Running benchmarks on a PC enables users to evaluate performance, to identify potential bottlenecks, and to choose effective system upgrades.
Though CPU and memory upgrades help in some situations, it often makes more sense to upgrade the storage subsystem or the graphics board if you're looking for perceptible improvement in system responsiveness or gaming performance, for example. Before running any benchmarks, you need to consider a number of hardware and software factors, in order to avoid potential damage to your system and to ensure consistent, accurate results. Many benchmarks place significant stress on specific components, so you need to ensure that all such components are in good working order, properly cooled (if necessary), and receiving adequate power.
On the software front, parameters for the operating system, applications, and drivers must be satisfied to ensure accurate, repeatable benchmark results. You don't want applications or utilities that may be running in the background to interfere with the benchmark, so shut them down. Using the correct (typically the latest) drivers for a component is another important step to take to ensure that it is operating and performing optimally. The most useful CPU benchmarks place a heavy workload on the CPU while minimizes the influence of other system components. Utilities like SiSoft's SANDRA 2012 incorporate various easy-to-use, synthetic benchmarks for testing the performance of different system components. Maxon's Cinebench, based on the company's Cinema 4D animation software, tests single-threaded and multithreaded CPU performance.
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The first Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview did not include an early version of Edge, but the last two versions got both Internet Explorer and Edge browsers included.
Since the first technical preview build of Windows 10 for phones was released back in February, many improvements were made to Internet Explorer, but Edge received its fair share of enhancements as well. In fact, according to the latest HTML5 benchmark scores, Internet Explorer performance has been greatly improved, NPU reports. After scoring 360 points in HTML5 tests ran in the first Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview build, Internet Explorer made consistent progress and scored no less than 390 points in the latest 10080 build.

Still, Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview includes an early version of Edge browser, so expect Microsoft to step up its game and deliver even more improvements to its new mobile browser.
Even though not all features to be included in the desktop version will go live on phones when Windows 10 Mobile launches, Microsoft promised to continue to add them at a later date. It's also worth mentioning that Microsoft has no plans to bring Edge browser to other platforms like Android and iOS, but the Redmond-based company stated that it was open to feedback. So, if the need arises, then who knows, maybe a cross-platform mobile browser from Microsoft will become reality. If you think that the newest version of Apple’s MacBook Air has been improved on in all areas, you might want to hold on to that thought.
Some storage benchmark results indicate that the hard drives in Cupertino’s latest super-light laptops, which were made available just last week, run significantly slower compared to the 2013 versions of the MacBook Air, according to Macworld. As part of the tests, Macworld evaluated the new MacBook Air’s hard drives by using them to copy, zip, and unzip 6 GB worth of data. The 2013 11-inch MacBook Air took 28 seconds to copy the test files, while the 2013 13-inch MacBook Air took 34.8 ticks to perform the same task. It’s worth noting that almost every drive in these four laptops came from different companies.
Unfortunately, many users imagine that system performance is simply a matter of CPU frequency or memory capacity, which leads them to think that dropping in a faster CPU or more memory will automatically and immediately yield noticeable performance improvements. If you ran a series of benchmarks and identified which components were holding your system back, you'd be able to choose the most effective upgrade for your current system--or determine which components make the most sense in a new system suited to your particular needs. Some use synthetic tests that don't necessarily reflect real-world usage, while others employ scripted tests that rely on actual applications and simulated real-world workloads. If you have a component that seems unstable or unreliable during normal, day-to-day use, subjecting it to a taxing benchmark could kill it.
Windows (and other) operating systems proactively prefetch data and store numerous temporary files that could interfere with a benchmark, so it's best to clear out any temporary files and prefetch data before running a test. This is especially important in connection with antimalware utilities, remote desktop tools, and downloaders that intermittently consume CPU, memory, and storage resources and steal application focus. Which of these components is the most important in a particular case depends on the individual person's usage patterns, however. SiSoft's SANDRA 2012 incorporates a few CPU-centric synthetic benchmarks that test a chip's performance with various mathematical workloads.
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The test results indicate that last year’s versions of the MacBook Air are faster in all three tasks across the board.
Two of them had Samsung drives, while one was sporting a SanDisk drive, and the other wielded a Toshiba SSD. Some benchmarks assess the performance of a single component, while others measure total system performance.
Also, an inadequately cooled or underpowered device that works most of the time may become unstable under stress.
Unless you're testing a system as it shipped from an OEM to evaluate the effects of background applications on performance, shut them down before running the tests.
Finally, confirm that the operating system is fully updated and patched to ensure optimal compatibility and to reflect the current, real-world OS configuration--not the OS as it may have shipped years ago. A gamer seeking the best possible frame rates, for example, will probably be better served by a faster GPU than by more memory. The tests are multithreaded and generally scale with higher-clocked speeds and more CPU cores. Cinebench is free, works with multiple operating systems, and can run in single-threaded mode (to test the performance of a single CPU core) or in multithreaded mode (to tax all of the cores in a CPU). It’s possible that Apple used cheaper drives in the refreshed versions of the MacBook Air, allowing the company to price them lower than their predecessors. To best gauge the overall performance of a PC, consider running some combination of all of these different types of benchmarks, based on your usage patterns. That said, we've run benchmarks for many years, and have had only a handful of components fail due to the demands of a benchmark test--and those components were likely defective to begin with. If you have applications running, it may not be safe (or possible) to delete all temporary files, so restart your system and shut down any applications that may be running in the background before wiping out any temporary files. In the same vein, most operating systems load multiple services and perform maintenance during the initial boot process. A casual user seeking a more responsive system may benefit most by upgrading a slow hard drive to a fast solid-state drive. The new line of MacBook Air laptops got a $100 price cut across the board when they hit the market last week. Consequently, after boot-up, it's best to let the system "settle" and reach an idle state, with no drive or CPU activity, before you run a test.
You must decide which aspects of system performance are most important to you, tailor the suite of benchmarks to your specific needs, and then weigh the individual test results accordingly.

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