Do you know that Dropbox, a file-storage and syncing service, offers you extra free storage space? You can store your videos and photos, hosting static websites, and sharing much other stuff with your friends. You can get social with Dropbox by your Twitter account by performing some simple tasks related to social media on ‘free’ page of the Dropbox and get free 125 MB storage space. You can get social with Dropbox by also your Facebook account by performing some simple tasks related to social media on ‘free’ page of the Dropbox and get free 125 MB storage space.
You can get social with Dropbox by following Dropbox on Twitter account and get 125 MB free space. A majority of the users who have been on Dropbox for a short time will most likely have experienced the “Get Started” tour, Dropbox Basics 101.
You can get 125 MB by describing reason to the Dropbox team why you have a great liking for their most popular and preferred cloud storage facility.
Referring your social circle, your friends, to Dropbox might be easy if most of your friends are not already on Dropbox. Some certain Samsung smartphone devices which were launched between 2012 and 2014 are entitled for free Dropbox space of 48 GB. If you are using an HTC smartphone device, you have the option to get free Dropbox storage apace of maximum 23 GB for 2 years. Just like Acer Dropbox promotion, you can also earn 23 GB as free Dropbox space if you have a HP Device you have purchased before Oct 2015.
If you connect .Edu email address to your account, this approach will increase the storage space you acquire from referrals. Occasionally different challenges are launched by Dropbox for its users on the Dropbox blog. WPS Office launched by Kingsoft lately added integrated Dropbox with their office collection and commenced a promotional activity for users to enjoy the app by downloading it on your Android set. Earlier this month Microsoft offered people who joined their Bing rewards program 100GB of free OneDrive storage, and now the company is looking to get more users to join its platform. This time Microsoft is going after Dropbox users and the company is offering anyone who switches their cloud storage from Dropbox to Microsoft’s One Drive 100GB of free storage. Users who switch from Dropbox to OneDrive will get the 100GB of storage free for a year, you can find out more details at the link below. Both companies have been heavily funded by venture capital firms — Box has raised over $520 million[1] and launched an IPO in January 2015. In 2011, Dropbox was named the 5th most valuable startup, trailing Facebook, Twitter, Zynga, and Groupon. Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by Dropbox, Inc., that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, and client software. Focus B2B (selling to business customers), enterprise collaboration; has expanded to include personal users. Historically B2C (selling to consumers), online backups for important files; has expanded to include businesses. Both Dropbox and Box offer different plans for personal and business use, and segment business use into small clients (classified based on the number of users) and large, enterprise customers. Dropbox offers free accounts with storage up to 2 GB, with free ways to increase storage up to 10 GB.
A business plan for 3 or more users at $17 per user per month with unlimited storage, a 5 GB file size limit and a 50 version file history. The enterprise plan varies in cost (contact Box for a quote), offers unlimited storage and a 100 version file history.
The elite plan offers the same as enterprise, plus customization and licensing of the Box API for further applications. Dropbox grew virally by offering an incentive to its users where they could increase the free storage available to their account by referring their friends to the service. Dropbox also gained major traction with users as developer communities used or modified Dropbox's API to create add-ons (most unauthorized by Dropbox) to do things such as sending files directly to Dropbox from Gmail, managing BitTorrent files, syncing IM chat logs, and even hosting websites. Box provides such software only for Mac and Windows, with Linux access still in the works (although a hack for Linux is available). Dropbox offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android that automatically uploads the photo gallery from the phone to your Dropbox account in the cloud. Box offers an app — Capture[3] — that lets business users capture photos for their business workflow and upload directly to the cloud without having to save it on their device. Other features are where the distinction between Box and Dropbox and their primary focus become more apparent. Dropbox for Business has added features, such as collaboration and shared file history, that were once exclusive to Box,. With its acquisition of Crocodoc, Box now offers users the ability to preview documents (Word, PDF, etc.) online. Dropbox now offers viewing and annotation of shared files in their Pro and higher plans and online collaboration via their web app. Both Dropbox and Box support streaming and previewing video files from the browser without having to download the entire video first. In September 2013, Box announced Box Notes, which allows Box customers to create simple, shared documents.
Extra login security: if a user logs into Box from an unrecognized IP address or uses a browser on an unknown (to Box) device, it will ask the user to validate the login request via email.
