Panda's been in the malware elimination business for almost 20 years and all that experience combined with the new cloud technology resulted in the making of Panda Cloud Antivirus. Panda Cloud Antivirus is unlike any other app of its feather available at this moment as it differs in both looks and the way it detects and eliminates malware with very little impact on system resources.
A two-sided interface awaits after installing Panda Cloud Antivirus, with very little to explore because there are no settings or complex options. The first piece of information provided by Panda Cloud Antivirus is the current state of the computer (if there are security problems or not).
As far as scanning is concerned, Panda Cloud Antivirus offers a complete menu that enables accurate detection and minimum impact on system resources. After scanning an area where malware was detected, flipping the interface to the other side you will find the means to restore some of the items if they were falsely accused of subversive activities. The results of the scans during our testing were pretty amazing while connected to the Internet. Despite the great level of protection offered, the agent is still labeled as beta and in some cases it fully deserves it. Also, it seems that reporting is not all that straightened up because after a day's work with it scanning and neutralizing malware "Report" part of the application still showed all statistics to zero threats detected on Vista (on XP everything was good with it).
Nonetheless, visibility behind the scenes is possible by creating two registry entries designed to turn advanced logging on and off anytime you please.
The stability of the program is quite questionable on Windows XP, the environment where we did most of the scan testing, but in the case of reports Vista proved to be the leader as it failed to show the statistics. On the bright side, when sitting quietly in system tray Panda Cloud Antivirus takes very little RAM, the peak in our tests being of less than 20MB on Vista, but most of the times it needed less than 6MB to function. Updates are not necessary as everything is brought to date through the connection to Panda Central Intelligence pool. Panda Cloud Antivirus is easy on system resources and does not intrude on your work because all the files on the computer are checked in the background, when the system is idle. The three malware interception techniques are extremely simple, but their efficiency was pretty high in our evaluation. With all the glitches out of the way Panda Cloud Antivirus has great chances of becoming a solution adopted by users ready to skip the hassle of complicated settings, signature update downloads and heavy resource usage.

A Game Channel a gaming elet hireirol, a videojatekokrol, fejlesztesekrol es egyeb erdekessegekrol szamol be Neked. A BitDefender Antivirus Free aktualis kiadasa persze atesett a mar kotelezonek titulalhato hibajavitasi ritualen is, igy peldaul a rendszerinditas kozbeni "chkdsk" blokkolas, valamint a Malwarebytes Anti-Malware-ral valo inkompatibilitas problemaja is mar a multe. Az ujdonsagok kozott a kozlemeny kiemelte, az uj verzio elodeinel mar lenyegesen nagyobb teljesitmenyt kinal mind HTTP, mind pedig auto-scan eseten is. Vendeg irta:Ha valaki vigyaz a gepere nem kellenek ilyenekManapsag ez ugy lehetseges, hogy nem hasznalod a gepedet egyaltalan.
Nem probaltam meg ezt a cuccot,de lehet kihagyom,igy is ugy nez ki az XP-m mar mint egy karacsonyfa a sok feregirtotol,es tuzfalas virusvadasztol.. The application is not an antivirus itself, but an agent that connects your system to the cloud, thus benefiting from cloud-scanning capabilities and low system resource usage. Besides the nonconformity of the looks with a regular antivirus that resides in both sheer simplicity and colors used, there is also the flipside of the window, which infuses a rarely seen level of ergonomy. The maximum protection is ensured by On-Access Scan which evaluates high-risk objects (files that are being executed or in use). This type of scan will launch asynchronous local and cloud query on the file to be scanned the soonest possible (this is not real-time scan and the engine can take its time a bit before proceeding to action). All neutralized elements are recoverable from this area with no fuss at all, or deleted in order to keep the computer out of harm's way.
On the other hand, lack of Internet connection does not leave you totally unprotected as signatures of the most common threats remain in cache.
Glitches such as stopping the antivirus and its failing to start again have made their presence visible in tests. Event report was empty all along with no reference to malfunctions or incidents that took place.
It is all as simple as pasting a few lines in Notepad and saving the documents with .reg extension. On XP several re-installs preceded by uninstallation of the app were performed as Panda Cloud Antivirus failed to start and repairing the installation showed no positive results. Through this it offers high-level protection as it has access to all the knowledge in the cloud. Searching for specific words in the reports is possible and the results are shown through elimination of the irrelevant data.

The result is a lightweight thin client ready to provide real-time protection against malware.
Panda Cloud Antivirus installs and uninstalls quickly and its no-setup structure guarantees the user easy handling. Az Xbox One, a PS4, a WiiU es a PC mellett a Vita, a 3DS, a lastgen es mobil hirek is helyet kapnak. Developing new technologies to improve detection and disinfection rates is also a constant endeavor which, from time to time, pops up seemingly as a new discovery or breakthrough, when in fact behind it hide years of research and hard work.
Indeed, it is anti-malware software that draws all its accuracy from Panda's Collective Intelligence. However, should one of these files be executed the scan is no longer on queue and On-Access Scan takes over immediately checking it for malicious code.
Its activity starts the moment the system turns idle for the least effect on system resources.
But to benefit from the utmost protection from Panda Cloud Antivirus the connection to Panda cloud (Collective Intelligence) is required. And that is the lower level of protection provided to the user when no Internet connection is present. Ezen kivul folyamatosan jatekteszteket, exkluziv anyagokat, mozifilm kritikakat talalsz nalunk! Keresesi beallitasok egyaltalan nincsenek, csak az Auto, illetve a mappaknal a Scan with BitDefender. It is the first of its kind on the market and it is in beta stage for now, with the developer planning on releasing it by the end of the summer.

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