Ever since the Moto G launched in late 2013, it's continued to annihilate every other budget smartphone out there, making it a steadfast presence in our Best Mobile Phones list. Of course, 4G contract prices do get a lot more expensive once you start adding more data, but regardless of which network you want, the 4G Moto G is still the smartphone to buy for everyone who isn't after a flagship model. You can easily add a bit of colour to your phone thanks to Motorola's snap-on rear covers, available in seven colours for ?13 each. Speaking of protection, one feature that has made the transition from previous Motorola handsets is the splashproof coating. Motorola has left Google's OS, largely untouched, just adding a couple of useful features and tweaking the camera app. Android 4.4 also supports the new version of Hangouts which combines your instant messaging and SMS apps into one, though you still need to switch between these two streams to keep track of all your conversations via both.
The lockscreen now also show the appropriate album art for the music you're listening to and includes basic playback controls, so you don't have to unlock the phone to pause or skip tracks. Slightly faster browsing is another bonus, with the SunSpider JavaScript browser benchmark recording a score 1,297ms, a small but appreciable improvement over its score of 1,410ms when we first tested it.
The app will pull across call logs, text messages, pictures, movies and music on the old phone.
Contacts and emails will be transferred anyway as they are part of your Google account, so this is just Motorola tidying up the things that Google hasn't dealt with. When Walt Mossberg asked it at D10 today, Pichai replied that he thinks the criticism is a bit unfair. Chromebooks may not have been super successful yet, but Google has now revised the interface and will soon have more of a physical retail presence, Pichai said. If you're looking for an 802.11AC router but aren't terribly concerned with blazing speed, the Archer C7 is not a bad choice, thanks to a reasonable price and very good wireless range.
Setup and Feature SetThe router ships with a resource mini disc and a quick-connection guide.
The instructions then state that if you don't have a disc drive, to see an appendix at the end of the guide. The C7's interface is utilitarian and entirely text-based, bucking the current trend of graphics-heavy 802.11ac router interfaces. Additionally, it offers are some advanced features you don't see in more mainstream consumer routers. Wireless PerformanceThe C7 is a router that delivers OK performance–certainly not top the among 11ac routers I've tested. A router that has comparable throughput to the C7 is Amped Wireless' High Power 700 mW Dual Band AC Wi-Fi Router. Not Mind-Blowing, Not a ClunkerWhen I was overseas a couple of years ago in Eastern Europe, I noticed that TP-Link had a large presence over there in the network device space. The HP Scanjet Enterprise Flow N9120 Flatbed Scanner is a massive business scanner that can handle documents at up to tabloid size in its flatbed or 200-sheet ADF. The HP Scanjet Enterprise Flow N9120 Flatbed Scanner ($3,999 list) is a formidable, full-featured business scanner that can scan at tabloid size from either its flatbed or automatic document feeder (ADF). This USB-connected scanner supports a daily duty cycle of up to 5,000 pages, and offers duplex (two-sided) scanning. There are buttons for Setup, Scan, and Copy (you can configure the latter two, or use default settings). Although this process in effect gives you a preview of the scan, it also adds an extra step.
Scanner manufacturers rate their products for speed in pages per minute (ppm) for simplex (one-sided) and images per minute (ipm) for duplex (two-sided) scanning, where each side of a page is considered a separate image. At 200 dpi black-and-white, it took 2 minutes 1 second to scan the same 25-page, 50-image test file to searchable PDF.
Most scanners will lose a bit of time in scanning to searchable PDF, compared with their image PDF scan times, as it takes time to OCR and convert the document. By default, the scanner is set to portrait mode, and we do our formal tests using default settings when possible, but as it can scan up to tabloid width, you can also insert letter-sized paper into the ADF in landscape mode.
The Epson DS-60000, rated at 40 ppm and 80 ipm for simplex and duplex, respectively, turned in simplex and duplex speeds of 31 ppm and 62 ipm. We don't have an Editors' Choice for a tabloid-width document scanner, and the HP Scanjet Enterprise Flow N9120 Flatbed Scanner doesn't quite rise to that level.
