It is able to simulate and passively monitor thousands of simultaneous incoming and outgoing SIP calls with RTP media, analyze call quality and build real time reports.
Call flow is specified by CallXML script where one can design various situations that can cause failure of tested SIP stack. The SIP Tester runs on any Windows PC without special hardware and simulates application server, media server, SIP phone or register server.
Freeware license of SIP tester allows 50 actively simulated concurrent calls and 150 total attempted+received calls and unlimited passively monitored or recorded calls. The unlimited license for the SIP Tester is free for medical organizations (hospitals, research institutes), charity, and nature protection organizations. StarTrinity SIP Tester has been purchased by more than 300 customers all over the world so far, and they are satisfied with the software and support we provide. Wavefront was recently commissioned to loadtest a client IVR platform and started researching tools that could provide SIP load with media support. The list of features supported by SIPTester is very impressive but equally impressive is the comprehensive documentation available for each feature and the including examples. The value for such a powerful and mature SIP loadtest platform is extremely good and the way SIPTester can be evaluated in demo mode before purchasing, with all functionality enabled, makes it a risk free investment. I look forward to working with the StarTrinity team and products in the future and have been recommending the SIPTester product whenever appropriate.
They have been facing some voice quality issues in the network and their vendor was unable to find solutions.
They aligned the teams and reviewed the procedures and best actions for a more effective analysis, diagnosis and troubleshooting.
For passive mode server with SIP Tester was connected to mirror port and collected performance of the live traffic. The customer was happy with quick support and releasing new versions to support their specific configurations. Additionally, received RTP traffic sometimes started around 700ms and up to 1.2s (post-dial RTP delay).
Conclusion was to review the configuration of the central site equipment to improve the voice quality and the total delay. For some calls SIP Tester discovered incorrect audio codec, it was solved with configuration of SIP phones.
Overall traffic RFC3550 jitter was with average 25ms (from the remote phone, all the way through the satellite to the central site). The actions have been being taken to correct 31 sites wite the wrong codec and to correct some links with high packet loss. They requested Huawei to replace the LAN switches with better equipment to operate at 1000BaseT and 0 packet loss, full duplex. Customer#25 used SIP Tester to simulate calls from Europe to few remote locations in Caribbean region. The calls were made through customer's softswitches, gateways and PSTN network between 2 instances of SIP Tester installed on both ends. Customer's VoIP recorded was connected to mirroring port and stressed with SIP and RTP traffic generated between 2 instances of SIP Tester. Custom CallXML scripts were used to simulate non-standard SIP behaviour like call transfers (REFER) and call parking (re-INVITE).
Before SIP Tester: customer did not have enough information about bottlenecks and load capacity of their software. Customer#7 in Eastern Asia used SIP Tester to check quality of SIP trunks provided by end suppliers. The customer has successfully identified SIP trunks with long post-dial delay which reached up to 1 minute with small SIP answer (200 OK) delay. Customer#35 in Australia used SIP Tester to continuously check availability of server and IP connectivity.
SIP Tester generated test calls every 30 minutes and sent alert emails in case of call failure.
Customer#55 in Africa used SIP Tester to generate calls on daily schedule to list of destination numbers from CSV file. SIP Tester played a random (one of 10) WAV file to recipient if outgoing call was answered.
Sergey is also pretty responsive to any emails I've shot him, and is pretty easy to work with. My biggest problem is finding the time to actually work on this stuff, and Sergey is never a hold back in that regard. I am impressed with how stable it is and the flexible CallXML functionality makes it possible for us to test a wide range of scenarios. We are very satisfied with StarTrinity SIP Tester and we will definitely recommend your product.

