Added .img suffix to simplify mounting full disk image for Windows and OSX users (FN # 1236). In the ever wider offering of Storage products, HP is certainly one of the most interesting players and its 3PAR StoreServ line offer a complete and advanced solution that allows to even realise an all-flash architecture. In the SMB scene HP is however very consolidated with a range of products cheaper but not even less flexible, nonetheless. Naturally only HP disks are supported, and only of the SAS type, no support for SATA disks is available. MSA supports RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10 and 50 configurations with a maximum of 32 disks in RAID 50, 2 disks in RAID 1 and 16 disks for the other configurations.
The most recent firmware updates made available a new interface (v3) that can be used in parallel with the previous one (v2): the new release allows to support an higher number of hosts (from 64 in v2 to 512 in v3).
Despite being a product clearly designed for a professional use in the med-high tier, the MSA2 2040 is easy and intuitive, and the new v3 Web interface makes it even more accessible for certain operations; we used 10 1,2 Tbyte HP 10k SFF disks for our test, and we extended at a later time the storage by adding 6 additional disks of the same kind. No cache-equipped controller is required to connect the MSA in SAS mode to the hosts, a simple HBA (Host Bus Adapter) card is enough for the purpose: cache and RAID management is performed inside the same MSA.
To those who ponder about implementing a VMware vSphere infrastructure in HA with 3 hosts and Essential Plus license, HP MSA 2040 in SAS mode is one of the most interesting and performing professional solutions, perfectly redundant, considering the included double power supply and controller. On the other hand, the SAN solution requires an additional reflection: the budget skyrockets with the purchase of a 10 Gbit interface (including switches and controllers), needed to take advantage of the iSCSi feature, up to a point where other solutions, perhaps from HP too, can be evaluated alternatively.
After more than 10 years of experience in the technical journalism with PC Professionale (the italian version of PC Magazine) and other newspapers of Mondadori group, Filippo Moriggia founded GURU advisor, the reference website for IT professionals, system integrators, cloud providers and MSPs. Apache Spark is an open source framework developed by AMPlab and then donated to the Apache Foundation.
VMware vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA) is targeted towards small to medium businesses and is deployed on either two or three vSphere hosts. Commercial SAN is at the upper end of shared storage in terms of reliability and performance. Below we step through installing FreeNAS to enable a single shared datastore across any number of vSphere hosts. Once you have a USB drive that will boot on your host FreeNAS machine, boot into it and follow the instructions to adjust your IP settings. A portal is the endpoint that our vSphere hosts will point to looking for the iSCSI service. An extent represents the file, or in this case, device that is the storage for an iSCSI storage resource. While it is good that you are using FreeNAS, using RaidZ is inappropriate, especially in this scenario where you want performance. Iaci? iiauo aaoiiiaeeae, oano-a?aeau.A oae ?a aeaai ii ?aiiioo e ianeo?eaaie? naieie ?oeaie. As the big data space continues to explode, so has the variety of projects that help make the most of it. From graph databases to enterprise search through archives or high-security storage, there are options for solving the most difficult data search and analysis problems. Open-source software has provided the foundation for many cloud computing implementations, including those from Cloud Foundry, CloudStack and Zoho.
Used as a back-end system to manage Websites while largely avoiding the need for hand coding, most of the most successful CMS solutions are open source.
Alternatives to traditional storage, like those from Amazon and EMC, are gaining market momentum. Open source is driving global research innovation with efforts that include OpenROV, a community-driven research and development project aiming to make underwater robotic exploration accessible to almost anyone. Mobile applications are literally changing the world, and they continue to permeate our lives. An emerging project, SaltStack is a dynamic infrastructure communication bus that provides server orchestration, remote execution and configuration management. Adobe's Dreamweaver is one of the most popular programs for creating and designing Web pages, but its high price tag is a big drawback. If you're a developer, you'll have your favorite languages with which to code, whether system-level or scripting.
Chris Preimesberger was named Editor-in-Chief of Features & Analysis at eWEEK in November 2011. Intel responded very graciously that since it was an integrated controller on the system board, there wasn’t much they could do for me, and that I would have to talk to my manufacturer. After flashing the new EEPROM on to the LAN controller, I was able to sucessfully enable FCoE for this system using ESXi (and subsequently Windows Server 2008R2). All tests were run on exactly the same ZFS storage pool using exactly the same hardware.  The hardware used in these tests is the ZFSBuild2012 hardware. I’ve never seen this before, and the exact same script on ZFSBuild2010 works flawlessly. Generally speaking, enabling the Write Back Cache has no significant impact on read performance, but a huge improvement for write performance.