In partnership with GoodData, the analytics system now allows companies to see how their employees use Box, for instance, how many documents they're uploading, when they are uploading, and what devices they're using. New real-time integration with CipherCloud and Code Green, specialized loss prevention systems. Data uploaded by the Dropbox client software is also encrypted before it is uploaded to Dropbox servers. When using either of these services to store confidential or sensitive information, it is advisable to encrypt files using software such as TrueCrypt before storing them online. Dropbox originated as a consumer-oriented service but is now trying to penetrate the lucrative enterprise market.
As a customer of Dropbox for Business, I can confidently say they have a long, difficult road ahead of them here. Even being a company that spends 50k a year gets you next to nothing wrt feature requests or support outside of what would be given to a free user, aside from speed of reply. Dropbox has had several issues with security, ranging from misleading users on the company's ability to access their files, to password breaches and hacked accounts. Part of the controversy may stem from Dropbox's decision to add former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to its board of directors.
Recognizing that business customers typically use Microsoft Office to manage their documents and workflow, both Box and Dropbox are trying to up their game in terms of compatibility with MS Office.
Box's partnership with Microsoft lets Box users create, edit and share Word, PowerPoint and Excel files online from within Box's interface. In June 2016 Dropbox announced that users could now upload or create new Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files directly from the Dropbox iOS app. Box offers well-designed training modules for new users who are getting started with their service. File Management – Among the more popular tools developed are ones for editing files, editing pictures directly in Box, sending files in Box as Gmail attachments, syncing files automatically, etc. Sync API – Apps can be synced with Dropbox at any time, online and offline, with multiple attempts (retrying), cache support, and file change notifications. Core API – Developers are allowed to integrate Dropbox features, such as sharing, searching, reading, editing, etc., in their app.
It seems to me that if you're after an easy to use system, Dropbox is the best option, but if you need to highly control users' interaction with and access to files, Box works best. I spent a couple of hours trying to make dropbox work because yahoo won't attach documents any more. Let me say upfront that there are new providers all the time, so I know it would be impossible for me to identify every single cloud storage service available.
At the bottom of this list are providers offering 5GB of online storage with a free account. Best Online Backup Services Updated 2016If you're looking to backup your files in the cloud, this is the list you need to choose the best service.Best Cloud Backup for MacYou need to backup your Mac?
Does Pogoplug have what it takes to offer more established online backup brands a run for their money?
Are external hard drives for backup still a good idea in the day and age of cloud services? ADrive's 50GB free accounts are going to be cut from the program on November 16th, essentially forcing customers who use that plan to either pay up and upgrade to premium, or simply transfer their data to another provider.
Yunio is here to answer the calls of all those who need massive storage for free, with 1 TB of free data on offer, the Chinese company is posing a serious threat to more miserly Western cloud companies. We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review.
File explorer sync provider notifications - hide or show in windows 10, Starting with windows 10 insider preview build 14901, microsoft is testing out new notifications within file explorer as part of an effort to explore new ways of educating you on features in windows 10. Microsoft makes first windows 10 redstone 2 build 14901 available to insiders, “improving product education: as part of an effort to explore new ways of educating our customers on features in windows 10 – we are testing out new notifications within file explorer.
Microsoft releases new windows 10 preview for pcs with file explorer notifications - Microsoft today announced the release of a new windows file explorer.
File explorer sync provider notifications - hide or show in windows 10 - Starting with windows 10 insider preview build 14901, microsoft is testing out new notifications within file explorer as part of an effort to explore new ways of educating you on features in windows 10. Microsoft makes first windows 10 redstone 2 build 14901 available to insiders - “improving product education: as part of an effort to explore new ways of educating our customers on features in windows 10 – we are testing out new notifications within file explorer. Windows 10 insider preview - assembly 14901 - Improving education product: in an effort to explore new ways to educate our customers about the features in windows 10 - we test notifications of new messages in the file explorer. Windows 10 ‘redstone 2’ build 14901 now ready for download - Microsoft isn’t wasting any time and is now releasing windows 10 build 14901 to the fast ring the new test version includes new notifications in file explorer.
Microsoft released windows 10 insider preview build 14901 for pc - As part of an effort to explore new ways of educating our customers on features in windows 10 – we are testing out new notifications within file explorer.
