Google updated the Google Cloud Print website today with all new documentation, code samples and other goodies to help get up and running using Google Cloud Print.
The restructured site pulls together months of learning from behind the scenes by Google, partners and developers on the GCP platform.
Applications - Any type of application that enable users to print via Google Cloud Print such as web apps, desktop or mobile applications.
Google Cloud Print Services - Google's API allowing registering of printers, sharing of printers and sending of print jobs to these printers via applications.
User Interface - A set of common web interfaces developed by Google that allow users to manage their Google Cloud Print services. Cloud Ready Printers - A new generation of printers with native support for connecting to cloud print services. Non-Cloud Printers - All other legacy printers that still connect to devices via PCs and network connections. Google Chrome OS Printing - Google's new web operating system where cloud printing is the default print interface, and there is no option for local printing. Developer Guide - A guide that covers registering printers, handling printers and print jobs on the Google Cloud Print platform. XMPP Handshake Flow - Details on the XMPP print job notification system used for notifying "printers" of of new print jobs in real time.
The new Google Cloud Print update provides much more complete documentation on submitting print jobs and the XMPP integration for print job notification.

La divisione Enterprise di Google ha lanciato un nuovo strumento, Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office, per trasferire sul web in modo molto semplice documenti di testo, fogli di calcolo o presentazioni realizzati con i programmi Office di Microsoft.
Google Cloud Connect permette a due o piu utenti di lavorare insieme sullo stesso file nello stesso momento con Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 o 2010 su Pc Windows.
ITespresso e il sito di tecnologia dedicato a tutti coloro che sono appassionati dei trend del mercato IT, non solo di nuovi prodotti (smartphone, tablet, app innovative…) ma anche dei fenomeni che stanno cambiando il modo di lavorare: virtualizzazione, collaboration, cloud, byod.
One of the key benefits that the cloud brings to developers is the promise of reducing the cost of hosting applications.
The Billing API works in conjunction with other Google Cloud Platform services, particularly Google Cloud Storage. The Compute Engine team is being very consistent in providing multiple ways to access this information.
The Billing API is a welcome move that enables developers to access information that can help them understand and monitor their cloud usage costs.
Google Cloud Connect lancia un amo agli utenti Office e porta sul Web i file Word ed Excel permettendo a piu persone di collaborare e apportare modifiche contemporaneamente allo stesso documento.
Dopo aver provato Google Cloud Connect per Microsoft Office, ogni impiegato sara pronto ad usare Google Docs perche avra conosciuto i benefici della collaboration online rispetto al software tradizionale.
Tutto a portata di Web: basta editare un documento Word da Dublino mentre i collaboratori stanno formattando e revisionando lo stesso file da Denver.
Attento alle innovazioni apportate dal mondo social, ITespresso guarda con interesse le dinamiche dei social network, da Facebook a Google, dando consigli e strumento concreti anche alle piccole e media imprese per utilizzare l’IT a vantaggio del business.

All you need to do is enable the Billing Export feature from the Billing tab in the Google Cloud console.
Like the other Google Cloud Platform services, you can access usage and cost information via the API, use a user interface (Cloud Console) to access the files or pull the information via the command line utilities. The graunularity of a 24-hour cycle makes it easier for developers to demand more frequent snapshots of their usage costs, define alerts with threshold values and much more. A typical pattern is to observe monthly bills, see which services ended up being costly, then look at re-architecting bits and pieces of the application. The official blog post presents sample billing data in JSON format, and absorbing this data into most programming environments today should be an uncomplicated process. APIs are now available across the spectrum of Google Cloud Platform, and with the Billing API, developers can now create monitoring solutions that provide additional value to the standard tools provided by Google. Google Cloud Platform, which is fast becoming a strong alternative to Amazon Web Services, wants to make the task easier by providing a billing API that provides programmatic access to your daily Google Cloud Platform usage and cost estimates.

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