Apple's beautifully redesigned iPod touch is still the leading do-it-all MP3 player, but the new $300 entry-level price might make it a tough sell. It's cheerful, colorful and versatile, and though it technically has competition, Apple's iPod touch still stands alone. This is the fifth iteration of the iPod touch, and it's the first model that's not getting a five-star rating.
Longer, slimmer, lighter, and better-looking than the 2011 iPod touch , the new touch is available in blue, pink, red, yellow, gray, or black aluminum. In the box you get a pair of Apple's vastly improved EarPods , and a "loop," a color-coordinated wrist strap that attaches to a pop-out button on the back panel of the player. One of the major improvements here is enhanced wireless performance, which is especially important in a Wi-Fi-only device. The HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-One offers nearly any feature you might want for a micro, small, or busy home office, including fast speed and high quality output.
If there's an important feature you might want in an office color multi-function printer (MFP) that you won't find in the 8600 Plus , I don't know what it could be.
Basic MFP functions include printing, scanning, and faxing, including over a network, as well as working as a standalone copier, fax machine, and email sender, and letting you scan to a USB key or memory card.
For the home side of the dual role of home and home office MFP, the 8600 Plus also offers such photocentric features as the ability to print from a memory card or USB key and the ability to show images before printing on its 4.3-inch color LCD. Also worth mention is the legal-size flatbed, which can come in handy in any office, and the touch-screen interface with well-designed menus for the printer control panel. The 8600 Plus also goes well beyond the basics with a built-in print duplexer for printing on both sides of a page and a 50-page automatic document feeder (ADF) that also duplexes, so you can copy from single- or double sided originals to your choice of single- or double-sided copies.
The 8600 offers reasonably high paper capacity as well, with a 250-sheet input tray, which should be enough for most home, micro, and small offices. As you might expect, the legal-size flatbed by itself is enough to make the 8600 Plus bigger and heavier than most inkjet MFPs.

Graphics quality is easily good enough for any business need up to and including PowerPoint handouts. With all these strong points, and no weaknesses that turned up in my testing, the 8600 Plus is one of the most impressive printers to ever come through PC Labs. If you're considering a low-end color laser MFP, and you don't check out the HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-One too, you're making a big mistake. There are also tough shell cases with front flip covers that stay shut thanks to magnets and automatically turn on the phone when you open it. This means that it should survive anything short of a complete immersion in water, we spilt a pint over the first RAZR with no ill effects.
The Assist app makes your phone more intelligent, for example you can set the hours you usually sleep for and the phone will automatically go silent, or only allow favourite callers, or those who call twice in succession through. You can apply a wide range of filters now to photos you shoot, add frames around them, crop them in various ways, and even write (or draw) on the screen with your finger in any colour you like.
You also get immersive mode, where the status bar and controls go away, allowing apps to go full screen until you swipe from the top. Other benchmarks were unaffected by the change, though Google claims that memory use is improved, the handset is more responsive to touch and multi-tasking is now quicker.
You do this by first installing the Motorola Migrate app from the Google Play Store on your old handset. We got a warning that all the data may not be transferred (but then we were testing with a 16GB Samsung S3 and an 8GB Moto G). It's very neat, very clever and should relieve the worries of those who don't want a clean slate on a new handset. Google’s┬ácompetitors like Microsoft and Apple maintain different operating systems for mobile and desktop. This hardware configuration probably contributed to the good wireless range I found in testing this device.
The guide instructs users how to physically connect the cables and the modem to the router. The appendix tells you to wirelessly connect to the pre-configured SSID and go into the Web-based management software to go to a wizard setup. It is far less of a hassle to just connect to the already set-up wireless network (the passphrase is on a sticker at the bottom of the router) and go right into the browser setup, rather than dealing with a disc and software. The interface guides you through everything you need to do to get the router up and running, so the Web-based method shouldn't be a problem for most. The fact that the user interface is so devoid of images indicates to me that TP-Link is gearing the device to the power user set who don't need the user-friendliness images deliver. It just doesn't have the hardware specs to equal the top-tier latest routers such as the Linksys EA6900 or the Netgear Nighthawk. However, the C7 did a tad better in 11ac Mixed mode, averaging 87 Mbps, versus the Amped Wireless' 78 Mbps. When testing in the 2.4GHz band, the C7's throughput slowed by 10 percent as I moved from 5 to 30 feet away. The Archer C7 reminds me of the post-Soviet architecture I saw in that part of the world: Very austere in design and frills, but sufficient in function. Offices looking for a heavy-duty tabloid scanner that can easily fit into their workflow would do well to consider the N9120 .