FrancePost – While the United States to mobilize the international coalition to combat the jihadists of the Islamic state, military analysts are puzzled on the tactics to be adopted. FrancePost – The United States is not preparing for a massive air strike against the fighters of the Islamic State In Syria but targeted attacks as part of an air campaign is sustained over time, said Tuesday the president of the Joint Staff of the American forces.
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I decided to take a look at some Freemium SaaS company that I know of and analyzed what I think they did well at.
I think a great way to launch is having an amazing free plan and once you start getting bigger focus your homepage on the paid signups.
My assumption is that DropBox has an amazing free account to paid account upgrade ratio which is why they focus on getting you to use the product as soon as possible.
Mailchimp puts a "MailChimp" ad in the footer of the newsletter promoting their services and allowing the end user to earn more credits with them.

Learn from our data after 7 months and either de-emphsize our free plan (like 37Signals) or over emphasize it (like dropbox). Microsoft's voice-activated Cortana assistant -- named after the artificial intelligence in Microsoft's Halo games -- has a prime position in Windows 10.
Windows 8 "charms," which appear when you swipe in from the right or move your mouse to certain corners of the screen, are absent in Windows 10.
In Windows 10, swiping in from the right on a touch screen will open the new Action Center, which provides notifications as well as quick shortcuts to common settings like Wi-Fi and screen brightness.
At long last, Microsoft catches up to Mac and Linux PCs with multiple virtual desktops, allowing you to organize windows and programs into several workspaces. Windows 10 features Microsoft's new web browser, Microsoft Edge, which has an entirely new interface and streamlined engine.
Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage service is integrated directly into File Explorer on the Win 10 desktop, providing 15 GB of free online storage to all Windows users.
The Galaxy Note 8.0 is Samsung’s strongest tablet entry yet, and a good alternative to the iPad Mini. If you want to know what the Galaxy Note 8.0 looks and feels like, we have a mental exercise for you.
You’ll have to be the judge of what size you like best, but we prefer this new breed of 8-inch (ish) tablets. The screen also has an added Wacom layer to it, which makes it incredibly accurate when using a pen stylus (there’s a S-Pen stylus built in). Sound-wise, the Galaxy Note 8.0’s small stereo speakers don’t match up to the crispness of Apple’s iPad line, but is one of the better sounding tablets on the market. As has become the norm, Samsung has crammed as much of its own software into the Note 8.0 as possible. You simply need to complete any five quests out of seven, through which you will be taught the ways you could setup Dropbox on your PC or smartphone device. You will see they’ll be cheerful by offering you a reward in terms of additional space in your Dropbox account. You can get them to join by using your referral link and through this approach you will get 0.5 GB per friend. If you have bought tablets of Acer in 2016 following May 2015, you can earn some free space, up to 23 GB, on your device. When you sign up using someone’s referral link you both get an extra 500MB of space for free.
While Box has historically focused on businesses as their customer base, Dropbox grew with a consumer focus; however, Dropbox launched Dropbox for Teams in 2011 and rebranded it to Dropbox for Business in April 2013. Dropbox has raised over $760 million.[2] Whereas Box received angel investment from Mark Cuban, Dropbox counts U2 members Bono and The Edge as individual investors. Both services also offer a free tier, with Box offering 10 GB on personal accounts versus Dropbox's 2 GB (expandable to 16 GB when introducing new users to the service). This plan offers 100 GB of storage and a file size limit of 2 GB, with a 25 version file history. For every new user that they refer, users with free accounts get 500 MB of bonus space, up to 10 GB. Dropbox software is available for Mac, Windows and Linux, as well as iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone access.
Box sync software was only available for business accounts, but is now available for personal accounts as well.
In June, Dropbox announced that their users could use their apps to take pictures of documents; Dropbox would automatically scan the document and use OCR (optical character recognition) to identify text in the pictures. Photos can be uploaded to specific folders, triggering any workflows associated with that folder.
Crocodoc also lets users annotate these documents from their browsers without the need to install any additional software. Box now offers an HTML5 viewer (which means it works on all devices and modern browsers) for displaying DiCOM files. However, Box offers an experience that is closer to Netflix in that streaming begins quickly and the quality of the video preview adjusts according the to the user's available bandwidth at the time. While the service was primitive at launch, Box indicated their ambition to enable content creation through their service, in addition to collaboration and management of content. It costs $39 per user per year for Pro accounts and is included free for Business and higher accounts. Companies that use highly regulated documents, such as data loss prevention documents, can automatically scan documents for specific information, such as Social Security or credit card numbers, then apply their privacy and security policies to restrict sharing and usage.
