By Christian Karasiewicz 1 Comment Share3 Tweet19 Pin Share Buffer1 EmailShares 23When I first began creating podcasts, one of the areas that frustrated me was coming up with a consistent way to record the audio for each podcast interview. While most of my podcast interviews are with people who live in the United States, a large part of my audience is overseas. Once you’ve finished recording a Skype call, one thing I really like about this solution is that it can automatically save your recording back to Dropbox, Evernote, or to other storage solutions.
If you step-up to the premium version of CallNote (which is also free), you can record both Skype audio calls and Skype video calls.

There is also no cost to saving a recorded Skype call back to Dropbox or Evernote  – you just need to have an account. When I was looking for a ways to record Skype calls, most of the solutions I came across were clunky or did not work very well across different operating systems. While we used Skype, I wanted a convenient way to be able to record Skype calls – whether on a PC or a Mac and to be able to use my own equipment.
Using this process, I can also use my Blue Yeti microphone, which lets me create high-quality audio recordings.

I would like to hear what tools you have tried and what you liked (or didn’t like) about them.

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