Copyright (c)2010 LAVADEROS AMERICAPowered by: Best Web Hosting and Affiliate Programs Directory. Copyright (c)2009 POSSUM ARC - Advice, Rescue and CarePowered by: Best Web Hosting and Affiliate Programs Directory. Many of us have habit to choose same passwords for all our social media, email or bank accounts.
There are hundreds of websites available online which provides you free softwares but when you choose to download these free softwares from unreliable websites there are changes that these software may detect all your personal information because they are loaded with spywares. We all got spam emails or unknown emails which directs us with some internal links to their website. Earlier I too used to set common passwords for all my online accounts, after joining the blogging world I have realized the reason behind my hacked account.
Agree with you Avinash, Shorten URl Is most risky, you never know about landing page and high chances for spreading virus.
Shabnam even i used to do same way, actually i used to feel lazy that who will remember so many pwd. In my opinion, all of the about tip can be replaced by one, that is you do a try with Ubuntu. Another suggestion is to avoid usernames which are personally identifiable, such as your first or last names.

The main reason for making you aware about these anti-virus softwares was to make your online surfing secure. The reason for choosing same password is that it becomes easy to remember for all our important accounts. I won’t say that you should never download free software but I would suggest that you must only download after reviews and checking the security certificate. Avoid clicking on these kinds of links which might spread virus on your computer and might hack all your accounts and passwords. It is not enough to download good Anti-virus software to your system, more important is to keep it updating and keep in “ON”. Many online shopping ask to enter your address, account details and other personal details which can be easily hacked by others. But just downloading Anti-virus software on your system is not enough, you need to secure your system by other threats which can easily hack your personal details or confidential documents from your system.
But this habit can create a big problem for you if any one of the sites is compromised then hackers can easily find password of another account, if they are same. Try to use different passwords or you can do a bit variation in all the passwords which will make you easy to remember.
Many Anti-viruses has option to update the new version automatically, you should enable that option to make your system more secure.

Also, while making a transaction make sure the browser is connected with https and not http.
There are many great Anti virus software’s out there and you can pick from Nod32 or Kaspersky.
Avoid using Proxy site and Proxy softwares: We all know that proxy Websites and softwares like Ultrasurf  let us access blocked Website and they are very useful.
Though, one of the biggest online mistake which we make is by using sensitive data over these proxy channels. I find offline and non-electronic storage of passwords much more safe as compared to some third party applications. Using sites like Facebook, Bank details or Emails account where you need to provide your password, you might be keeping your self in vulnerable positions.
Use proxy sites for accessing blocked sites but don’t use them for logging into any sensitive site. Before your system is hacked or you lose your sensitive data, I would highly recommend you to put the above security measures in effect and keep yourself safe and secure while surfing internet.

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