Box also uses 256-bit AES encryption and, just like Dropbox, Box employees and systems can decrypt stored files.
Box or Dropbox will then encrypt your encrypted files but will not be able to decrypt them to get at the actual data.
The way they've defined their concepts seems hostile to the very things businesses need in a product. If you want any level of control over data and sharing, you're sent over to "sookasa", a shambles of a business, or you can look at non-recommended solutions like boxcryptor (an incredible product that unfortunately carries it's own administrative overhead). In July 2014, Edward Snowden called Dropbox "hostile to privacy" and suggested that users who wanted to ensure the privacy of their cloud-stored files switch to SpiderOak. Previous advisors had included former national security advisor Stephen Hadley and former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, partners with Rice in the consulting firm Rice Hadley Gates LLC. This video and this article provide more information about Box's integration with Office Online. Dropbox desktop software now includes the "Dropbox badge", which is visible when any Microsoft Office application (like Word, Excel or PowerPoint) is open. This is useful, especially for business users working with the collaboration, file sharing, and workflow applications within the Box ecosystem. When I first started backing stuff up online, it would never have occurred to me to pay for storage. And I’ve also tried to avoid listing one-off mega storage deals or storage available to those with multiple accounts. At last count, three cloud storage providers offer 50GB of storage each on a free account, which means 150GB of space if you use them all. While Box () occasionally offers 50GB as a signup bonus, the stated amount of free storage is 5GB. If my maths is right, using the free storage available on all the providers in this list should score you a whopping 277GB of free storage – more than enough to store photos, files and a lot of music. With an account on each of these services, we would also need to consider the complementary Cloud Aggregator service. Take a look at our top five recommendations (all fully reviewed) and see if they pique your interest. The company's clients were recently targets of two different attacks, both coming in the form of emails.
Among the updated features, you also have Google Drive access, although no streaming is available, and easy to use touch-screen controls. However, I'm having a really hard time figuring out the right pricing structure so I'm going to analyze my favorite Freemium SaaS businesses.
Since we are just starting out I really want people to use the product for free (no credit card required). There will be a monthly fee for the paid packages (with an option to pay yearly upfront for a discount).
For example the free members can earn more features or storage by referring a friend or posting a status update with our link in it. They probably get most of their paying customers right at sign up which is why they have a 30-day free trial on paid packages and have their call-to action towards paid sign up (not the free plan). In a presentation about SaaS he says:" always always display your highest priced package to the left and your cheapest package to the right".
Just enough to start (not super limited) but I am happy to pay once I have a little bit of success. They have a free plan so there is no need to have a free trial as well, allowing them to pull in cash as soon as possible. So if you need a coding question answered you can sign up and a real live person will email you right back.
We aren't the first service that will be doing what we do so we need to go the Mailchimp route. The latest version of Microsoft's PC operating system marks a return to the traditional desktop interface with a Start menu, while adding the voice-controlled Cortana virtual assistant, a notification center, and other new features. These apps ran in a special full-screen environment that was entirely separate from your normal desktop, making them confusing and inconvenient for most desktop users.
But there's also a "tablet mode" where Windows 10 presents a full-screen, Windows 8-style interface. It's located on the taskbar right next to the Start button, and provides voice search and other personal assistant features. Instead, options like shutting down your computer are back in the Start menu, where they belong. You can also access the Action Center by clicking the little notification bubble in your notification area. Click the Task View icon to the right of the Cortana search box (at the bottom of the screen) to launch this feature, or press Windows Key + Tab. Microsoft claims Edge is faster the Google Chrome, a browser renown for its speedy performance. On new PCs that include an Intel RealSense camera, Windows 10 can automatically log you in by looking at your face.
Windows 10 encourages you to sign in with a Microsoft account, just as you'd sign into an Android device with a Google account, or an Apple device with an iCloud ID.
