I will like to give a brief explanation of FreeNas 8 and Nas storage so that non tech users will understand what FreeNas 8 is. This concept is then evolved to something smaller that can be used by common people like you and me. So instead of buying the physical Nas device, we can make use of a software version of it and turn it into a Nas box. In this article, I will teach you how to install and setup Freenas 8 using Virtualbox with Windows. The only difference is that you will click on the browse button and navigate to your USB drive.
Now the basic preparations are done, let’s setup the Virtualbox to use the hard disks that we have created. If you have created a volume previously, and you just re-formatted your computer, but your USB storage has the vdi file. One simple way to put it will be as such, you can go out there and buy one DVD player to play DVDs, or you can download softwares that will turn your computer into a DVD player. In case your Windows crashes, you can simply unplug your USB hard disk and you know that your entire Freenas 8 worth of data is safe from harm, if the need should ever arise where you need to format your computer. If it does not work out later, during the assigning of IPs, you can come back and try all the options one by one.
The moment the Virtualbox starts running, tap F12 repeatedly until you get to a black boot selection screen.

Install back virtual box, Freenas 8 and make sure that you have re-attached the USB storage in virtualbox correctly. The name you put here is important, you will need to use it later when you try to connect with your Windows computer. Servers, put it simply are racks and racks of hard disks connected and stacked on top of one another, turned on 24 hours so that people like you and me can have access to the data.
It allows you to insert multiple fresh hard disks into a rectangular NAS box and connect to your own Wi-Fi at home. Set a smaller value, if for some reason, the value of the created vdi file exceeds the size of your USB hard disk, it will hang half way while trying to create the hard disk. There is no need to set any ID prefix, the default will do, just key in a name for the user or group and it will show up later on.
You may need to even remove the previous setting and re-attach even if you only rebooted your computer. There is also another option called export, which is to equaivalent to unplugging the USB drive.
Allow guest makes it a whole lot easier because you do not need to key in login passwords all the time. If you export the volume, before you can import it back, you must reboot the Freenas 8  in the Virtualbox and log in again using your browser or you cannot import that volume. If you want to connect to the Freenas 8 using Windows, then set for CIFS Shares, for Mac computers, set for AFP shares.

Now you can have your important files stashed safely away in a independent NAS server built with Freenas 8.
But you can go play with all those settings if you want, in general, my guides go in the direction of making things real simple and hassle free. I hope this guide on how to Setup Freenas 8 Using Virtualbox With Windows is easy for all out there to follow.
If everyone in the family contributes one song to the Nas box, the content builds up over time and everyone has access to a huge amount of songs for example. The best part of Nas is that even if your laptop crashes, you information is retained in the Nas, because the Nas is independent on its own.
It will not care if it is a 100 TB drive, if you install it to the wrong drive, you will waste the whole drive. And there is no need to do any backup on this file, because you can always re-install in the same manner in any computer.

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