Canon has announced several new photo printersa€”three all-in-one desktop models and a compact unita€”designed for consumers and photo enthusiasts.
Canon has introduced three new desktop multifunction models that print, copy, and scana€”the Pixma MG4220 Wireless, the Pixma MG3220 Wireless, and the Pixma MG2220, a non-wireless printer. Each has the companya€™s new FastFront feature that facilitates easy changing of ink and paper from the front of the printer.
For the higher end Pixma MG4220 and Pixma MG3220 models, Canon has included an auto duplex feature to help reduce paper usage. Prices for the three desktop models are as follows: The Pixma MG4220 is $130, the Pixma MG3220 is $80, and the Pixma MG2220 is $70.
Canon Selphy CP900 compact photo printerAlongside the desktop models, Canon has announced the Wi-Fi enabled Selphy CP900 compact photo printer for on-site quick printing while youa€™re at an event. This printer can produce a 4-by-6-inch image in approximately 47 seconds, which can last up to 100 years, the company says. Canon's Easy-PhotoPrint mobile app for Apple mobile devices can print stored images wirelessly to this printer, as well. This Selphy model is 16.5 percent smaller and 14 percent lighter than the previous Selphys.
Canon is providing a new software component for these printers, called My Image Garden, which combines various tools to help users organize photos, create new photo projects, and re-discover photos they may have forgotten. Canon Pixma MG4220 WirelessIn addition, the Pixma MG4220 model provides access to the Canon Pixma Cloud Link for easy printing of images and documents stored online. Registered users of Picasa Web Albums can wirelessly access photo albums directly through both wireless desktop printers without a computer. With My Image Garden software, you can organize photos stored on your computer into three categories: Calendar, Event, and People. The softwarea€™s automatic layout function lets you select multiple images, and based on the priority given to each one, an appropriate layout is offered for an overall image. My Art, another software feature, helps customize photos with various templates including collages, greeting cards, calendars, stickers, disc labels and paper crafts.
My Image Garden also features Full HD Movie Print, which can produce clear images of frames from videos captured on Canon DSLRs, PowerShot digital cameras, and Vixia camcorders. The Print Your Days Facebook application, which is Windows-only, offers a way for users to print a single photo or combine a maximum of five images into one collage from their Facebook photo albums.
Simply connect your PIXMA wireless printer to your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet to enjoy wireless printing and scanning from anywhere in your home or small office. Printing from smartphones and tablets has never been easier - thanks to the free Canon PRINT app, and printers that support Apple AirPrint and Android print plugins.
This app automatically finds compatible PIXMA wireless printers on a Wi-Fi network and let’s you print and scan documents and photos with ease. Print or scan by touching the smartphone with the printerWith PIXMA NFC enabled printers, you can simply touch a compatible NFC smartphone or tablet with your PIXMA to print and scan your photos and documents.Download the Canon PRINT app to connect.
Built into the Canon PRINT app, this feature allows tablet users to create customised greeting cards, calendars, collages and much more, using photos stored on their smart device or in your social networks such as Facebook.Simply download the free Canon PRINT app and register your cloud enabled printer to start creating your very own projects for family and friends. Print your favourite photos straight from your wireless camera without using any cables or transferring them to a PC. Multifunzione elegante e compatto dotato di Wi-Fi da condividere e utilizzare da qualsiasi punto della casa.
Le velocita di stampa possono variare in base alla configurazione del sistema, all'interfaccia, al software, alla complessita del documento, alla modalita di stampa, alla copertura della pagina, al tipo di carta utilizzato e altro. La resa dell'inchiostro puo variare in base al tipo di documento stampato (testo o foto), al software utilizzato, alla modalita di stampa e al tipo di carta. Tale velocita puo variare a seconda della configurazione del sistema, dell'interfaccia, del software, delle impostazioni della modalita di scansione, delle dimensioni del documento e cosi via.
La velocita di copiatura puo variare in base alla complessita del documento, alla modalita di copiatura, alla copertura della pagina, al tipo di carta utilizzato e cosi via e non comprende il tempo di riscaldamento. Schickes und kompaktes WLAN-Multifunktionssystem zur gemeinsamen Nutzung von praktisch uberall im Haus. Die Druckgeschwindigkeit hangt von Systemkonfiguration, Schnittstelle, Software, Vorlagenbeschaffenheit, Druckmodus, Seitendeckung, verwendetem Papiertyp usw. Die tatsachliche Scangeschwindigkeit kann je nach Systemkonfiguration, Schnittstelle, Software, Scanmodus und Dokumentgro?e variieren. Die Kopiergeschwindigkeit hangt von Vorlagenbeschaffenheit, Kopiermodus, Seitendeckung und Papiertyp ab und berucksichtigt nicht die Aufwarmzeit. This low-end Maxify model's strong feature set, respectable paper capacity, and good print quality are offset by some cost-per-page concerns—it needs Canon's XL-size ink tanks to compete. One of the most difficult groups of buyers for printer makers to nail down is the small office or home office (SOHO) that has only light or moderate printing needs.