Hot on the heels of Apple’s successful rollout of the iPad Mini, Samsung is back at the tablet game with its own, almost identical Galaxy Note 8.0. Imagine three Galaxy S3 phones, two placed side by side and another placed north of them lying lengthwise. Instead of an aluminum shell, Samsung’s tablet is covered in polycarbonate plastic, much like its phones and other gadgets. Since getting the iPad Mini, we’ve hardly felt the need to whip out our full-size iPad and we suspect the same will happen here. It’s still not as good as using pen and paper, and we really wish you could use it more effectively outside of Samsung’s stylus-friendly apps, but you won’t find better stylus support on any other tablet. Like the Galaxy S3, Note, and every other Samsung mobile product, it’s also caked with a brightly colored, almost Fischer Price-like user interface design.
It’s not a problem, as many of the apps and added menus are sometimes useful (there’s a menu on the side that pops open to let you run apps split screen, two at once), but Samsung borders on pushing its own apps too hard.
Many new tablets don’t even have a rear camera, so we find it hard to complain too much, but the Note 8.0’s shooter is nothing special.
It is available on all major mobile platforms and integrated with both PC and Mac, supporting you to access your important files at any time where you are, provided you have an Internet connection.
With a cap at 16GB space, it’s a maximum of 32 friends who can join Dropbox by your invitation, regardless of number of your invitation.

Remember, it will rely on whether the promotion is valid on your devise and if the Dropbox app is already loaded on your HTC mobile set. Through this way you can get free 500 MB storage space for every single referral rather than 250, so if 4 people are referred by you. By using this, you can get 5GB free storage space and for this you need to solve puzzles or simply looking up a walkthrough online. Click the referral link above will not only get you more space, but it will help me to increase my Dropbox storage.
Dropbox is a much larger company with a higher annual revenue and market share, so the service is likely to stick around, but dollar-for-dollar Box offers more storage. The company has adopted a freemium business model, and provides 5 GB of free storage for personal accounts. Dropbox for Business pricing starts at $15 per user, per month, with larger companies able to seek a customized quote for services and users. For all these platforms, the software creates a special folder on the computer, phone, or tabletthat is then synced with Dropbox. So Box offers features like email notifications when new files (or new versions) are uploaded, comments on files, expiration dates on shared files and delegation (users can create sub-accounts and control their privileges). Editing the source files still requires users to download the file to their computer and open it via an appropriate editing program. The result is there is no frozen or jagged video when viewing high definition (1080p) quality files because playback automatically adapts to variable network speed. The company encrypts files with 256-bit AES before transmitting them to Amazon's servers via an SSL connection.
It's bafflingly inefficient, and in an organization of any size clueless or new hires are going to create these problems on a weekly basis.
Possibly in response, Dropbox has announced it is developing a user-selected encryption model similar to SpiderOak's. It works entirely within a browser and does not offer all the features of the desktop version of Office. Clicking on the badge displays various collaborations options, such as a list of who else is viewing or editing the file simultaneously.
The Dropbox badge lets users know when this happens, and lets them download other people's versions of the file. With Box, the initial focus of apps was squarely on the business side — Box integrates with business applications, such as Salesforce, Outlook, and Google Apps. I also haven’t bothered with any of the providers offering less than 5GB of free storage. Instead, I’ve listed the usual amount of storage space available on a single free account with each provider. If you’re a videophile, you may have to pay for more, depending on the size of your collection. I'm okay with killing off the free plan if it isn't working economically (existing free users would be grandfathered in).
Whenever I see an asterisk I get really scared that the price is going to jump after the first month.
This is sometimes better than Stack Overflow or Quora because at times no one answers your questions. Clicking the Start button, or pressing the Windows key on your keyboard, will open a pop-up menu that doesn't take up the entire screen. You'll see an overview of your open windows, which you can arrange into multiple separate desktops. Edge also includes Cortana as well as a cool new feature called web annotations, which lets you scribbles notes and images directly on web pages. Windows Hello will also enable fingerprint authentication on laptops with fingerprint sensors. Your Microsoft ID will automatically sign you into various Microsoft services included with Windows. It’s just about the same size and packs a stylus and the same software combination that has helped the Galaxy S3 and Note 2 become worldwide bestsellers. It looks just like a Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2 (or Galaxy S4, or any Galaxy product in the last year). The screen is large enough that you can do anything you can on a 10-inch tablet, but small enough that you can hold it comfortably in one hand and thumb type without over extending your thumbs. If you’re buying a tablet, no matter what option you choose, you’re not going to be blown away by the built-in speakers. And sadly, it has none of the new apps or updated interface elements present in the Galaxy S4, which will hit shelves sometime in the next month or two. For instance, when setting up the tablet, you’re pressured to sign up for a “Samsung account” as well as a Google account. However, the good thing about the 8-inch screen size is that, if you have to, phone apps still look and run okay on a screen this size. However, you should keep in mind that after expiry of the promotion, you will have to return to your previous original storage volume.
