All of the products MonotaRO Singapore offers are subject to Japanese local laws, regulations, and certification standards. Aml2Evernote comes in handy for all Aml Pages users, enabling them to quickly and easily export their personal notes to Evernote, without having to manually copy and paste the content.
Sending a note or a selected text piece from Aml Pages to Evernote is easily done using this plugin. Once the task is completed, you can launch Evernote directly from Aml2Evernote to view your newly created note.

Aml Pages keeps all your important documents, passwords and notes safe in a single place, but creating a backup is never a bad idea. With the click of a button, Aml2Evernote sends the note to Evernote, displaying a log of all the actions it performs in its main window. Aml2Evernote facilitates note exporting from Aml Pages to Evernote and makes it easy for you to migrate to Evernote. The install location of Evernote is automatically detected, so you don't even have to specify it.

And if you want to go even further and backup your files to the cloud, then you can try Aml2Dropbox.

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