In the previous two promos there are statements that you have to agree not to use the free accounts for commercial use but there is no such statement on the 50GB offer. Note: there is no information as to when this promo will end and it seems that all of these promos are provided only for new users. At TechCrunch DISRUPT, this week in San Francisco, the Weather Underground launched a new Weather API platform that provides developers with real-time access to in-depth weather data. The Weather Underground Weather API provides access to data from more than 19,000 users contributing local observations from personal weather stations, providing up-to-the-minute weather conditions for the most finely targeted areas.

The Weather API is RESTful with responses available in a JSON format, with access free for developers making 500 requests per day, and paid tiers for requests starting at 5K requests per month up to 1M requests per month.
The Weather Underground provides a very robust developers area allowing developers to signup, manage their keys and choose the appropriate pricing plan. I do already have a free account but do not see any size upgrade on my storage space there so it is safe to assume that only new users who can enjoy these giveaways. They provide the necessary API documentation and code samples to get up and going, and even throw in some analytics showing your access and usage of the API.

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