Dedicated Server Hosting not only gives you speed and better up time but it also gives you total control on your server.
Currently the company is running a promotional offer and offering $100 credit for your dedicated server when you migrate to ServerPronto from other hosting company. After renting your server for 12 months, you get 1 month free dedicated server hosting when you renew your services for 6 months and you get 3 months free dedicated server hosting when you renew your services for 12 months. Dedicated Server gives you total control on your web hosting server, it is then important that you should check what kind of control panel your web hosting provider is offering along with your dedicated server. All of the hosting providers commit to offer at least 99.95% up time but in reality most of them manage to give you even 98% up time. Although you get the full control of your web hosting server but still it becomes very important to check for the customer support.
Being a top web hosting blog, it is our duty to review web hosting companies and prepare a list of top web hosting companies for you. Hostpapa, Godaddy & Hostgator, all 3 are top web hosting companies and offers reliable web hosting services. Hosting a website for the first time and looking for a web hosting service but no idea where to start. With the growing popularity of  Cloud hosting, big guns of  the Cloud Computing industry provide numerous opportunities to experience the full benefits cloud Hosting.
Now entrepreneurs, enterprise, service providers, educators, as well as soloprenuers , can easily see the significant cost-benefits of  Cloud Hosting. Thanks to the concept of a Free Trial!
Whether you are looking to migrate your existing website or thinking of deploying a new a new one, the Free Trial Cloud Server option is the way to go.
Cloud Hosting puts the previous concept of limitless resources (otherwise limited), to utter practicality.
This means that, according to a domain’s requirement, you can increase or decrease the number of servers, the bandwidth, and memory as per your requirements. Besides, a subscription fee which is a no brainer as you CPs would obviously be charging you on Cloud allotment; you are not charged or rented out any other resources. If you consider investing in any form of conventional hosting for building up a strong online business, then be sure that it can be crumpled by assailants that wiggle through the weak security barriers of that host. Although this facility is not mainly provided by majority of Cloud providers, however, some middle man(partnered) companies offer Cloud management services to users that are either non-technical or find it hard to take out time in managing their Cloud servers.
This Cloud management service is often offered separately as a managed Cloud hosting but it has the potential to be another great expansion for organizations that solely want to focus on their businesses rather than system administrations. We hope that this content piece has been able to provide you with relevant information regarding the benefits of Cloud Hosting.
We highly recommend looking at – and revisiting – the list of the Top Ten Cloud Hosting Providers with 100% Free Trial Cloud Server from time to time.
Microsoft has as strong focus on the hybrid cloud: a mixture of public and private cloud infrastructures.

Azure and Windows Server 2012 bring in the hypervisor part, System Center 2012 sP1 the management of virtual machines running on one or both hypervisors.
To enable a consistent user interface for the self service portal when Windows Server 2012 is used, the Azure Services for Windows Server are used. Amsio, managed hosting provider, lauched the first  private cloud in Europe based on Microsoft Windows Cloud OS at February 6 2013.
To help our blog readers to try a cloud server first before they actually buy one, we’re posting a list of top cloud server providers which offer a free cloud server trial. There are a variety of dedicated server hosting providers available on internet but finding the right hosting provider is a cumbersome task, specially when you’re searching for Free Dedicated Server Hosting. Customer who choose automatic credit card payments are only eligible for this offer. If Customer elects to pay for a full year of service in advance, Customer will receive a credit for the first month after the first full month of service. The company hosting 170,000 servers, 17 Data Centers, and hosting over 17 million web applications. Most of the top notch dedicated hosting providers gives you customized control panels, which could make your life much easier. Dedicated Servers are used to host mission critical applications and thus it becomes very important to choose a hosting provider which stands on their words and provides you 99.95% or even more up time. If you’ve any query on this feel free to contact us using our contact us form available on our website or subscribe to our blog by entering you email ID in the box available in bottom right. The compiled list of the Top Ten Cloud Hosting Providers who offer a 100 % Free Trial Cloud Server as part of their subscription plans.
In this way nothing goes in waste and you don’t bear any costly over heads for the services you didn’t even use. In a Cloud environment your vulnerabilities are inhibited by employing strict and strong security protocols. Later, if it’s still more that you want, managed hosting can further enhance your security with round the clock monitoring and patch management services performed by expert cloud engineers. The vision is delivered by solutions like Windows Azure, Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012 SP1. These solutions provide customers with one consistent platform for infrastructure, apps, and data – spanning customer datacenters, hosting service provider datacenters, and the Microsoft public cloud. This has a Service Management Portal and Service Management API which turns a cloud based on Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V into the Azure look and feel and API-connectivity. In this article we’ll try to cover some of the best options available on internet from where you could get a Free Dedicated Server, and sometime no credit card required to get them. Verio is a leader in providing web hosting, application hosting and SaaS applications to SMBs.
If customer cancel or get suspension before the end of the first month, Customer forfeits the month free.
The company is into web hosting business since past 13 years and has provisioned more than 10000 servers.

It has a client base of 7,00,000 clients around the globe and it is the #1 web hosting provider in Europe and France.
No other popular hosting provider gives you 1 week trial on dedicated server hosting on that cheap pricing.
You may get resolve any of the problem you face on your server but the network related issues can only be handled by the customer support people.
Some hosting provider charge you premium for the same kind of server, you should find a hosting provider which is good, and provide you high quality server at an affordable price.
Most of all, the ability to compare different Cloud Hosting services is valuable in itself. That is the only way you can know for sure whether a particular Cloud Hosting Service is for you or not.
Included is the use of two full virtual private servers running Linux or Windows and 100 GB of high performance storage.
Cloud servers are based on IaaS and gives their users an option to scale up or down as per their requirement.
In today’s time all the top IT companies including Microsoft, Rackspace, IBM, HP, Softlayer, LinuxCloud and many more offer cloud servers. From unlimited data storage capabilities, to the highly beneficial pay-as-you-go model, and onwards to Managed Services (a big HOORAH! Read MoreSo guys here are the top web hosts which offer a completely free trial for cloud servers for up to one month. Get Flat 50% Discount On BLUEHOST#2 Amazon Web Services (AWS)Amazon offers one of the best cloud services available on internet under the name of Amazon Web Services.
You can find more information or can register for your free cloud server trial visiting here.#3 Softlayer Cloud ServerSoftlayer, A pioneer name in web hosting industry, also offer a 30 days absolutely free cloud server trial.
You canA deploy public cloud instances with exceptional features in just five minutes with Softlayer and can use it for 30 days for free of cost.
To avail this amazing cloud server trial, you just simply visit the following linkA and use the coupon code FREECLOUD.#4 HP CloudThis is something amazing.
World’s one of the largest IT company, HP, offer a 90 days long cloud server free trial to do anything you want from testing apps, keeping archival to taking backups. As a HP Cloud customer you getA $100 credit to each of your first three HP Public Cloud monthly invoices.A If your usage exceeds this $100 credit in a billing cycle, you will be charged standard HP Cloud pricing for any additional usage.
If you want to give Cloud Linux Cloud Servers a try you can visit the following page to request a trial run.#6 Google CloudGoogle recently has launched its cloud hosting services.
To grab some share in cloud hosting market, they are offering $300 worth of free cloud hosting trial to all new customers.

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