A secure, flexible, and maintenance free alternative to the traditional local physical PC & server model. Cloud desktops perform and function like a regular desktop PC, but your applications and data run in our secure and energy efficient UK data centres, not on your local equipment. Access your own desktop whenever you need it, using any device, from anywhere in the world. Our service allows you secure access to your data and applications from any location, using any Internet-connected device, meaning you can join colleagues as if you were in the office. Knowledgeable, timely and passionate UK-based support staff waiting to assist you with your questions and enquiries. Experience the power, speed and convenience of a Cloud Desktop UK desktop, completely free!
A cloud desktop is essential a virtual computer that provides a full Windows desktop accessible via the Internet. Delivering modern IT solutions built around the cloud since 2009, hosted and supported in the UK. Our flexible range of cloud hosted services, connectivity solutions, network and WiFi services & IT hardware products.

Since 2009, Cloud4 has delivered simple and flexible cloud IT solutions to businesses, charities, not-for-profits and the education sector, both here in the UK and internationally. Online Virtual DesktopCut IT expenses while improving performance and accessibility of your applications and data by moving your office to the cloud with hosted virtual desktops! Cloud SecurityAll hosted virtual desktops are secured using government and bank grade encryption.
Always online and always accessible, having your desktop hosted securely in the cloud desktop hosting will revolutionize the way your business views information technology. Cloud My Office is an industry leader in price and performance for hosted virtual cloud desktop solutions. Cloud My Office is proud to offer a hosted virtual desktop service that is extremely reliable and secure.
No credit card required or agreement to sign, just request your free trial and see how it works for you. Also referred to as hosted desktops, cloud desktops provide the computer operating system, applications and data in an identical way to a physical desktop.
Our skilled and passionate team has over 20 yearsa€™ technical and commercial experience in supplying and managing high-quality cloud and IT services.

Moving your office to desktop hosting with the cloud eliminates IT headaches and guarantees up-time while significantly reducing your IT budget.
Hosted virtual desktops can cut your IT budgets while increasing productivity and reliability of your Windows virtual desktops.
We take great pride in providing businesses and organizations with a great desktop hosting service at a great price.
A cloud desktop provides similar functionality and capabilities as a physical desktop with the benefit of being accessible from any location through any Internet-connected device.
Clients say ita€™s our high level of personal support, our customer service and flexible approach that differentiates us and means that they can rely on Cloud4 as their IT and cloud solutions provider. Best of all, your desktop cloud travels with you, no matter where you go you can access your applications and files from any computer with any operating system; all you need is an Internet connection to utilize you online virtual desktop! Check out our virtual could desktop packages to find the right cloud business solutions for your company.

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