Google announced a series of big data service updates to its cloud platform this week in a bid to strengthen its growing portfolio of data services. The company announced the beta launch of Google Cloud Dataflow, a Java-based service that lets users build, deploy and run data processing pipelines for other applications like ETL, analytics, real-time computation, and process orchestration, while abstracting away all the other infrastructure bits like cluster management. The service is integrated with Google’s monitoring tools and the company said it’s built from the ground up for fault-tolerance. The company also added a number of security features to Big Query, Google’s SQL cloud service, including adding row-level permissioning for data protection, made it more performant (raised the ingestion limit to 100,000 rows per second), and announced its availability in Europe.
Google has confirmed the acquisition of cloud commerce platform Orbitera, marking an alternative strategy to its main cloud rivals AWS and Microsoft. Google has reported its Q2 numbers, continuing a strong run of performances within the technology industry, though efforts to diversify its overall business are not paying off just yet. Google has bolstered its capabilities in the video streaming market through acquiring video platform Anvato which will join its cloud business unit. SIGN UP TO OUR DAILY NEWS DIGESTReceive FREE Business Cloud news alerts straight to your inbox. SaaS for SMBs: The main meal, not the side saladWe know that telcos are well-placed to sell cloud services to small and medium-sized businesses. Google’s cloud computing platform, Google Apps, is not only a service that allows for mobile access to email, documents, and more – it also works to help businesses improve their collaboration and communication practices. Undergoing a Google Apps migration is a simple process that moves your business to the Google cloud, putting all of these collaboration-driven applications within your reach. Such solutions are available for businesses that have already migrated to Google Apps and also for those that have not.
If your business does not use Google Apps, there are still opportunities available to you that can help you decide if the Google cloud and its collaboration tools are right for you.
Because collaboration and communication are so essential to the success of any business, Google has put an emphasis on these practices with its cloud computing platform. Cloud Sherpas is a leading cloud service provider and was named the “Google Enterprise 2011 Partner of the Year.” As one of the first Google Enterprise partners, Cloud Sherpas has migrated over one million users across a variety of industries from legacy, on-premise messaging systems to Google Apps, helping organizations adopt cloud computing to innovate and dramatically reduce their IT expenses. Google Cloud Platform will offer $100,000 in credit to startups that qualify for the new program. At Bidness, we are developing the most comprehensive and easy to use institutional financial data platform for investment management and investment banking.
The trademarks, logos and service marks displayed on the website, including but not limited to the Bidness Etc logo, are marks or registered marks of Bidness Etc and others. Investment firm ,Baird Equity Research, in an updated note sent out to clients and investors commended Google’s increasing push in the cloud segment. The second one is basically regarding, as to how Google cloud computing wing is technologically interlinked with the company’s core business, quite like Amazon Web Services. Baird notes that Google provided testimonies from some of its high profile enterprise clients such PricewaterhouseCoopers, SunGard Financial Systems, and JDA software, in order prove the high capability of its cloud platform. Google also pointed toward the containerization of its cloud platform, through which developers move applications between different cloud architectures.

To help businesses get their data under control, Google is expanding its Cloud Storage service by allowing third party-providers to upload data to the platform on a business's behalf. First launched in 2013, businesses were previously only allowed to use the feature to back up their hard drives into Google Cloud Storage. Currently, Google is partnered with Iron Mountain, which services clients in North America. Depending on the provider, businesses can also decide what they want to do with their hard disks, tapes or USB flash drives after the upload is complete.
The company has been driving its container scheduling and deployment initiative Kubernetes quite hard, as well as its hybrid cloud initiatives (Mirantis, VMware). Small businesses, in particular, stand to benefit from improved collaboration, as this can lead to better communication and more productivity. The Google Apps for Business suite is a secure and reliable cloud computing service that comes standard with a slew of applications designed to promote collaboration in the workplace. This step alone can help you significantly improve your business’ collaboration practices and thus enhance your employees’ productivity. If your business already uses Google Apps, you may want a Google partner to help you devise a plan to improve your use of the apps suite.
A Google partner can help you do a trial of Google Apps in your business so that you can see how the suite would fit into your current daily operations and how it might help you make improvements. Driven by the need for collaboration and communication, Google Apps and its collaborative solutions can be worthwhile for any business hoping to make improvements. If you're sick and tired of email and spreadsheets to manage your candidates, give us a try for free.
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Two things caught the eyes of Baird analysts when they visited Google Next, where several aspects of the company’s cloud platform were displayed.
By effectively leveraging on this, Google could direct its cloud enterprise clients more effectively to some of its business services that are otherwise quite complicated for several companies to provision on their own. Additionally the company also announced that large companies such Coca Cola, General Mills , HTC, and Best Buy had become its enterprise customers. Google IaaS technology has a long way to go to measure up with that of Microsoft, and Amazon. Overall Baird believes that the expansion of its suite and services coupled with its attractive price, allow Google to capitalize on the growing shift toward cloud services in the enterprise segment.
The problem arises when a business has too much data and too little time to get it all into the cloud. More partners are to come, but Google says businesses can work with any third-party provider of their choice. In Iron Mountain's case, the company can send the devices back to the business, store them securely in a vault or destroy them. It's also an efficient, cost-effective option for businesses that have shared or slow Internet connections.

By shipping storage devices and having someone perform the upload, data can be in the cloud in just a few days, Google claims, saving businesses months of work and the expense of purchasing faster Internet speeds. Businesses can either use one of Google's partners or find a participating provider of their own. After graduating from UC Irvine, she worked as a copywriter and blogger for nonprofit organizations, tech labs and lifestyle companies.
Such improvements require changes in some of your business’ operations, and Google has tools that will help make these changes easy to implement.
From Gmail, which allows for instant communication via email, chat, and video, to Google Documents and Google Groups, collaboration is a priority in the Google cloud network. But in order to make sure you are getting the most out of your cloud service, there are additional steps you can take, including looking into collaborative solutions with the help of a Google partner.
For this solution, a group of experts will evaluate how your business currently uses Google Apps and your collaboration goals in order to create a high-level plan that will improve the way you use the platform and help you meet your goals.
This trial would likely focus on certain applications that are particularly collaboration-driven: Google Documents, Google Sites, and Google Cloud Connect. These include powerful data analytics ( Google BigQuery ) scalable application development platform (Google App Engine), and usage-based, cost-effective computing resources (Google Compute Engine).
Google’s aggressive pricing, and open polices with regards to its cloud business could perhaps compensate for its technological shortcomings.
Baird notes that Google stands to greatly benefit from the increasing expansion of the search and display advertising market, and the increasing acceptance of mobile internet.
Not only will the Google partner devise this plan for you, but it may also train your employees on how to implement the changes. By piloting these applications with the direction of a Google partner, you can easily determine what a Google Apps migration would involve, what type of training your employees would need, and, most importantly, how Google Apps could enhance your collaboration. Although Google’s platform is still in its initial phase, it shows great promise, given that the company is making increasing innovations in it at an accelerated pace. The company is reportedly opening up a huge part of its networking and cloud infrastructure to third party developers, something that is quite un common with enterprise services.
Barid notes that during the event Google management shed light on the superior economics of sustained use discounts for its compute engine in comparison to Amazon Web Services’ elastic compute. Once documents are shared, multiple users can simultaneously edit the same document, leave comments for one another, and track changes.
By simply making better use of the tools at your disposal, you can significantly enhance your collaboration, communication and productivity. Google Groups allows users to communicate with an entire group of people easily, and Google Sites, another standard application, enables users to set up website and intranets to coordinate with others in one, central location.

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