SurDoc currently supports Windows, Mac and Android, though users can access their backed up files from any operating system via SurDoc’s web interface.
Almost all major online services these days offer you a way to sign up with your social media account so you don’t have to punch in details like email, name or password from scratch.
You can choose to backup almost any type of file and folder irrespective of its format; documents, images, HTML files can all be backed up in a jiffy. The backed up items can be accessed from the web interface, which is optimized to run well on both desktop and mobile browsers.
In short, if you’re looking for a way to backup a large number of files to the cloud, SurDoc is a great option. Were I wanting to see American secrets, I’d offer a whopping 100GB of free cloud backup space, too. MY RESPONSE: In high school, you learned the difference between quality and quantity, right?
Another key problem with the assertion of your question (some questions are really just statements with question marks at the end, as is the case with yours) is how it so nicely borders on and dovetails with the classic right-winged, conservative, (Insani)Tea-Party-esque, Republican privacy-rights-ignoring argument that if you have nothing to hide, then what’s the problem with your privacy being violated? The third (but far from the final) key problem with your assertion as masked by your having torturously put it in the form of a question is the problem of fiduciary responsibility… a foreign concept, I realize, for most bereft-of-integrity Republicans.
MY RESPONSE: Assuming I completely understand it (since precisely how you worded it contains some inherent ambiguity), I don’t even know where to BEGIN with such ridiculousness! Funny you should claim that the Chinese would steal your data when you have no evidence of that and when the NSA has been proven to steal data from everyone, even other countries. It’s always entertaining to read the easy-to-write-in-anonymity words of the cowardly who hide behind pseudonyms and online handles. Knowing that I must stand responsible for my words in all aspects of my life, do you really think I would be so irresponsible as to suggest something with no basis, whatsoever? So here you are criticising this service over privacy concerns only to hold someone in contempt because they value their privacy. I’m sorry, but credibility is established with what you say and do right now, not with irrelevant bluster about what you might have done in the past. Now I do happen to believe that no government in the world is particularly trustworthy when it comes to information gathering and I may even agree with a few of your sentiments, but that does not excuse your behaviour here. KJ WROTE: So here you are criticising this service over privacy concerns only to hold someone in contempt because they value their privacy. KJ WROTE: Now I do happen to believe that no government in the world is particularly trustworthy when it comes to information gathering and I may even agree with a few of your sentiments, but that does not excuse your behaviour here.
NORELIGION WROTE: On top of that every company nowadays makes money by invading your privacy. MY RESPONSE: And so, then, that somehow deprives me of my right to hate and rail against it? And just exactly how separate from the Chinese government do you mistakenly believe is the barely-able-to-speak English, 41-year-old SurDoc CEO Donglin (Alex) Wang?
Go ahead: fiind the Hunan Province entrepreneur who applied, just before the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, for a permit to demand greater participation of citizens in political processes, and to denounce rampant official corruption and abuses of power. As long as we’re on the 2008 Beijing Olympics, do you not remember the fake birth certificats that the Chinese government proffered to the International Olympic Committee when China’s gymnasts were alleged to have been too young to compete?
Wang was hand-picked by the Chinese government some nearly 28 years ago to receive, at government expense, the best technical education that his country could provide after he distinguished himself, back then, as something of a software genius. Through those operations, the Chinese government is well known (at least among security experts) to be accessing literally billions of private, allegedly encrypted (but by using technology to which it, through Wang, has the key) both personal and business documents from around the world.
This has been fun watching your sub come to your own crazy juices, but I have an actual life to get to. Guest wrote: What a fxxking joke that only Chinese are hackers but not the the fxxking Americans! Except it has been shown that all of the major technology companies sell user data to the NSA. ARNO WROTE: Except it has been shown that all of the major technology companies sell user data to the NSA. KJ WROTE: Go read up on PRISM and how the NSA paid some of the largest technology companies millions to institute the very programme which has given the United States government convenient access to user data.
MY RESPONE: Oh, fortheloveofgod, do you really think I don’t know everything there is to know about PRISM? Can probably shave the cost down even more by using older drives in mirrored or RAID 3 arrays. MY RESPONSE: Why do so many who post in places like this seem to have missed or flunked the lesson in elementary school wherein they learned to categorize? Everything else you wrote completely ignores that we’re talking about CLOUD storage, here, not locally-attached drives. For some reason, though, you just can’t stop trying to make a completely unrelated (and, therefore, irrelevant) point of how cheap is locally-attached storage.
Thanks for the suggestion… I wonder why my speed connection goes down when I’d upload a file to SurDoc? Online storage and sharing service Box is serving up 50GB of free space to all Android users.

