If you get the eerie email warning you that you have reached 80% of the storage available for your CRM Online instance don’t panic.
There are 10 documented ways to reduce the amount of storage space used by removing or deleting different types of of information from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.
Yunio is a free online file storage service that provides 1 TB free space that will keep growing with 1 GB limit per day, if you will login to your Yunio account once in a day. Like similar data backup and syncing software, you need to install a desktop client for Yunio using which you can create online backups, sync files, can create & access shared folders. Note: Pro version of Yunio provides more handy features, like 5 TB space that grows with 5 GB limit per day, 15 GB limit to upload a single file, 20 shared folders for a single device, 20 number of synced folders, and much more. After registering yourself, you can open its interface, and you will receive 1 TB free storage space plus 1 GB extra storage to keep your files and folders. After this, you can upload files or folders to your Yunio account and all added files will be available on My Files option (same option will be available on its web interface to access files).
Synced folder: Using this option, you will be able to create a new sync folder that you can sync with a local folder available on your PC.
To share your folder with friend(s), you need to email the invitation link using your email id. Notification center: Any messages, like your friend applied to join your share folder, will be available in notification center. Very handy cloud storage service that provides 1 TB free storage space that grows with 1 GB per day.
You can create 10 different synced folders that you can sync with local folders available on your PC. It is quite useful cloud storage service using which all your important files and folders will be available for you using its web interface. TweetScoop.itIt’s hard to break in to the cloud storage market unless you have something exceptional to offer. A company already known for its IT based products, Barracuda has brought some major features to their cloud storage service, including cross-platform support, security features that are as good as (if not better then) competitor services and a user friendly interface for ‘Copy’ apps. Copy has pretty impressive security features as user content is verified before it is added to the storage, with the protection of AES 256-bit encryption and the option to share files privately.
Copy also provides a wide range of customization options to manage your sharing preferences, bandwith (upload and download rate), notifications, etc. Despite being new to the cloud storage business Barracuda has done a fine job by providing features that are satisfactory enough to attract both free users and the ones looking for cheap cloud storage. Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs.

Storing music videos, audios and your favorite movies is enough to use up the allocated storage space on your iPhone. Given that iPhone doesn’t come with an expanded memory slot, the only way to add up extra space is to free up the allocated space. After you have deleted big files and media content, you can utilize the freed up space again. All the redundant, cache files and temporary files that become a part of your iPhone’s storage space will be completely removed.
Apart from deleting cache files and database information, iCleaner will also delete apps log files and crash reports that are stored on your iPhone. After you have downloaded a copy of iCleaner from the Big Boss Repo,  tap on the icon that appears on your iPhone’s homescreen. Once you tap on the Clean button, the app will delete the hidden data stored on your iPhone.
After hitting the Clean button, I was able to recover 49MB of space — not bad, especially considering the fact that these files were removed from Safari browser.
Use one or more of these methods to control your total data storage usage with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.
You can store your files on this cloud storage service, can sync files with PC, and can share files with friends. Above screenshot shows its desktop client (at left part) and web interface at right part, which are quite similar to use. After this, both local folder and created folders will remain synchronized to keep files of both folders updated.
Once you have created a folder, you will get an invitation link that you can give to your friends so that they can join your shared folder. Its 1 TB storage space that grows continuously with 1 GB per day limit in free account is unbeatable till now. Today we are going to approach the subject on how you are using your iPhone storage space (which, as you’ve already noticed is limited). Pretty often it is not the startups that are able to make a huge impact in this business but rather some established company extending to the cloud storage arena. With 15GB of free storage space and the option to earn 5GB by inviting friends, the service provides ample scope for acquiring your fair share of free storage space, which is arguably unmatched. This is another aspect that Copy covers quite well, as you can avoid using your internet browser and quickly sync files via the Copy apps on desktop or mobile devices. The availability across all major operating systems and a generous cloud storage policy definitely makes Copy a worth competitor against Dropbox and SkyDrive, as well as a viable alternative for people looking to shift their data from services like SugarSync, which is no longer free.

He is a former systems engineer and has been associated with the IT industry for the past 8 years, rendering professional services related to desktop administration, networking, SEO and Blogging. In other words, removing data from an iOS device is probably the quickest way to earn additional storage space.
Be careful while using this app though, as it will also remove Safari browser’s cookies and deletes the browsing history. These files may not be of huge size, but there may be hundreds of such files, and permanently removing these files and other data from an iOS device can only help you reclaim space. Tapping on Analyze will analyze the number of useless files and the disk space it has utilized, which is very useful for those who actually care about older data. You can delete certain categories of data as the need arises, or you can set up bulk deletion jobs to reoccur at set intervals.
One unique thing about this Shared folder option is that you can add people to block list as well, in order to keep unwanted people away from accessing that folder. A while back Barracuda Networks launched its very own cloud storage service known as Copy, which offers some interesting features. Get helpPassword recoveryRecover your passwordyour email A password will be e-mailed to you. After installing it, it will start running on your system tray and its interface will open in front of you. Even if you have a high-speed Internet connection, it takes lot of time to upload files, like songs, video files etc. Once the receiver has applied to join your folder, you will receive a notification to confirm the approval. The 1 TB free storage limit is outrageous which continuously grows with 1 GB per day, facility to create 10 different sync folders, 5 different shared folders can be created, and maximum 20 members can join shared folders. Now the very first thing you have to do is create an account with Yunio to avail benefits of this cloud storage service. This option is a very accurate one, telling you exactly how much space you have left on your phone, and how much of it your photos and videos are occupying.
I think Oosah online storage services perhaps is the biggest online storage offers in the world. A quick Google search turned up a list of terms and conditions which also makes mention of a separate privacy policy.

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