Bodhtree provides a comprehensive range of on-shore, off-shore and hybrid testing and QA services to its global clients. Bodhtree's expertise in critical test processes such as automation, performance and integration testing helps customers ensure the quality of their applications and systems. On an enterprise level, Bodhtree's outsourced testing services will reduce QA bottlenecks and free development teams to focus on innovation and application enhancement. Although in beta the web-player puts 18 million tracks at your fingertips regardless of what OS or device you are using.

Better still, the interface is gorgeous; the look of the web player is more pleasing on the eyes than the dedicated desktop player.
Only Spotify’s developers can answer that, but it would certainly make sense to take already limited resources away from the Linux desktop client and put them into creating aA unified and flawless online experience for all.
The good news is that this feature is happening now, because, super-sized catalog or not, rival services areA gainingA momentum. Bodhtree uses multiple test optimization tools to maximize the speed and accuracy of your testing processes.

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