When planning your next getaway, why choose between comfort and the liberty of exploration? As well as motorhomes, 84 RV Rentals also provides travel trailers, camper rentals, and temporary housing options, serving the NY, PA, and NJ areas. When you order your MicroFridge®—that’s a microwave atop a refrigerator with freezer—through us, we deliver it for free right to your room when the semester starts and pick it up at the academic year’s end.
If you live in one of BU’s dormitory-style residences, MicroFridge® is the only microwave allowed in your dwelling. Order online through the StudentLink (just select MicroFridge® from the list in the Food & Shelter tab).
All our appliances are reliable and well maintained, but should anything happen as the result of defective parts or normal wear and tear, we offer repair services to our renters. If you are tired of the hassle and stress that go along with staying at hotels, look no further than 84 RV Rentals, located in Sussex, New Jersey.
In addition to providing motorhome rentals in the NJ area, 84 RV Rentals also serves New York and Pennsylvania with camper rentals and a great trailer rental selection for vacation or temporary housing. Your delivery date will not be secured until you select a date during checkout and complete your order. I ordered mine online and there was a option to choose for door opening reversal upon delivery and installation. If you order by August 16, you can even have your MicroFridge® ready and waiting in your room when you get to campus for the fall semester. For those who prefer to mail an order, our printable Academic Year 2016-17 rental application and agreement is available for download.
For details on delivery, refunds, cancellation, lease transfer, damages, repairs, and returns, please view the Academic Year 2016-17 rental agreement.
A road trip in one of our comfortable Class C motor home rentals will make you wonder why you ever vacationed any other way.

To change the delivery ZIP Code for appliances in your cart, please first remove the items from your cart, then re-add them with your updated ZIP Code. We have reviewed the specifications for the refrigerator FFHT1821QW and show that there are two different temperature controls.
A Class C motorhome rental combines luxury and freedom, as you take charge of your adventure. Top Freezer has 2 Sliding Full-Width Spill Safe Glass Shelves and 2 Humidity Control Crisper Drawers for storing fruits and vegetables.
Top Freezer Refrigerator in Stainless Steel 2 answers Cabinet color says black, is the refrigerator black?
Though most of our appliances are assembled within the United States; there are instances when we partner with international part facilities. Top-Freezer Refrigerator with Recessed Handles in Black features upfront temperature controls that make it simple to regulate both the fresh food and freezer sections. Top Freezer Refrigerator in White 1 answer does Hotpoint Model # HPS15BTHRWW have a fan? Top Freezer Refrigerator in White 1 answer I have a hotpoint refrigerator and It turns itself off for 25-30 min. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator in White has Crown doors with hidden hinges that lets you step up to rounded doors and the clean look of concealed hinges. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator in White 2 answers can you turn the ice maker off, I don't want it. Top Freezer has 2 Full-Width Glass Shelves and 2 Humidity Control Crisper Drawers for storing fruits and vegetables.
Top Freezer Refrigerator in White 1 answer are there separate temperature controls for the fridge and freezer?
One is located at the top of the fresh food compartment and one on the back wall of the freezer.

Top Freezer Refrigerator in Black 0 answers Prior to delivery and removal, do I need to do anything to protect hardwood floors in areas that refrigerator will be installed and removed? See below to learn more about this specific motorhome, or view our other rental RV selections.
Take organization to the next level with our removable sliding basket that can be used to organize items so they are much easier to find.
In order to determine how this affects your appliance in particular, we would need access to your serial number. This appears to be a time consuming adjustment and when I asked the installers about it, they said that the way it was installed was correct. Freezer has a half width shelf for flexible storage options as well as two full-width door racks. A Snack drawer conveniently stores favorite foods and allows for quick, easy access, while Adjustable gallon door bins offer ideal space for storing gallon containers in the door.
When you get the unit home, you will have a more complete model number on your rating plate. The convenient ice maker produces fresh ice in the freezer, eliminating the need to refill ice cube trays. GE appliances provide up-to-date technology and exceptional quality to simplify the way you live. Full-width Spill-Catcher glass shelves provide plenty of room for extra-wide items, while the FreshLock humidity controlled crispers help preserve the freshness of vegetables and fruit.
And, coming from one of the most trusted names in America, you know that this entire selection of appliances is as advanced as it is practical.

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