Retrouvez toutes vos series preferees : actualites, photos, diffusion, acteurs, programme tv, series americaines. HALO jumping from 30,000 feet, facing forces up to 5Gs, how did Bear Grylls manage his fear and focus on the experience of free falling at 200 mph? Getting back to his roots, Jesse James focuses on his newest venture at the Austin Speed Shop.
Host Don Wildman takes us on a CGI journey back in time to visit some of the dirtiest cities in our planet's history. SCAM SCHOOL host Brian Brushwood shows you how to perform simple and very cool looking tricks with just a few rubber bands. Season 4, Episode 26 S4 E25 Apr 5, 2014Gone in 20 SecondsUncovering a Geiger counter and NASCAR impact wrenches; shocking news from the accountant.
Les redoutables freres Taylor ont fait le deplacement depuis la Nouvelle-Orleans pour jouer sur le terrain de Brandon et Lori.

Season 4, Episode 21 S4 E20 Mar 1, 2014Allen's Big CrushThe guys battle it out with their fierce former-employee, while a shill bidder threatens to ruin the day. Season 4, Episode 20 S4 E19 Feb 22, 2014You Foos You LoseWhen their truck breaks down, Ton and Allen lay it all on the line to raise money to fix her. Season 4, Episode 19 S4 E18 Feb 15, 2014Ton VoyageAn aggressive store owner tries to block Ton and Allen from acquiring new items for the shop. Season 4, Episode 18 S4 E17 Feb 8, 2014Without a ChuteTon tries to negotiate with the shop's landlord, who wants to talk with the guys. Season 4, Episode 17 S4 E16 Feb 1, 2014You Got ServedA bitter defeat at the latest set of storage unit auctions leaves the guys scrambling to acquire merchandise to keep the shop going. Season 4, Episode 14 S4 E13 Apr 13, 2013The Fall GuysThe pressures of running a shop are taking a toll on Ton and Allen and not even the discovery of a stunt-man's fall bag can ease the tension. Season 4, Episode 12 S4 E11 Apr 6, 2013Carolyn Goes ToplessA friendly competition with former employee Carolyn turns into a vicious battle for a 1968 Corvette Stingray, giving Carolyn the last laugh.

Season 4, Episode 10 S4 E9 Mar 23, 2013Machine Gun TonTon and Allen battle a pair of vicious female auction hunters who have an axe to grind and bid based on spite rather than strategy. Season 4, Episode 4 S4 E3 Feb 6, 2013It's Raining TonThe guys take Big Sis to her first auction - and when things get ugly, she becomes their secret weapon. Season 4, Episode 3 S4 E2 Jan 30, 2013Win Lose or JoustTon and Allen race back from an auction to purchase a rare comic valued at over $100,000.
Season 4, Episode 2 S4 E1 Jan 30, 2013Once a Pawn a TimeTon and Allen discover that owning a pawn shop is way more trouble than they expected.

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