Being able to print a document from your phone to your office printer from anywhere has long been a dream for mobile users and now, thanks to Google Cloud Printing, you can turn this dream into a reality.
Once you set up Google Cloud Print you will see an option in the drop down menu on your mobile device that will let you print to your printer anywhere you have an Internet connection. You will need a computer running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 to make use of Cloud Print from Google, though Mac OS X and Linux support are coming. Step 4: Enter your Google login information to the screen that pops up and look and then look for the confirmation dialog shown below. Step 5: Manage your connected printers by going back to options where you will see a Manage Print Settings option. If you don’t see the option to print from Gmail on your mobile device check back in a few days as the option is being rolled out over the coming days.
Google released a stand-alone app this afternoon for their Cloud Print service, and it’s available on Google Play for free. I have a real issue with Google Cloud print on my capable HP Laserjet 4250, works about 30% of the time. About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life.
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If the paperless office isn’t here for you yet, you can print from your iPad or iPhone.
A quick search on Amazon shows that AirPrint-enabled printers can be had for as little as $60. To set up Google Cloud Print on an older computer, connect it to the older computer and install the Chrome browser.
If you want to other types of documents to a Google Cloud Print-enabled printer, you may want to try PrintCentral Pro. Open the App Store and do a search for the name of your printer manufacturer to find the appropriate app. DID YOU KNOW?Popeye the Sailor Man, the iconic early 20th century spinach-eating comic strip character, was originally intended to be a one-off cameo in a comic strip focused on Olive Oyl (Thimble Theater), but he proved to be so popular the roles were reversed and Olive Oyl became a part-time player in a dedicated Popeye comic strip. Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. I tend to view printing as something like the floppy disk, a legacy technology that nobody really needs anymore.
Google has today released the code and documentation to developers, so its just a matter of waiting for this to show up in the apps you use. Basicamente conecta tu impresora a la Web para que puedas imprimir en ella desde cualquiera de tus ordenadores o dispositivos moviles (a traves del ordenador si es una impresora convencional), aunque estes en el otro extremo del mundo.
Y tambien permite compartir la impresora con otros usuarios, para que puedan imprimir en ella aunque tambien esten en el otro extremo del mundo.

A partir de ese momento podras imprimir en cualquiera de tus impresoras desde aplicaciones Web de Google o desde el navegador web Chrome, independientemente del ordenador que estes utilizando. Puedes, por ejemplo, utilizar el ordenador de casa para imprimir en la impresora de la oficina, o viceversa. Para imprimir documentos del ordenador que no esten en la Web hay que acceder a Google Cloud Print desde Chrome y utilizar la opcion “Imprimir”, “Upload file to Print”; y a continuacion seleccionar el documento en el disco duro del ordenador.
Ademas de en impresoras, es posible "imprimir" en todos los dispositivos que tengas con el navegador web Chrome; incluyendo moviles y tablets que tengan iniciada la misma sesion de usuario de Google.
En todos ellos tambien puedes "imprimir", pero no en papel sino como documentos que se transfieren entre si.
Finalmente, Google Cloud Print tambien permite imprimir en Google Drive, en forma de archivo PDF. Pero la version movil de Chrome, para Android y para iOS, no permite imprimir, lo que desarma en gran parte la utilidad del asunto. Precisamente desde moviles y tablets sucede a menudo que uno querria poder imprimir documentos o contenidos de la Web, y en este caso solo es posible desde Gmail o Google Drive; o utilizando aplicaciones de terceras partes compatibles con Google Cloud Print.
Otra pega es que cuando se imprime en un dispositivo (en un movil o en un tablet, por ejemplo) basicamente no se puede hacer nada con el documento mas que verlo; no se puede guardar, ni reenviar, ni compartir ni nada por el estilo. Esto ultimo se soluciona en parte usando la opcion de Guardar en Google Drive desde donde si se puede compartir, aunque no siempre es lo ideal ni lo que se necesita. With the announcement of Cloud printing from Gmail on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices the convenience is even greater.
You can see a sample of this in the screenshot above. You can even print your attachments such as pdf files and word documents on the go. With Google Cloud Print, you can print from any Android device as long as you have a Cloud Print connected printer. I find this feature to be extremely useful on my iOS devices, and just about every app that I would need to print from CAN print to airprint devices. So it seems from the release of this app, any Android device should now be able to print to any Google Cloud Print enabled printer. Sure, you can’t directly connect a printer to your iPad, but there are plenty of ways to print wirelessly. If you’re interested in turning an old printer into an AirPrint-enabled printer, you can try turning any printer into an AirPrint-enabled printer. Buy one of these printers and go through its setup process to connect to your Wi-Fi network. It takes a little bit more work to set up because it requires a Google account, but it has other advantages. Go through the Google Cloud Print setup process in Chrome to associate the printer with your Google account. Google advertises this paid app on their official list of apps that work with Google Cloud Print.

You’ll find official apps like HP ePrint, Samsung Mobile Print, Canon Mobile Printing, Epson iPrint and Lexmark Mobile Printing. Google is about to solve this problem with cloud-printing, which will send your documents from a mobile device to any web-connected printer. And before you light up the comments telling me you need to print receipts for your car repair shop customers, I say that’s not the job of an iPad or a cellphone. To enable printing from its driver-free Chrome OS and any other mobile device, Google is putting those drivers in the cloud. En estas aplicaciones se puede utilizar cualquier navegador, no solo Chrome; pero hay que utilizar la opcion "Imprimir" de la aplicacion, no del navegador web. Should you load up a document or image from your Android phone or tablet, the Cloud Print app will allow you to quickly print it out. An insider from motorola told me that google wanted to improve the source code and make it available for all android phones.
Bear in mind that this isn’t officially supported by Apple, so it may not work perfectly.
You’ll now be able to print to the printer from Chrome on your iPad when the computer is running and Chrome is open. Apps send print jobs to Google Cloud Print, whereupon they are processed and sent to net-connected printers.
So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED. De modo que luego podras elegir en cual de ellas quieres imprimir: en la impresora de casa o en la de la oficina, por ejemplo. I’d recommend uninstalling what you currently have and install the app mentioned in this article. Once you’ve got everything set up, you can tap Chrome menu button, tap Print, and select Google Cloud Print. The Chrome app sends your request to Google’s servers, which send it to the Chrome browser on the PC, which sends it to the printer. For the odd boarding pass or document I might need on paper, I just email the file to the print shop down the road and pay them 10 cents. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast.
Different apps have different features, and some manufacturers’ apps will work better than others.

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