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Days after the launch in Beijing, both of Apple’s current Chinese carriers will accept pre-orders. New iPhones are expected to go on sale in Apple’s key markets on Friday, September 20, giving Apple and its partners ten days to collect pre-orders. Apple’s high-end 5S model may support a 4G technology called TD-LTE, which could pave the way for an agreement with China Mobile, which has more than double the subscribers of China Unicom and Telecom combined. Last quarter, Apple experienced an unexpected drop in sales from China amid the onslaught of inexpensive Android devices. Perhaps realizing its mistake, the company through the mouth of its CEO Tim Cook promised to double-down on China.

Should Apple permit Chinese customers to get their hands on the new iPhones at almost the same time as their U.S. Previously, Apple products would become available in China a few months after the device’s first hit countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and France. We can’t find that location, so please choose from these options: Check your spelling and try again. The juice pack H2PRO is not only waterproof, it exceeds Military Standards for protection while providing more than 100% extra battery when you need it most.
It will take about a week for them to deliver the new iPhones to their customers, the source said.
After a series of attacks by state-run media slammed Apple’s product policies, the company started softening its stance on warranties in China and even issued a letter of apology to Chinese customers.
Pundits are adamant that the Beijing event will serve as the launchpad for a landmark distribution agreement with China Mobile, the world’s top telco with 700+ million subscribers.

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