Google wants you to lock down your security settings, and is willing to bribe you to get that done. Tomorrow is apparently "Safer Internet Day", which you most likely didn't mark on your calendar.
While Developers and IT Pro’s are eagerly waiting for Windows Server 2012 to appear on Microsoft MSDN or Technet, Microsoft yesterday announced that it already has added Windows Server 2012 to the list of images available in the Windows Azure Virtual Machine Gallery as part of the new Windows Azure Services currently in preview status as announced by Microsoft in June this year. Customers who already have a Azure account, can access the preview features using the Preview Features page on the Management Portal, customers who don’t have a Azure account can sign up for a 90-day free trial to test the services, which include Virtual Machines but also Virtual Networks, Web Sites and tools, language support and a SDK.
Ansible is one of the four main players in the automation market, younger then the well known Chef and Puppet, has been launched in 2013 in Durham, N.C. If we compare with the same quarter in 2015 earnings per share, from continuing operations, decreased 22%.
DockerCon 2016 began yesterday in Seattle with a number of announcements from Docker and key partners. Yesterday, Bellevue (WA) based company WinDocks, released a free edition of its homonymous port of the Docker daemon to Windows called WinDocks Community Edition. Containers’ security is one of the emerging topics in those companies moving this technology into production.
Today OpenStack Foundation has released the 13th version of its IaaS platform for public, private and hybrid clouds.

Yesterday Docker announced to have acquired a semi-stealth startup called Conductant, focused on workloads orchestration. Today Cisco announced the intent to acquire CliQr Technologies Inc., a privately held company based in San Jose, CA.
Yesterday VMware announced version 7 of both its vCloud and vRealize suites, confirming its efforts to be relevant in the CMPs (Cloud Management Platforms) space. Microsoft has as strong focus on the hybrid cloud: a mixture of public and private cloud infrastructures. Azure and Windows Server 2012 bring in the hypervisor part, System Center 2012 sP1 the management of virtual machines running on one or both hypervisors. To enable a consistent user interface for the self service portal when Windows Server 2012 is used, the Azure Services for Windows Server are used. Amsio, managed hosting provider, lauched the first  private cloud in Europe based on Microsoft Windows Cloud OS at February 6 2013. It takes just a matter of moments, but as a reward for your time, you can bag yourself some extra space. The vision is delivered by solutions like Windows Azure, Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012 SP1.
These solutions provide customers with one consistent platform for infrastructure, apps, and data – spanning customer datacenters, hosting service provider datacenters, and the Microsoft public cloud.

This has a Service Management Portal and Service Management API which turns a cloud based on Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V into the Azure look and feel and API-connectivity. To celebrate the day, Google is offering up 2GB of added free Google Drive storage to users that go through the process of reviewing the security measures that are put in place on their accounts. Included is the use of two full virtual private servers running Linux or Windows and 100 GB of high performance storage.
And finally, the security checkup lets you quickly see which apps, websites, and devices connected to your account have this or that permission access.All of these are good things to check regularly, so consider bookmarking the checkup page when you're done. Google has deprecated security questions as a form of recovery after finding them to be not very secure. A quick hover over the section where your storage is displayed will show you how much storage G-Mail, Drive, and Photos each take up. The latest updates rolled out by Google, "will help you more easily put things where they belong", Biran said.

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