I really loved the visualizations produced by Wordle, but my goal was to write a non web based local solution to process large amounts of sensible data. Processing data like text, HTML, or source code, and extracting the relevant words while ignoring others.
The result is an enumeration with pairs of terms (words) and integers representing the number of occurrences of this word in a text. I have also moved to LINQ and gave up my own classes for word counting, grouping, and sorting. Layout – I use a QuadTree data structure to create a non overlapping map of words on controls graphics.
The logic of lay out and drawing graphics is strictly separated by the IGraphicEngine interface. I’ve not familiarized myself enough with the code to understand what’s causing this but here’s the symptom.
This post is an informative helping capsule for everyone who is looking for the best and free word cloud generators and tag cloud generators. Gone are the days when the written notes or posts were used to be the mode to get the information. It is clearly visible from this word cloud that China has the highest population followed by India, United States and more.
Are you too looking for the word clouds for your own but not finding the step to create one? Wordle is a free word cloud generator that allows you to make an amazing Tag cloud in just a few minutes. TagCloud Generator is another impressive tool to create a word cloud without paying even a single penny. About Latest Posts David MeyerAs the most experienced developer of CSSChopper - PSD to HTML Conversion Company, David Meyer firmly believes in building the new ways that lead the people towards success.
A Word Cloud catch users eye and is the most amazing way to get your viewers understand the subject in less time easily. A word document made of text is boring to read and requires time, why not present it in cloud format so that  all points are arranged in semantic manner.
We previously discussed data visualization tools for visualizing data for better understanding as well create graphs and charts online tools so that the readers easily pick the important points of your presentation and understand the topic better. We recently talked about online video editing tools for multimedia files manipulations where you can also embed word cloud made pictures. The above image is generated using Wordle word cloud generator as you can see the words which are repeated the most are greatly highlighted.
You can use such type of applications in two ways, one is to enter a set of text which is the easy way and for most of the peoples while the second method is to submit a website URL, in our case Blog URL and it will retrieve the text from the homepage and will make a graphic made of word clouds.
Tag Cloud generator is the amazing one,Compare to other word cloud generator it’s not fancier because of having less graphics and less amount of words displayed in the picture.
Tag crowd is one of the best online tool for making word clouds graphics and then using them in power point presentations as well as for other teaching purposes. These were the top rated word cloud generator online tools, I hope that they will be useful for you and that you’ll get benefits from them, although there were lots of tools we discussed and some like TagXedo, Word Shift and Vocab Grabber are also need to be tried, Pick up a best according to the type of work you want to get from these type of graphics.

Comments are appreciated related to this post, feel free to share your views about any word cloud generator, if you've got another and want to share about you can do however please avoid using anchor tags while entering links in comment. Wordaizer is a free word mosaic creator that uses words, instead of pictures, to create mosaics. There are many mosaic creation software available, but Wordaizer brings a new twists to mosaics by using words, instead of photos. Start by creating a file that will have words that you want to include in your word mosaic. Press a couple of keys, make some setting changes, and your word mosaic will be in front of you. Step 1: You need to first create a text file that has all the words that you want to use in your Word Cloud.
Step 3: Now you need to adjust number of words to be used in the mosaic, density of words, font size, etc. In addition to this, Wordaizer also provides an option to create a video of Word Mosaic, that you can apparently save in FLV format.
There were a number of components I found on the web, but most of them had either very pure performance when processing text and the visualization or the layout was not what I expected.
I loved them very much, but using LINQ increased readability, reduced complexity, and shortened code. The same data structure is also used to query control which words are under a certain rectangular area or point. I added the ability to the control to select and multiselect words in the cloud, a few events and some sample code how to feed it with a word list without going trough the extractor process. Here I am providing you the basic knowledge of the concept incorporation with a list of free online word cloud and tag cloud generator. Here I am with this post on “Best Free Online Word Cloud Generator and Tag Cloud Generator”. It facilitates you to customize the words with a genre of fonts, colors, designs and Layouts. This word cloud builder is very easy to use; you just have to paste the URL of your source page to get the result in a few seconds. A lot of designing studios are using this free generator for T-shirt, bags, mug, letters and cards designing. He focuses on an ideal approach and tries to deliver the perfect services close to the defined needs. This is a grand platform where anyone can learn and share the informative concept & useful tips that revolve around the web development. It’s another web based application for creating clouds of words easily and quickly with a few mouse clicks. You can provide it any photo or shape, and then provide set of words that you want to fill in that photo.
On the left side you make the word cloud, and right side has all the controls and tabs to modify the cloud.
Additionally, you also need to have identified a shape in which you want Words to be arranged.

For me, however, I was not able to save the video, and the video had a big “Demo” written over it, so I am not detailing that feature here. You can print from within the application, do some post mortem if needed and email it to your friends. I would summarize “Wordaizer” as a freeware to make interesting word clouds, and create video of it.
TextExtractor extracts all words from some text string ignoring spaces and all non-letter characters. All these at the price of an ignorable insignificant performance drawback was really a good deal. This query is used to redraw only a particular area when needed or perform some action when a control is clicked.
You can implement your own by deriving from BaseLayout or just by implementing the ILayout interface on your own.
You can instantly use these services by simply clicking on the source button provided with each tag cloud generator.
To provide you the way to design a word cloud; below is the list of best and free word cloud generators. This tool also facilitates the user to customize the layout design and background specifications of the tag cloud. But Wordaizer comes with a lot more fun options, one of which is the ability to make video of the word clouds as well. The Wordaizer shows you different ways to play with your words like: giving your words your own shapes, choosing your own set of colors and text patterns, and even video of exploding or imploding words. You can even create your own shape in this software, or choose from one of the existing shapes.
And remember all the creativity that you do with “wordaizer” will be of your own, and you can always make some money from it.
Thereby it is very useful to know which word was clicked to perform a word related action, let’s say show statistics or navigate to some URL. Web sites, blogs and articles are on the high traffic to use these word clouds to attract the viewers.
Further in this article I will also discuss about more of it’s features, but for now let me guide you with a simple tutorial that will help you with creating a word cloud of  your own. For the purpose of this tutorial, I will create a word cloud of shape “ILFS”, as you can see in first screenshot of this port. Another one UriExtractor fetches a URL content and tries to clean away HTML tags and JavaScript (to be honest, I just implemented it as a showcase and its filtering capabilities are very pure). A word cloud could be thought of as a jar full of words or specifically the keywords of your text. These keywords are pictured in the word cloud according to their significance and the frequency of repetition in the text.

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