In our case, we used it for testing the access of our Inbound Numbers and for emulating connection in our SIP Registrar. The first use is to set up a baseline verification for the VoIP switch in the Lab's Central Office.
Second, we often need to simulate traffic to a SIP end point that responds with a certain message. That's the beauty of the StarTrinity SIP Tester; it allows the user to specify call handling. I work for Acme Packet and have been searching for a simple SIP testing tool that allows me to load different call-type scenarios easily. I use it just when deploying big range of extensions or inter-connection between servers, extension on one, extension on second and check how it works, if passwords are okay, etc. Usually, when i need to build new interconnect we must do the tests to confirm that both sides has the same call time in call records. For this - we make usually 5000 - 15000 calls with different call times and at the end - we compare the results. In analogue technology there are special generator, but for SIP - there is no such tool in Internet. With StarTrinity SIP Tester, we were able to find that our QoS settings on our PBX weren't right and was causing packet loss on our LAN. With the help of your application, we have identified a RFC non-compliance issue with our SBC!
StarTrinity solutions help us to enhance our Engineering and Test Plan portfolio adding new cost effective capabilities. We could implement a Lab environment to test our VoIP designs simulating different load and stress tests conditions.
StarTrinity arsenal of tools and flexibility, have helped us to achieve better tested VoIP solutions and accelerate the roll out in the field. We would like to thank all our current customers for purchasing the SIP Tester and encourage them to give more feedback. We need to know the details of your experience to make better decisions about our future development. These are some of the images that we found within the public domain for your "Red Particles Effect Transparent" keyword. We have provided the original source link for you to also credit the image(s) owner as we have done here. Once the tablet boots from USB drive, follow the regular installation procedure to install Windows 8 on your tablet. After the installation is complete, install the respective drivers (which can be downloaded from your manufacturers website). Using this method, you can install Windows 8 on a tablet by mounting the Windows 8 ISO to a disc mounting application, and initiating the installation from the .EXE file. Login to a regular Windows 7 session on your tablet, and make sure that you have a system backup. Now, open the virtual disc drive and run the EXE file to proceed with the Windows 8 installation. Although Windows 8 can be uninstalled (see our guide here), we recommend you to keep a backup of your Windows 7 installation to revert the changes. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. Many of us keep important documents on our computers that include work files, pictures of the kids, insurance documents, even bank statements.Many of these files are lost forever if your hard drive fails and you have no backup.
You must go step by step and take a lot of time to analyze and generate some statistical data. After some investigation with our help they discovered that packets were lost in NIC driver and in Windows 7 IP stack. A portion of my job is to test and certify IP PBX systems that customers want to use with the company's network. For example, recently we needed to look at another provider's handling of a SIP 404 Not Found message.
Bulk call generation permits pushing QoS to the maximum to see exactly what is happening to SIP signaling and the actual RTP packets. I'm not a programmer and dislike CLI-based SIP test applications because of the extended learning curve. It's very easy to configure and to experiment with CallXML tweaks (to see what all that stuff means). We are developing a VoIP system and we need to confirm that the calls that we generated, they haven?t got problems about: Echo, noise and add two calls on the same SIP call (it sound terrible, I know it, but we had this problem one month ago).
The highlight of this announcement is that all photos and HD (1080p) videos are now available for lifetime unlimited backup.

Although the currently available Windows 8 build is still in its pre-beta stage, however, you might find the new Metro UI to be more suitable for your tablet. You can pick a free disc mounting application from our compilation of the 20 best disc mounting applications. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. You may think that hard drives these days are better than they used to be, and never fail – a computer expert will tell you that all hard drives fail eventually.It’s not a matter of if, but when the data storage on your computer will fail. In addition, I assist the NOC with troubleshooting real world problems in a Lab environment. The StarTrinity SIP Tester was set up to respond to 100% of incoming calls with a 404 message. I don't have the time or ability to download and install four programs just to allow me to run some SIP CLI test.
A SIP Registration configuration and subsequent call processing can begin in about three minutes. Your tool give us the posibility to check this and record audio at point as if it is final client.
In this post, we will provide you with a guide for installing Windows 8 on a Windows 7 tablet. Your Windows 7 data will be moved to the Windows old folder after the installation of Windows 8. On top of that, your computer is always at threat from viruses and malicious software, or from theft.
Our system must work 24 hours per day, so we leave SIP Tester working and check it every day.
Therefore it’s a wise precaution to have a backup, so that your precious files are in more than one location at any time.There’s a lot of software out there that can be used to backup files to an external hard drive, or even to the cloud.
I know when I connect up the PBX to the switch, any problems are 'in' the PBX because I confirmed all is OK in the switch. The StarTrinity SIP Tester application is running on a Windows XP notebook with no additional add-on programs needed! But did you know that Windows 7 actually has some pretty sophisticated backup software built in? It can be used to make a single backup, or to regularly backup your files to keep your archive up to date.You can backup to either a portable hard drive, to USB flash drives or to CDs or DVDs.
The most popular method is to backup to a portable hard drive, as these are very cheap and can be easily connected and carried around.
Once you have started uploading photos, it has already started to auto detect photos for Collage, Animations, Style, Story and Album.
Portable drives are also very useful if you want to keep an off-site backup of your data.You can find the options to backup your computer’s files from the control panel.
For long clip of videos, Google Photos is smart enough to pick the highlights from the video and put it into a Movie. Simply click on “start”, and then “control panel” and then find the option to backup your computer under the heading of “system and security”. You’ll be taken to a screen where you can set up a new backup or restore files if you already have an archive.
You’ll need to be a computer administrator to do this, as you’ll see by the shield icon next to the link called “set up backup”. Clicking on this will start a wizard where you can set the parameters of your backup job.You’ll need to select the device you want to use to hold your backups.
The wizard will tell you the size of your drive, and the amount of free space you have on it.On the next screen you can choose whether to manually select the files you want to backup, or let Windows 7 decide for you. If you have specific files and folders you want to backup, then do it manually but in most cases the automatic selection will work best. A weekly backup is usually good enough, but if you are a heavy computer user then maybe select a daily backup.You should now save your settings by clicking on the button to end the wizard. All you need to do now is wait until the time you selected on your schedule, or you can click on the button “back up now” to start immediately.
Her most recent interest is social media, and how it is changing everyone's life drastically.

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