LSI 9211-8i SAS controller – Moving the SAS duties to a Nexenta HSL certified SAS controller.
We wanted to take a moment to discuss what to expect from the series of ZFSBuild2012 articles we are posting.
We have obviously run benchmarks as part of this project, but the benchmarks are not the primary goal of the project. We have received a lot of requests for benchmarks that people would like to see and comparisons that people would like to see us make between various solutions. We will be posting benchmark results in an effort to explain the performance difference between the ZFSBuild2012 design and the ZFSBuild2010 design. We will also be posting benchmarks comparing the performance of InfiniBand using different configurations of the same hardware with Nexenta. Ultimately, it is up to you to choose what you do with the information shared in our series of article on the ZFSBuild2012 design.
We are talking about the solutions called MSA which have reached the 4th generation, and, at the moment we are writing, are composed of 2 models: the cheaper MSA 1040 and the MSA 2040. In the case of LFF enclosures, disks of up to 8 Tbyte of capacity can be used, the limit is 1,8 Tbyte for the SFF format.
From firmware GL200 onwards, groups of disks can be aggregated in a single Storage Pool, as it happens in higher tiers storage systems, thus offering an high level storage management mechanism. The Web interface is obviously accessible through the dedicated network port available not just in the SAN version of the MSA but in the SAS one too.
Volume Copy features permit an internal backup without using an external host: you can copy a logical disk on another set of disks in a completely autonomous way. He has a Master of Science in Telecommunications Engineering and works as a independent consultant and contractor for different firms.
Each host in the VSA cluster runs the VSA virtual machine and the cluster offers replicated datastores across the VSA VMs.
While many enterprises either use their existing SAN systems or invest into a new one when deploying VMware on a production system, if the VMware infrastructure is used solely for testing and development as this blog post’s architecture is, the high cost of a commercial SAN investment may not be worth it. RaidZ with three disks implies RaidZ1, or in other words, all drives consolidated into storage that can withstand the failure of a single HDD without the ZFS volume failing.
Select the static IP address that you set during setup and the default port 3260, unless you desire another port.
For this demonstration, we illustrate all, but it would be best practice to add your vSphere hosts individually. Examples include Facebook's Graph Search, Parquet, MongoDB, Giraph, Neo4j, CouchDB, Cassandra, Elastic Search and HBase, to name a few.
Perhaps the most surprising of all has been the rapid growth behind OpenStack, which in only three years has garnered support and commercial distributions from companies including Red Hat, Piston, Intel, Dell, Midokura, Cisco, IBM and HP. With popular open-source offerings from ZFS (Zettabyte File System), Open Solaris, Ceph, Gluster, FreeNAS and SwiftStack, storage software is undergoing some serious open-source changes. Another one is OpenQuake, a suite of software tools designed to aid the uploading and sharing of earthquake data to support better global research and response efforts. Front and center has been Google's Android operating system, but there are many other projects within the space that are driving innovation and value, from productivity applications and games to mobile management. Puppet, Chef, Mesos and OpenNebula are other excellent options for operators who are looking for alternatives. Alternative open-source options include BlueGriffon, KompoZer, Amaya, Bluefish Editor and Aptana Studio.
Previously he served eWEEK as Senior Writer, covering a range of IT sectors that include data center systems, cloud computing, storage, virtualization, green IT, e-discovery and IT governance. These articles are not intended to be a performance shootout for hardware, software, networking, or anything else. The goal of this project is to share information about how to build a low cost, high performance, easy to manage ZFS based SAN.
While it might be interesting to make thousands of comparisons between every possible operating system and configuration combination, it is not the focus of this series of articles. It is probably not a spoiler to let everybody know that the ZFSBuild2012 design is much faster than the ZFSBuild2010 design. Again, the purpose of those benchmarks will be to help people find the correct way to configure InfiniBand. While we do have access to this tech, we did not have all of this tech installed into the same blade center, so there was no good way for us to run a true apples to apples style comparison of the various network interconnects.
