Both the free and pro version of the security application are available for download at the Panda Cloud Antivirus website. Users picking up the free version of the program should pay good attention to the installation dialog as the installer will install the Panda Toolbar and change the default search provider and default homepage otherwise (I'm not sure if the Pro installation dialog is different, so pay attention as well).You can check out our initial product review of Panda Cloud Antivirus from 2009 for a basic understanding of the program, and how it differs from traditional antivirus solutions. The program basically has moved the virus database definitions to the cloud which simplifies the updating and allows Panda to use itsĀ  Collective Intelligence technology which takesĀ  findings on all user systems into consideration when determining whether a process or file is malicious in nature.The interface has changed quite a bit in comparison to the first version.

All users benefit from an overall increase in performance and up to 50% faster scans, improved offline protection, compatibility with the Windows 8 operating system, a new cloud-based disinfection engine, a new behavioral analysis engine in the free edition, and a process monitor.All processes are identified and classified by Panda Cloud Antivirus with options to block processes right in the program interface. Here it is furthermore possible to enable the url monitoring to monitor all processes and the http Internet connections that they make.Here is a comparison chart that details the differences between the free and pro edition of the product.
And if you enable url monitoring, you will also find out about the http connections that they make.

Add to that the increase in performance, confirmation options before threats are neutralized, and the new behavioral analysis and you got a big improvement over the previous version.

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