Only recently have we seen lines of office-centric printers (from vendors such as HP, Brother, Epson, and now the Japanese imaging giant Canon), designed to bridge the gap between these kinds of machines and models with low costs per page.
Cloud Print & Scan using storage servicesPrint your documents from online storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and more. Cloud print from social networksPrint your favourite photos from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
Cloud print from online photo albumsEasily browse and print high quality images straight from your online photo storage albums on CANON iMAGE GATEWAY, Flickr and Photobucket. Cloud print from PIXMA servicesPrint and create professional looking greeting cards, calendars and amazing 3D paper crafts using content from Canon’s Creative Park or exclusive CREATIVE PARK PREMIUM. Cloud PrintUse remotely the same PIXMA Cloud Link services as the ones available from your printer’s screen.
Cloud ScanScan your documents and photos and upload directly to cloud services or send as emails using the printer screen or mobile app. Printer SettingsCheck printer status, ink information and access the online printer manual from virtually anywhere. Google Cloud PrintPIXMA printers supporting Google Cloud Print allow you to print Google Docs, emails, photo and PDF attachments from smartphones, tablets and traditional desktops from virtually anywhere. Cloud ready printers with older versions of PIXMA Cloud Link let you browse and print your favourite photos from your online albums at CANON iMAGE GATEWAY direct from the printer screen.
Please check individual product specification to confirm availability of each feature and software compatibility.Facebook and the F logo are registered trademarks of Facebook Inc.The FLICKR mark is a registered trademark of Yahoo!
They feature, in various combinations, wireless capability, Apple AirPrint and other mobile printing functionality, auto-duplexing, and software that lets you enhance images both online and off.
They can also produce borderless, edge-to-edge 4-by-6-inch photos in approximately 44 seconds at a maximum color resolution of 4800-by-2400 dots per inch (dpi).
The Pixma MG2220 and MG3220 are expected to be available at the end of July, while the Pixma MG4220 is expected in August. Users can also print photos without connecting to a computer by printing directly from compatible memory cards or using the printer's PictBridge connection.
The Selphy CP900 offers improved image optimization, red-eye correction, and brightness correction to match colors and adjust image sharpness and contrast. An optional battery and charger are available to ensure continued printing, if external power is not available. The printer supports Google Cloud Print for printing from Gmail and Google Docs on mobile devices and from the Google Chrome browser for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome computers.
All users will get access to exclusive printing templates such as stationery, envelopes, memos, calendars, and more. There is also an Automatic Suggestion feature in which photos stored on a computer are automatically gathered into various collages and calendars to appear in a desktop slideshow.
We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love.
You can share your PIXMA Wi-Fi printer in your home or office, connecting with multiple computers and smart devices.
Simply connect your wireless compact or Digital SLR camera to a PIXMA printer supporting WLAN PictBridge and enjoy photolab quality photographs in an instant.
PIXMA Wi-Fi printers supporting Access Point Mode can create an ad hoc wireless network - so you can print directly from your smartphone or tablet using the Canon PRINT app or Apple AirPrint.
Grazie alle veloci funzioni di stampa, copia e scansione, supporta anche i servizi Google Cloud Print e Apple AirPrint.
Quando si esegue la scansione ad alte risoluzioni, le dimensioni della scansione vengono ridotte.
La velocita di scansione indica l'intervallo di tempo che intercorre tra la pressione del pulsante di scansione del driver dello scanner e lo spegnimento del display di stato. Neben schnellen Druck-, Kopier- und Scanfunktionen unterstutzt das Gerat Google Cloud Print und Apple AirPrint. Sogar Zugang zu den aktuellen Tintenstanden oder ein Blick in das Online-Handbuch des jeweiligen Modells werden mit dieser App ermoglicht. Die Zeit, die der Hostcomputer zur Verarbeitung der Daten benotigt, wird nicht berucksichtigt. Die Werte wurden bei ununterbrochenem Druck bis zur vollstandigen Entleerung der Tintentanks ermittelt.
Die Scangeschwindigkeit entspricht der gemessenen Zeit zwischen dem Drucken der Scan-Schaltflache des Scannertreibers und dem Ausblenden der Statusanzeige auf dem Bildschirm. Die Installation von Software aus dem Lieferumfang der Kamera oder des Camcorders mit dem die Datei erstellt wurde, ist erforderlich. Typically, the printers aimed at this group are feature-rich multifunction models (MFPs) designed for relatively light print loads, and they present a conundrum for their makers.Because this segment of the market is so big, it's a tempting target.

Canon is the newest player in this scrum, and its initial line of small-business-oriented Maxify printers, introduced in late 2014, contains some models designed for SOHOs that print in high volume, and others for offices with more modest print needs.
As you can see in the above image, the output area is spacious, but it obviously won’t hold 500 printed pages. Printers with enhanced PIXMA Cloud Link allow you to view and print online content direct from the printer screen or remotely from your mobile device using the Canon PRINT app.
Select the image you want to print direct from your PIXMA printer’s screen or mobile app for superb results in seconds.
