons, one on the printer itself and one on the router.
Surface devices continue to sell well for Microsoft, but PC vendors weren't pleased when Redmond first unveiled them2.
Overall, the installation process worked flawlessly, and our only complaint is that given that optical discs are being phased out gradually, especially on laptops, a driver disc is a bit of a throwback. However, that changed with the Surface tablet and, more recently, the Surface Book 2-in-1 laptop. To allow a wider range of devices to connect, without forcing users to hunt down the software online, we’d prefer drivers and utilities on a USB thumb drive. PC manufacturers were not at all happy when the news broke that Microsoft was making a tablet, and the company was roundly criticised for this move in the media and development community. Google has a similar relationship with its phone makers and arguably wields more control over who does what and when.
Reports have surfaced that show Google dictating certain terms to phone vendors like Samsung, but without the same levels of derision shown towards Microsoft. Using these numbers, we calculated the cost per page at just under a cent (a tiny fraction under) for black-and-white pages and 4.7 cents for color.
Google, Apple, and Microsoft are all aware of this and dedicate some of their revenue to changing, or shaping, policy. This could be due to the various antitrust lawsuits filed against Microsoft in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but really, that happened a long time ago now. Apple, too, has increasingly become a player in the lobbying world, even opening a Washington office.
How they treat developersTim Sweeney, the co-founder of Epic Games, wrote an editorial in The Guardian earlier this year that lambasted Microsoft for its Universal Windows Platform idea, which unifies the platforms behind the PC, tablet, smartphone and Xbox. This would mean that many older apps that are supported by older versions of Windows would no longer work. This criticism is valid, and gained a lot of attention, but is fairly routine when compared to what Google and Apple do with their respective app stores through various policies. Apple's strict approval process has certainly drawn the ire of some developers (and there have been accusations of anti-competitive practices, even). And on a broader level, Cupertino has been annoying developers for ages and has only recently started updating the App Store with the features devs want, such as better search functionality.

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