We used Nexenta for most of the benchmarks and we deployed the unit into production using Nexenta, but we are not trying to convince anybody to give up their favorite storage appliance software in favor of Nexenta.
Snapshots activated by VMware are accelerated when using the aforementioned VAAI thank to the use of a Redirect-On-Write approach. File sharing, printer sharing and iSCSI (with direct host management) features can be added with the use of a StoreEasy 3000 Gateway. Enable USB boot and use the instructions found here for burning the IMG available on the FreeNAS website.

Once the IP address is set, browse to that address in your web browser and set a root password.
Select the host which to add the iSCSI resource and navigate to the Manage tab, Storage section and Storage adapters subsection. Rescan the host’s storage adapters before navigating to either create a new datastore on the iSCSI device or to attach the datastore if another host has already created a datastore on the device.
However, we're also seeing emerging solutions from companies such as Wibidata that are connecting big data directly to the front office, and projects like Storm and Kafka that are set to change the future of stream processing.
Open-source data storage currently supports hundreds of thousands of successful deployments and continues to grow in use. The freemium method of introduction works well: "Free" is awfully hard to beat in any business. Over the past two years, we learned a lot of things about designing better ZFS based SANs and the underlying hardware got a lot faster. Additionally, we did not want to buy more networking hardware just for the purposes of installing into the test blade center for the purpose of running benchmarks.
We chose to use Nexenta Community Edition in the ZFSBuild2012 solution because it offered excellent performance and because it can automatically notify the admin of a failed drive (including flashing an LED on the drive bay when it is time to replace a failed drive). Each controller has a 4 Gbyte cache to speed up writing and reading processes, and a backup battery based on capacitors is present too. Be careful that the VMware vSphere driver allows for a maximum LUN of 16 Tbyte for SAS, so it’s not to exceed this limit not to incur in troubles.
We also tested the connection in cascade on SAS of 2 external enclosures, one with LFF disks, the other with SFF disks. We’d like to signal the extended documentation from HP which includes a detailed introduction for the best practices of all the possible use cases. All administration of FreeNAS is done through this web portal, so make sure to set a secure password.
Follow the illustrated steps below to create a ZFS volume and connect it to each vSphere host.
If you click the icon displaying a host with a green progress bar underneath, the host will rescan all storage adapters for new devices.
Remember, all hosts see the same data on that iSCSI device so the datastore will need to be created only once and then attached on whatever other hosts you desire to share that datastore.
Even open-source solutions from established players like Jaspersoft and Pentaho are driving innovation and creating enormous value for companies focused on big data execution. Larry Augustin, now CEO of SugarDB, Eric Raymond and Christine Peterson) sat down to decide that there needed to be an actual name for a new software development genre. The purpose of this article is to find out how much performance is affected by the setting.
The purpose of comparing the two designs is merely to show how much performance can be gained from the new design. In order to guarantee a better security, an Industrial Compact Flash memory is included on which data of the cache are saved.
This drive will be used as a Level Two Adaptive Read Cache (L2ARC), which will be filled with read cache once the RAM has been consumed. Then you should see an available, but still unattached device under the iSCSI software adapter device list. We used the same benchmark tools that we ran back in 2010, and we even used the same blade for running the benchmarks, so the benchmarks we will post comparing the two designs are a true apples to apples test. The purpose of these articles to share information about how to build a reasonably low cost SAN that can deliver over 100,000 IOPS. This memory is easily accessible from the back of the controller when it is unplugged from the main chassis. His diverse resume also includes: sportswriter for the Los Angeles Daily News, covering NCAA and NBA basketball, television critic for the Palo Alto Times Tribune, and Sports Information Director at Stanford University. Open source now is more mature than ever, with today's landscape encompassing a much broader range of applications benefiting industry and society. He has served as a correspondent for The Associated Press, covering Stanford and NCAA tournament basketball, since 1983. He has covered a number of major events, including the 1984 Democratic National Convention, a Presidential press conference at the White House in 1993, the Emmy Awards (three times), two Rose Bowls, the Fiesta Bowl, several NCAA men's and women's basketball tournaments, a Formula One Grand Prix auto race, a heavyweight boxing championship bout (Ali vs. A 1975 graduate of Pepperdine University in Malibu, Calif., Chris has won more than a dozen regional and national awards for his work.

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