We specialize in the protection of both refrigerated and dry storage warehouses along with its supporting infrastructure including switchgear, pump rooms and other mission critical areas. You know you have a health-perception problem when a fast-food marketer takes a shot at you. The American Frozen Food Institute and the Frozen Food Roundtable, a coalition of freezer-case heavyweights including ConAgra, General Mills, H.J. A major challenge, the group added in the document, will be to overcome taglines like Wendy's "fresh, never frozen," which capitalize on consumers' negative perceptions of frozen food. But changing consumer perceptions is not a one-company job and dropping prices to maintain volume is not necessarily a sustainable practice.
The group's industry conducted research beginning late last year and found that although the perception of frozen vegetables surpassed those of other frozen subcategories, frozen-food penetration rates are down across all age groups, with the highest losses among 35-to-44-year-olds. Moreover, the longevity and convenience of frozen foods were once selling points, but they are no longer changing a general apathy toward the category.
The frozen-food players began early this year to build the skeleton of a multi-million-dollar campaign to target baby-boomer, millennial and Hispanic shoppers. Nearly every PDF version of the agency presentations that Ad Age obtained included budget proposals totaling just under $50 million and messages aimed at changing consumers' health-related perceptions.
According to the RFP, the plan is for a pilot campaign in select markets and possibly a national yearlong campaign with the option to extend it another 12 to 24 months.
According to the FFFT study featured in the group's request for proposals, these are the distinct consumer segments and their attitudes toward frozen foods. Stressed-out warriers: A cautious group, who, despite being concerned with the content of packaged foods are still making these purchases.
Home-chef foodies: An engaged, knowledgeable and influential audience who are often looked to for their opinions on food.
Social activist anti-frozen: A conscientious group of consumers, who put a lot of thought into the food purchases they make. On-the-go eaters: Convenience-driven food consumers who are likely to be purchasing packaged foods rather than cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients and are generally less engaged with food than other consumers. Wallet-driven: Thrifty consumers, putting little value in other considerations such as convenience, nutrition or even taste. Young Followers: A trend-following group, who are food-engaged, but are unlikely to make choices based on traditional personal factors, such as taste.
This makes the Performance Bus the ultimate touring vehicle for petrolheads rock stars like Eric Clapton and Rod Stewart. There is also an 800-litre freshwater tank, 600-litre wastewater and 300-litre black water tank.

The made-to-order machines takes around 12 months to build.The firm takes orders from wealthy customers from across the world. This deck contains large refrigerators to store core samples as well as a freezer to hold those samples which require frozen storage. The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
Sorry, this product is not for sale on our website or over the phone, check if it is available in your local store. The large appliances in a kitchen can be hard to hide in comparison to small appliances; therefore it is important that these large appliances fit in with a kitchen.
There are many types of ovens – gas or electric, convection or conventional, self-cleaning or not; dual or single.
Microwaves have changed a lot over the years and now offer many more different options than they previously did. Dishwashers are very common large appliances in a kitchen and have evolved significantly over the years. Stainless steel or even polished chrome appliances combined with wood-painted cabinets is another a popular design trend. We offer both proven methods of freezer fire detection; air sampling and linear heat detection. So when Wendy's -- hardly the standard for health food -- makes a point of marketing its beef as "fresh, never frozen," the $70 billion frozen-food industry decided it had to do something. Driving these declines are more health-conscious consumers and their association of frozen foods with high sodium, sugar, fat, calories and preservatives.
ConAgra launched a campaign for its Healthy Choice and Marie Callender's brands to help consumers "better understand the benefits of frozen meals and experience frozen foods in a new way," according to a press release the company sent in March.
The Bernstein research noted that while taking down pricing has helped better sales in the frozen-entree category, volume and sales remain in negative territory.
There are "significant concerns with the nutritional value and a general feeling that frozen foods are not as good as fresh," according to the findings. This group understands the value of frozen foods and is open to indulging their food cravings, but nonetheless worries about the processing involved. These consumers enjoy preparing meals from scratch, preferring to cook at home rather than eat out at a restaurant. This group takes the time to read nutrition labels and is likely to consider not only healthfulness of their choices but also the broader impact of the purchases they make. This group considers themselves to be somewhat knowledgeable but are not the influencers driving trends.

These budget-conscious consumers are focused on making the basic food purchases that will satisfy the families they sit down to eat with each night.
The gym is one of only a few places on the ship to get away from the 12-hour, 7-days-a-week, two-month-long strenuous work schedule.
There are many options nowadays for ovens and each ones vary so much from the other so a little research is needed prior to choosing one. A freezer does not need to be a bulky appliance in a kitchen as they come horizontal or vertical and in many sizes.
Some current features of a dishwasher include: droop-down front panel door, pull-out rack, cutlery baskets, stainless steel or plastic insides and sensor-assisted wash cycles. This look gives a modern, sleek look to a kitchen and can be done in stages rather than an entire kitchen overhaul at one time.
Some people choose to purchase these appliances individually over time as needed whereas those renovating or moving into a new home will most likely purchase an entire set of these appliances. Still, marketers have steadily decreased pricing on frozen entrees, according to a chart by Bernstein Research. McCann submitted its RFP response in partnership with sibling PR shop GolinHarris, which recently expanded its relationship with client Walmart, an FFRT member.
How fresh stays fresh," and a mix of tactics such as paid ads, sampling and integrating frozen- and fresh-food products in grocery aisles.
The standard freezer color is white however; stainless steel and black are becoming a little more popular. McCann Erickson is tipped to win the agency review for the push, whose goal is to warm consumers to the frozen-food aisle. A second proposal showed how the agency would "challenge assumptions" and overcome the idea that frozen has become a dirty word.
Instead of large, bright steel appliances being the focal point in a kitchen, the design of the kitchen becomes the focus. One way to save a bit of money if buying new large appliances is to purchase an appliance package from a manufacturer. Sometimes manufacturers will provide customers with discounts for buying an entire set of appliances.

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