This tabloid-size document scanner with both flatbed and ADF definitely needs its own table (and will take up a fair portion of it), and requires two strong people to move into place. Copy lets you scan a document and (using the HP Document Copy utility) save it as an XPS file or send it to a printer.
The HP Smart Document Scan utility lets you create, edit, delete, and prioritize scan profiles, and initiate scans using any of the profiles. Once you press the Scan button (either from HP's scan utility or the simplex or duplex buttons on the scanner itself), the scan utility will display the pages as thumbnails on your computer screen.
It suggests in the user guide that scanning in landscape mode could result in faster scans, so I put it to the test. It scanned our Times New Roman test document without error down to 8 points and Arial with only one spacing error at six points.
It has a rich feature set, a tabloid-width ADF that can hold up to 200 sheets, and a tabloid-sized flatbed.
Still, it has a good software suite, an abundance of workflow-friendly features, and the ability to scan large documents from either flatbed or ADF.
It's shockingly thin, feather-light, and clad in an absolutely gorgeous wraparound aluminum body.
The idea for the loop is to make the touch feel like a point-and-shoot digital camera, thanks to the 5-megapixel shooter that's been added to the back. I couldn't find any app, even super-high-end games like Asphalt 7: Heat and Lili, that wouldn't run here, and those graphics-heavy apps will run much more smoothly than on the previous touch. Because it's an inkjet, however, it can also offer high-quality photos, a trick that makes it appropriate for the dual role of home and home office MFP too.
You can also use the touch screen with HP's Web Apps, including for example Biztree Forms App (Free), and Financial Times News App (Free, 3 stars) that I recently reviewed. If you need more, however, you can add a second 250-sheet tray ($79.99 direct) for a total 500-sheet capacity. Add it all up, and you save about $54 compared with buying the 8600 Plus and then buying the tray, ink, and paper separately. Text at small sizes doesn't have quite the crisp edges of laser-printed text, but unless you have an unusual need for small fonts you shouldn't have any complaints. They cost ?25 but look to be well worth the extra expense, given the protection they provide. You can also print photos straight out of the gallery to services such as Google's Cloud Print. Once done you connect the two phones directly via Wi-Fi, which requires nothing more than pointing the camera on your old phone at the QR code displayed on the Moto G. It takes a while to complete the transfer, but you can use the phone for other things at the same time.
It is a fusion of different media styles, different topics, different formats and different sources.

It probably could sell for about $40 less, except for the fact it does feature the next-generation wireless standard, 802.11AC. I've grown accustomed to the sleek designs of some of the premium 11ac routers new to the market, and in comparison, the C7 looks a bit cheap. Next, it gives a set of instructions that puzzled me; the guide directs a user to insert the disc into a Linux, Mac, or Windows computer and then run the Easy Setup Assistant. If for some reason you can't get to a Web browser, the appendix suggestions should be the alternative option. Another less-common feature is WDS bridging (although I see this feature in more consumer routers than I do IGMP proxy).
The interface also allows you to enable a printer server with a USB printer connected to the router. However, performance is decent for most tasks the average home user would do on a network: stream a movie from Netflix, check e-mail, VPN to the office, and so on. For instance, when testing from a wireless client at a distance of 15 feet from each router, Ixia's IxChariot performance testing software showed the C7 averaging 100 Mbps and the Amped Wireless device averaging 129 with both routers set at the 5GHz band in 802.11n Mixed mode. The scanner also includes an imprinter that lets you print text on the back of documents fed through the ADF. The other utility, HP Scanner Tools, lets you create and manage scan profiles, as well as perform maintenance tasks.