It is nice approach, mainly considering numerous non-students are still using .edu email address.
Both services allow access via the web (browser-based), software for Linux, Mac, and Windows, and mobile apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phones. There are no storage limits for business accounts, and file recovery is unlimited on Dropbox. Anything placed in the Dropbox folder automatically gets uploaded to Dropbox servers and is available on other devices using that account. However, many users point to Dropbox as the easier, more flexible file uploading interface.
Versioning is another capability that is more well-developed with Box than it is for Dropbox. Without the Packrat feature, Dropbox retains all deleted and earlier versions of files for 30 days.
But for most basic uses—including editing, reviewing and commenting—Office Online works just fine.
This video and this article provide additional information about the Dropbox badge and its integration with MS Office.
Issues to think about with free storage include limitations on transfer bandwidth, document revision storage and support – and you may also have to deal with intrusive ads. At the time, I found the need to use its cumbersome web interface very restrictive, but that’s now improved. If you’re using Picasa for photos and work regularly with Google Docs, this is useful. And don’t forget that with all the providers offering 2GB for free you could bump up your overall storage total to nearly 300GB, which is nothing to sniff at!
They don't mention it on their homepage and it is hidden at the bottom of their pricing page. The new Start menu contains live tiles -- interactive apps that show constantly changing data like news, stock, and weather info -- which you can right-click to remove. These "universal apps" will now run in windows on your desktop, where they'll work alongside your traditional desktop apps.
Cortana can do everything from simple voice searches to email dictation, flight-tracking, and reminders. For example, you might have one desktop for work tasks, and another for Facebook and general goofing around. If you don't have any of this new hardware, you can still log in more easily by configuring a PIN or picture password, just as you could on Windows 8.
So that users don't disable Windows Update and get stuck with an out-of-date operating system that's vulnerable to malware. If that oddly complicated visual doesn’t work for you, try this: Have you seen an iPad Mini?
So, it is essential to carefully keep in touch with potential scavenger hunts, beta tests, new and innovative features, and other amazing events.
You can relax knowing that Dropbox always has you covered, and none of your stuff will ever be lost. The Box service has built a platform that allows other business app developers to write apps (that customers can then "install") that help customers in their workflow while leveraging Box at the backend to store files, manage user identities and messaging. A feature available in Office Online that is missing in traditional desktop versions of Office is collaborative editing. But new consumer-focused interface options allow Box users to customize access from smartphones and tablets with ease. Having said that, no-one likes to spend more money than they need to, so I got to wondering how much cloud storage you could get if you took advantage of all the free storage around.
Adrive has ad-supported mobile apps and provides inline document editing via Zoho, making it very useful indeed. If you do manage to get all that storage, the next issue you face is how to manage it effectively. A few years back they heavily promoted their free plan and said that 98% of all accounts were on the free plan.
The next time you visit the page, Cortana will ask if you want to open your notes.) Browser extensions that bring additional capabilities are coming in a future update. In a sense, Windows is becoming more like Google Chrome, meaning it's updated automatically in the background.
The third of the 50GB powerhouses is Mediafire, which offers 50GB if you use its Android app.
Other companies do this by highlighting their middle package with a "Best Option" headline. However when you become a customer you are given the opportunity to answer questions, the more questions you answer the cheaper your member ship becomes. Windows 10 also includes Internet Explorer for navigating older websites that don't work with Edge.
The Galaxy Note 8.0 is just about identically sized in every way (it’s about half an inch longer because it has a longer screen, like all Android tablets). We question whether Samsung’s Siri clone “S-Voice” is actually more useful than Google’s baked-in Google Now (also a Siri clone of sorts), but it’s taken Google Now’s prominent position in the interface (double tap the home button). Future Windows updates will be free and appear regularly, Microsoft says, rather than being reserved for new, paid versions that arrive every few years.
Having said all that, we can’t complain about the free Dropbox storage included (50GB for 2 years).

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