The files are sent securely over the internet for printing wherever you are, whether in the same room as the printer or on a different continent. You can also print calendars, stationery and other templates whenever you need them directly from PIXMA Cloud.
Thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity, users can browse and access images stored on any computer connected to the same wireless network and send them directly to the Selphy for immediate printing. It features a 2.7-inch high-resolution LCD screen designed to provide clearer, more precise viewing of images and menus.
With Event View, images captured at an event can be stored in a separate folder and accessed for sharing. L'accensione automatica consente inoltre di riaccendere il multifunzione al momento della stampa.Stampa praticamente ovunque ti troviGoogle Cloud Print collega il tuo multifunzione direttamente al Web cosi potrai stampare documenti Google, e-mail, foto e allegati PDF ovunque ti trovi.
But it's hard to make money on the cost of the printer alone for folks who don't print much (and therefore don't replace their printers all that often). You can even scan and upload your files to cloud services, or even send as emails directly from the printer screen. In People View, once a persona€™s likeness has been registered with the software, it then uses Image Assorting Technology and Face Recognition technology to automatically upload pictures of that person to their own folder for easy access. I file vengono inviati in maniera sicura al multifunzione tramite Internet sia che tu ti trovi nella stessa stanza o in un continente diverso.Stampa rapida e di qualitaIl sistema di cartucce FINE con una risoluzione di stampa fino a 4800 dpi offre un elevato livello di dettagli.
Auto Power On schaltet das Gerat automatisch ein, sobald ein Druckauftrag ankommt.Drucken von praktisch uberall ausGoogle Cloud Print verbindet das Multifunktionssystem direkt mit dem Internet, so dass Sie Google Dokumente, E-Mails und Anhange praktisch von uberall aus drucken konnen. So, traditionally, printer manufacturers have sold these machines at low up-front purchase prices, then charged a premium for the ink or toner. The first model was the highest-volume unit in the Maxify line, the $399.99-MSRP Maxify MB5320 Wireless Small Office All-in-One we looked at a few weeks ago.
In addition, the two MB5000-series models have double the duty cycle of the two MB2000-series machines: 30,000 pages monthly on the MB5000 series, versus 15,000 pages on the MB2000 series.
Those used to routinely pounding out 250-sheet mega-jobs are still good candidates for high-volume laser models. Con una velocita di stampa rapida dei documenti in formato A4 di 9,9 ipm in bianco e nero e 5,7 ipm a colori, e in grado anche di stampare foto senza bordi in formato 10 x 15 in circa 44 secondi.
They're meant for significantly heavier workloads.Beyond its lower endurance rating, the less-expensive MB2320 has a slightly smaller touch LCD, an automatic document feeder (ADF) that supports manual (versus automatic) duplexing, and a more expensive cost per page (CPP). Perfetta per la stampa rapida e di qualita di documenti e immagini a casa.Risparmia denaro su inchiostri e cartaRiduzione dei costi di stampa.
Le cartucce XL a valore aggiunto, consentono di produrre piu stampe rispetto agli equivalenti in formato standard riducendo la frequenza delle sostituzioni. Sono quindi la soluzione ideale per gli alti volumi di stampa e ti possono consentire un risparmio fino al 50% a pagina.
As with many business-oriented MFPs aimed at the entry-level and midrange, the Maxify MB 2320 quickly becomes uneconomical if you need to print in amounts well above its pay grade. Automatisches beidseitiges Drucken reduziert den Papierverbrauch, wahrend gleichzeitig eine professionelle Druckqualitat erzielt wird.My Image Garden SoftwareDie zentrale Software Plattform fur das komplette PIXMA Erlebnis mit Losungen zum Organisieren und Drucken von Fotos, zum Scannen und zum Zugang zu Online-Diensten. Funzionalita avanzate come il riconoscimento dei volti, rendono semplice la ricerca delle foto sul tuo PC per trovare chi stai cercando.Libera la tua creativita con CREATIVE PARK PREMIUMQuesto servizio online ti consente di scaricare e stampare foto, illustrazioni e creazioni artistiche e di creare biglietti di auguri, calendari e incredibili modellini 3D in carta. Moderne Funktionen wie Gesichtserkennung erleichtern die Suche nach Fotos auf dem Computer und helfen, alle Fotos zu finden, auf die es ankommt.Kreativ werden mit CREATIVE PARK PREMIUMDieser exklusive Online-Service bietet Ihnen Fotos, Illustrationen und Kunsthandwerk zum Download und Druck an. Compared to some competitors, it was a little slow on our speed tests, but the output was worth waiting for a little longer, as it printed our standard test samples well. Zudem lassen sich kreative Gru?karten, Kalender und beeindruckende 3D-Papierkunst erstellen. Besides, as we'll discuss in our conclusion, we have already seen the Maxify MB2320 on sale discounted pretty heavily—by as much as 25 or 30 percent. And, as we pointed out in our review of the MB5320, none of the four Maxify models really resembles Canon's Pixma models, except for being black and a bit blocky—not even the office-centric Pixma “MX” models, such as the Pixma MX922 Wireless Office Inkjet All-in-One.

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