The display includes how much disk space is used for each of your music, movies, photos, apps, and backup files. If you have a question or comment about check disk size and free space on Mac, please use the comment form at the bottom of the page.
If you found this article useful, please link to it from your website or blog, click the Like or +1 button to help others find this page. Are your external HDs plugged in before starting your Mac, or did you plug them in after you Mac was running. I?ve got the very same problem, any way I could see which are those other files and delete them. When go to ‘about this mac’ the hard drive space available is about 10GB less than the hard drive available space when i click open macintosh HD and check the bottom of the window??? To display the pretty disk usage display in About This Mac, a lot of information needs to be condensed, such as the size and type of every file on the disk.
It seems that the graphical display of different types of files (audio, movies, photos, apps, backups, other) is not updated in real-time.
I’m guessing you connected your Time Machine backup disk, TimeMachine backed up the data, the space for keeping the backups locally got reclaimed. Carlos, I suggest check the About This Mac Storage tab again, and see if the backup area size has diminished. It is my observation that yes, turning off Time Machine does discard the backups on the local disk.

I think this does not stick if you do toggle Time Machine off and on, you need to reissue the command after turning it back on.
Just bought a new macbook with lion inside and couldn’t check how much disk space was left cuz in Snow Leopard the amount of space was under the windows in the finder, that this was driving me crazy!!! I have a question why is it that the level of free memory using a “new method “(when i check it by means of th clicking on top left icon and etc )is diferent from the level of free memory when i checking it through clicking on info of the disk ?
The best way to get a clearer reading is to boot HD Recovery by holding the option key on startup, run Disk Utlities by performing a Disk Verify AND a Permissions Repair. Once you quit and reboot back into your system, zap the Pram by holding down Cmnd-Opt-P-R keys on startup and wait until you hear the chimes FIVE times before you let go.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The adjustable, rotating universal belt clip keeps mophie cases, Apple devices, or any smartphone secure at your side.
Tasman you should preface your more complicated 4-click disk inspector version with this simple bit of knowledge.
I’d use the Storage tab in System Information for working out what you need to delete to make free space. When I check my free space with the first option in shows me that I have almost 80Gbs on backups, but if I go and check it with the get info way I have all that space free or available, Do you know what could it be?
It’s probably updated when some background process crawls your hard disk, categorizing the files and adding up their sizes.

The Get Info area shows the current free disk space, so it’s free of the 80GB of backups. I haven’t tested this, but this could cause the backups taken on the local hard disk to be discarded. The juice pack H2PRO is not only waterproof, it exceeds Military Standards for protection while providing more than 100% extra battery when you need it most.
Besides showing the size of the diskĀ and how much free space it has, this method shows graphically how much space is being used for different types of files. Time Machine runs every hour, so it would take a copy of every file that’s changed in that hour. The About This Mac free disk space method is a bit behind, so it still shows the backup files. I thought removing the status bar was an amazingly dumb thing to do and was my biggest issue with Lion, I can deal with the FCPx-Lion glitches until they update. With qualifying pricing, select "Free Shipping" during checkout after adding shipping code.
If you’re doing media production and editing (image, sound or video work), these big files can change, and that can result in a really big backup area showing.

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