You can use the word cloud as a Power Point presentation background for your presentations. By using Wordle you can generate free word cloud images and then export it to your computer. PowerPoint® is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation and this site do not have any relationship with Microsoft Corp. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Glean ideas from 24point0 experts and use our PPT Word Cloud product to make stunning presentations. IDEA POOL - These post Most Popular PowerPoint Templates in 2014, Word Cloud Infographic - Showcase Relationships Between Concepts in Your PPT and Editable Word Cloud Graphics for Business PowerPoint Presentation Graphics shows how you can use this product in your next presentation.
Download any PowerPoint Slide product from 24point0 knowing there is a professional support team behind each product. Guard against disappointments with our 0614 Strategic Management Word Cloud PowerPoint Slide Template. We are proud to present our 0614 strategic management word cloud powerpoint slide template.
Now, you need to paste your set text or words, which you would like to feature in the tag cloud, in the gives text area.

Click on the Go button to generate your own wordle or word cloud. Then, make sure that the generated cloud is positioned at the center of the screen.
Here you can press Print Screen button on your keyboard (This button is generally situated at the upper right region of your keyboard) to take a screenshot of your screen, or you can use other tools like Greenshot to select the region on the screen with the cloud of words. Pressing the print screen button will take the screenshot of your entire screen (It will copy it). Once you’re done with the cropping, use selection tool to select full image or simple press CTRL+A. Open your PowerPoint Presentation and press CTRL+V to paste that image in the desired slide.
Instead of providing paragraphs full of text you can generate a word cloud image for PowerPoint with your paragraph and then just place the important concepts in the slide.
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The basic idea of tag clouds is to represent tags according to their meaning, their weight and their frequency relatively to other tags.
This Business Power Point template is designed with social media icon to display the concept of social connectivity .Use this template in your business presentation and show your skills. Cloud is a unique technology in which one can do all kind of business processes and get connection with globe. You don’t need to put any extra characters such as comma or semicolon in between the words.

Now, instead of cropping it with MS Paint, you can also crop the image from PowerPoint itself. This Business Power Point template is designed with Facebook icon to display the concept of social connectivity in we services .Use this template in your business presentation and show your skills. Ongoing customers receive premium 24-hour turnaround for those last minute PPTs you need to deliver. This template is designed with graphic of cloud in a unique manner and innovation text in it. Wordle is a tag cloud or word cloud visual representation of tags or words that are defined by the user. For instance, you can simply copy over a random paragraph from the internet and paste it over the given text-area.

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