The OneDrive team announced this new feature surprisingly on a Friday evening, but this was done because of new iPhone being released. What OneDrive team has done is that they are increasing Camera Roll storage to 15GB from earlier 3 GB. With this limited time offer, we are excited to see even more people choose OneDrive as the one place for everything in their life. As I already was using my Camera Roll, I can see the Camera roll Bonus storage increased to 15GB. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Microsoft and all the things that it offers directly to consumers is teetering on the edge. To build a name for itself in the cloud storage space Microsoft is offering tons of incentives. For a lot of people, the question no longer seems to be “What is cloud storage?” Instead, they’re asking themselves whether OneDrive is worth investing in.
Microsoft OneDrive is a solution to a problem digital natives find themselves in more than they used to. All told, OneDrive is a terrific cloud storage utility, one that at least deserves attention. So no one wants to use iworks on apple devices so they're trying to pawn them off on Windows users? Microsoft at least have already started moving their pieces long ago, and have far more to play with than Google, and especially Apple.
Just few days back we saw that OneDrive file size limit had been increased to 10GB along with many other most requested features being added. You can also can get more done with the combined power of OneDrive, Office Mobile, and OneNote.
If you are a new user, do not delay and start using OneDrive on your Smartphones by installing OneDrive app and activate Camera Roll to get this limited time offer.

SkyDrive was the free cloud storage that came pre-activated with your Microsoft account. Over the edge are all the different products Microsoft has managed to improve on since repositioning itself shortly before the launch of Windows 8. Forget hogging your digital storage space locally, OneDrive allows you to push all of that stuff to a Microsoft service. OneDrive for Windows and Mac assume that users have a decent internet connection and plenty to back up. Mostly, they’re there to give users access to the files and media other versions of OneDrive uploaded. For example, OneDrive on Xbox One can’t upload files yet, but it does let folks look at stuff they’ve already uploaded. Microsoft has already confirmed that it’ll roll out built-in support for a cloud music collection in the next few months and it continues to update all the OneDrive apps. Occasionally a coworker will send me a keynote file and I can't view it on my computer, they end up having to resend it as a PowerPoint.
And iPhone user do not have to create space by deleting their photos for upgrading to iOS8. Devices with flash storage – like phones – were ridiculously thin, because of flash storage.
All of this is important because it’s only by understanding the underlying reasons for cloud storage that you can judge OneDrive. If you’re trusting your content to a service, you want that stuff to be available in as many places as possible.
OneDrive is available anywhere and everywhere with a quality app and each support some sort of viewing and uploading. Forcing users to actively think about backing up their data is what’s relegated physical hard drives to storage also-ran to begin with. They can be configured to sync things on demand, but they also automatically upload anything in the OneDrive folder.

Adding a OneDrive mobile app to your account grants users another 15GB of free storage as long as they setup automatic picture back up. If you need a way to clear up storage on your devices, or are just examining cloud storage solutions, OneDrive is a pretty good option among others like iCloud and Google Drive. If compared to premium storage upgrades of Google Drive, Dropbox and Box, OneDrive is the most efficient in value with cheapest pricing plans. OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage service, is one of the growing number of products that come up in conversation when people compare the juggernaut that was with the scrappy, almost start up-like Microsoft that we have today. Sure, you might only take pictures with your smartphone, but you may want to look at them on your tablet, PC, Mac or gaming console. Windows 10 is Microsoft’s single operating system for smartphones, notebooks and everything in between. Of course, the problem with flash storage has always been that the more storage you want, the more you have to pay. So don’t wait, just activate the auto upload feature for your camera roll, if you haven’t yet started using it to get this Camera roll bonus.
Design was certainly a concern of PC makers, but it was ok to make a notebook that was big and heavy if it packed enough power and storage.
If you are already using it, you’ll see the Free storage of camera Roll Bonus increased to 15 GB from 3 GB.
With smartphones becoming all-in-one devices, users need a place to store all of that content.
You log in and can then create and edit documents you have in cloud storage using your web browser as the interface.

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