Once the scan is done, you can rotate, rearrange, or delete pages, and adjust brightness or contrast. You can reset any profile for one-button scanning by going into the scan utility and selecting "hide thumbnails," something that isn't intuitive but that is mentioned in the user manual. I timed the N9120 in scanning to image PDF at the default setting of 200 dpi black-and-white at 35 (ppm) in simplex and 66.6 images per minute (ipm) in duplex, slow for its rated speeds.
For example, the Editors' Choice Canon imageFormula DR-2020U, rated at just 20 ppm in simplex mode and 40 ipm in duplex, took just 1 minute 23 seconds to scan our test document to searchable PDF, the same as its image PDF time. Although it did show somewhat faster simplex speed, it slowed down considerably when I scanned in duplex, and its timing when scanning to searchable PDF was the same as when I scanned in portrait mode. In our testing, it was slow for its rated speed in scanning to image PDF, and not particularly fast when scanning to searchable PDF. This year's touch is a significant upgrade: It's faster, with a much better screen, a new camera, better headphones, and a new body design to die for. The strap gets in the way when you're holding the touch in both hands to play games, though.
Scores on the Web-based Sunspider and Browsermark benchmarks were both a touch higher than the 4S, but the touch is in turn smoked by the much faster iPhone 5. More important, it performs well enough to make it a good fit in any of these roles, and even serve as a heavy-duty personal MFP, if you have the room for it.
That's not only a notably fast speed for an inkjet, it's well into color laser MFP territory. Also worth mention is that although the text isn't quite smudge proof, it smudged very little when I rubbed it with a wet tissue. Print enough pages, and the running cost can make the 8600 Plus cheaper to own over its lifetime than a less expensive MFP with a higher cost per page. In our case it transferred the call logs, pictures and music fine, but text messages didn't come across and it ran out of space copying the videos (a sensible choice to leave). If you're looking for an AC router that offers some of the best 11ac performance around, this router isn't it.
This is very good; even with very high performing routers I often see drops of 15 percent and more. The Flow N9120 lacks an LCD to display scan profiles and other info; there is an LED that can glow green, or orange to signal an alert (such as when an error message popped up on my computer screen).
Note that the rated speeds are based on the time spent just in scanning the pages, while our timings start when the scan command is sent and end when the processing is completed and the file is saved. Although the N9120's lag in scanning to searchable PDF is not unusual, it puts it well out of the top tier.
There's nothing like it that's quite as good, but the entry-level price for this new model is very high.
The new display is just like the one on the iPhone 5, and noticeably brighter than the previous iPod touch's screen. If, however, you're looking for an AC router but aren't terribly concerned with blazing speed, the C7 is not a bad choice. If I know all of my wireless devices can support 802.11n, I want the option to set each band in 11n-only mode to leverage the speed gains in my network. You can start and stop the service, define an interval of time to scan for media, and add shared folders—all within the interface. The N9120 wasn't as close to its claimed resolution in scanning to image PDF; it had less of a lag in saving to searchable PDF than the Epson DS-60000 but more of one than the Xerox 4830 when saving to image PDF. It doesn't come cheap, and it's more feature rich than many offices require, but businesses in need of its attributes should find that it's worth the extra money. It's now $299 (32GB) or $399 (64GB), up from $199—and we called the $199 entry price 'hefty' two years ago. C7's NAS and print services are sufficient but not quite as rich as what Netgear offers with its ReadyShare and ReadyPrint services in routers such as the Nighthawk.
You can initiate scans from the N9120's scan utility, its scan button, from its included programs, or from most any Windows program that includes a scan utility using the Isis, Twain, and WIA drivers. While that comes with double the storage (32GB, up from 16GB), it also makes the touch much more costly for all the people who want to use it for light gaming, Web browsing, and music. Apple says more Lightning docks and video-out cables are coming soon, but there's no exact timeframe. The unit lacks quite a few of the extra goodies other vendors are including in some of their 11ac routers, but at half the price of those other routers.

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