The freedomRail Cypress Live Big O-Box Doors are designed to be installed onto a Cypress Live Big O-Box Shelf Unit to a create storage cabinet in a freedomRail storage system. Creates a more clean and finished look in a freedomRail closet, pantry, or home office design. Install a freedomRail Big O-Box Shelf Unit into a freedomRail storage system to add three useful storage shelves.
Cypress Livefinish coordinates great with nickel freedomRail hardware and installation components. Ideal for storing clothing and footwear in a closet design, or electronics in a home office shelving system. Add sturdy, stylish and convenient hanging file storage to your freedomRail storage system with a Cherry FreedomRail Hanging File O-Box. Equipped with recessed brackets to allow for quick and simple installation onto FreedomRail uprights. Modular design can be relocated in an adjustable freedomRail system without the need for a single tool. Ideal for adding to a FreedomRail home office design, or incorporating into a custom closet for safe storage of private personal documents.
The freedomRail double hang big obox has attached recessed brackets, which makes it easy to install onto freedomRail uprights. A Chocolate Pear freedomRail Hanging File O-Box is designed to provide convenient storage and organization of hanging file folders in a freedomRail home office system. Attached recessed brackets allow for simple installation onto a pair of freedomRail uprights.
Ideal for adding to a freedomRail home office design, or incorporating into a closet for storage of personal documents. Rubbermaid 3H11 Closet OrganizerOne of the best features of a closet organizer system is its capability to be customized and expanded as may be deemed fit. Closetmaid Model 1608 Deluxe Wire Closet KitThe Model 1608 is considered to be among the widest selling economy-type closet organizers from Closetmaid. JLH Standard System – Model 523While the JLH-523 Standard closet organizer may look good and elegant, getting it up really requires a lot of patience and effort.

Latest ReviewsWhitmor Double Rod Closet SystemWhitmor has been in the organization, laundry accessories, and storage solutions business since 1945. News SectionAnother Feat for Closet America – Winning the 2011 Service Excellence AwardHeadquartered in Lanham, Maryland, Closet America, LLC, one of the US’s prominent custom closet companies, has been given the Service Excellence Award last March 08, 2012 at the Replacement Contractor Executive Conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Hold Fast Hanger – Will It Really Increase Usable Closet Space?Lobster Hawk, LLC, a company based in Tampa, Florida, has recently come out in the news, with an eye-catching headline at the San Francisco Chronicle, announcing its new product called the Hold Fast Hanger, which will be available for purchase this summer 2012. Tips and GuidesHow To Get Rid of Moths in Closet    Clothes Moths – Where Do They Come From? How To Organize A Closet – Two Simple But Helpful TipsHow to organize a closet is one of those little things at home that does not get much attention. Closet Organization Ideas For Winter And Summer SeasonsCloset organization is a chore which tends to adapt with the changes of the seasons.
Do You Need A Professional Closet Organizer?Closet organizing is one dreaded task for many people young and old alike. The freedomRail Driftwood Double Hang O-Box Cubby Shelf is designed to hang in the center of a freedomRail system, between rows of clothing in a double hang closet.
Double hang O-Box designed to utilize the unused space in the center of a closet, between rows of hanging garments.
Modular freedomRail component can be easily installed and moved in minutes for personal customization. Driftwood wood finish coordinates great with freedomRail nickel hardware and installation components. This organization box makes a great addition to a freedomRail closet, kitchen pantry, or home office storage system.
A freedomRail Driftwood Hanging File O-Box is designed to provide storage and organization of hanging file folders in a freedomRail home office system. This freedomRail shelf features solid commercial-grade wood composite construction with a Cypress Live laminate finish, recessed brackets for easy hanging, and an adjustable-height center shelf for even more customization. This freedomRail double hang big o-box cubby features 10 cubbies, that are great for storing 10 pairs of shoes in a freedomRail closet storage system.
This storage cubby turns unused space in your freedomRail closet or pantry into additional home storage.

High Grade Closet C16CHYThis mid-priced closet organizer system is made from high-grade pure solid hardwood.
I have come across a few of its products, mostly laundry accessories, since 5 years ago, the latest of which is the Double Rod organizer kit for which I would like to share my experience.
Model 1807 Closet Organizer KitThis is a simple yet very highly functional install-it-yourself closet organizer kit capable of giving a mediocre-sized closet a good amount of storage space.
Unless you have got a very sizable closet that could fit all of your clothing and gears for every season, then you might not have a problem with your closet space. Not that it is a task that is impossible to do but there are just many reasons for not being able to do it. This freedomRail organization box features solid wood composite construction with a Driftwood laminate finish, eight divided storage cubbies, and recessed brackets that allow for easy hanging onto a pair of freedomRail uprights. The double hang big o-box cubby shelf, easily installs into a freedomRail closet to provide extra storage space for shoes. Works great as a wine bottle holder in a freedomRail pantry or in a craft room for extra hobby space.
The wood file cabinet includes recessed brackets for mounting onto a pair of freedomRail hanging uprights.
If you are thinking that this kit seems to be fragile that it seems that it couldn’t handle much weight then you will be proven wrong. Being part of the natural world, these moths do provide value, albeit not directly to humans. The main reason, perhaps, is that closet organization is one chore that is so unappealing to many household owners. The wood file cabinet includes recessed brackets for mounting onto a pair of freedomRail uprights.

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