Scammers have been selling fake tickets to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janiero for more than a year in advance of the opening ceremony, Kaspersky Lab has found. In its report on spam and phishing for Q1 2016, released today, the cybersecurity firm found fraudsters have been using a variety of methods to trick sports fans into giving over their personal and financial details. As with any major cultural or sporting event, some spammers are attempting to fool users into thinking that they have won free tickets in a lottery draw, organised by the Brazilian government or the International Olympic Committee. However, some enterprising cybercriminals have stepped their efforts up, creating bogus ticketing websites to harvest payment information. These sites can be surprisingly sophisticated, with some even purchasing SSL certificates in order to appear more legitimate.

SSL is an encryption method that can prevent hackers from intercepting traffic to an otherwise trustworthy site, but is meaningless if the site is owned and operated by the hackers themselves. This new option is only available to a select number of players but will soon become a public feature available to everyone.
What is a Minecraft Realm?A Minecraft Realm is a fancy name for a public Minecraft server that's hosted by Mojang. When we say 'Hosted' we mean its running on a Mojang server remotely in the cloud.When you start Minecraft you might see the new Minecraft Realm option below the Singplayer and Multiplayer options on the main menu.
There is a direct 1-to-1 relationship between a Minecraft Realm (server) and a Minecraft world.

Each world is a separate Realm with its own name.How to create a RealmClicking the Minecraft Realm option takes you to the Realm options menu. Good and bad pointsMinecraft Realms are not free but there are good reasons why someone would want to pay for them.

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