Updates to the Android app include bulk uploading, adding collaborators to a shared folder, leaving comments on files, and additional languages. While Box doesn’t sync your files, 50GB of extra cloud storage could come in quite handy. Whether you host or just have to attend regular meetings, you can make them more efficient by clarifying the type of meeting it is. With the increasing trend in mobile computing, consumers want their data always accessible to them no matter where they are, and the best way to do that is to upload or sync it to a cloud drive. Getting started is very simple; just download the application, launch it, and sign into your SurDoc account. SurDoc is no exception, and lets you sign up using your Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or Outlook account. The backup process itself is pretty easy to configure, thanks to the tool’s extremely user-friendly design. Just make sure to place the files in a single folder and then select that folder to be backed up. Though Android users have the additional option of using the service via its dedicated app. The Chinese are constantly trying to break-in to US corporate firewalls, and has devoted an entire military team doing it full-time, in shifts, around the clock.
How much “interesting data” do you think it takes in order for the breach of it to become a problem? It’s a ridiculous and nonsensical argument which fundamentally fails every logical litmus test, including that of every US federal court jurisdiction, and the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). The commonly used passwords of Americans have repeatedly been published in many places since the early 80’s (when accessing really interesting research data was still quite interesting), however passwords these days are of rather little concerns when it comes to accessing data. Your now knowing that, do you really think that at least MY password strategy in life suffers from such infirmity?
That, of course, is ridiculous, as evidenced by that most who engage in it are pimply-faced 14-year-olds who do it for sport, to prove their hacking skills and impress their hacker friends on hacker websites. When you find yourself second-guessing putting anything on it that you wouldn’t want the Chinese government to read, think of me. It is certainly not helping your credibility that you resort to ad hominem and posturing to try to make your point.
Not using a service which, agreed, at least seems amazing, but which is likely to be privacy violating because that’s what the Chinese do (you seem to keep wanting to just ignore that) is just facially prudent. Having been seminary trained, and having seen the sources you tend to cite during such arguments which you consider credible, I’m more-than confident I can topple you in that arena, as well.
Such as you need to stop projecting onto such entities your western value system and enculturation. Some six years later, sait suit has neither been resolved, or heard from again… at the hands of the Chinese government which, of course, controls the courts. Both he and his both friend and legal advocate from Fujian applied for protest permits; and both were escorted from the building and put into an unmarked Buick by several men, never to be seen again. And in preparation for the building of which stadium, have you never heard about the literally thousands of buildings — many of them historic hutongs — demolished, and persons displaced with no either compensation or rehousing? One that is in the news yet again, this very week, because of its hiding in Hong Kong of the identity of the Russian and Malaysian owners of the very website where most of the 40 million credit card numbers gleaned from the Target security reach were (and still are being) sold?
Yes, the US spies, too, as the Edward Snowden and NSA debacle clearly illustrates; but information gleaned from US governmental spying does not end-up being used to commercially benefit any private parties, as information gleaned from Chinese spying does. If you’re going to deign to debate me, come prepared, and bother to actually be good at it. Had that information never been divulged, you can bet that they wouldn’t have uttered a word and would have remained content on selling out their users.
Whether or not the NSA is a bunch o’ schmucks is an entirely different and unrelated matter.
I mean that while uploading a file to this specific site my downloading speed goes from 4.9 MB to 200 kb…!!!!
All you have to do it log in from the Android app, which has been updated with some new features, by 7PM AEST on Saturday March 23. You'll get everyone on the same page, your meeting will be more productive and you'll spend the time talking about what's important. However, companies also lay off employees strategically, so if you're worried your job may be in danger, Harvard Business Review has a handy quiz to help you find out. And even for those who don’t need access to their data on the go, cloud storage is the way to ensure their data remains safe even in case their hard disk fails. If you’re a new user, you can quickly create an account by clicking the link in login window. Once you’re done with the signup process, make sure to verify your account via the confirmation email.
In fact, if you have used any other cloud storage service, you will instantly find yourself at home.
You can also set filters to synchronize specific file types only, such as JPEG, PNG, DOC, WAV etc.

Additionally, one of its biggest phone makers, Huawei, is notorious for its cyber spying; and I could cite dozens of other similar examples. With a little luck, someone whose files actually contain something important would be stored on my servers.
By making 95% of the 100GB usable by only files which are easily opened and read by automated (and, therefore, least costly) means, SurDoc is making flesh your very posit. It’s all there, if you first know how to dig and, second, know how to interpret what you find. Your not having the courage to use your real name when you take pot shots at people is not about your privacy. But they, along with extremists in every faith tradition, are the problem, not religion, itself.
Did you even bother to look at his history and ties in the aforementioned PDF file to which I herein linked? How can you have been alive for more than even only 10 years and not know of that country’s outrageousness? Remember that while Huawei is a private company, the line between it and the Chinese government is virtually non-existent; and it is the Chinese government that is behind such things as, for example, the problem of counterfeit wine showing-up in European and American auction houses. External, USB-attached, 2TB to 3TB drives of 5400 to 7200 RPM cost less than $100; the former, on sale, often less than $50. I would rather use the Chinese stoarge space (I have no SuperSecret files) justwant to off load my ROm files ,Rooting files that I have amassed over the years. There are countless options out there that let you do just that, but the cloud storage service we’ll be reviewing today differs by offering 100GB of cloud storage space for free, with paid plans available for even unlimited storage! You don’t really need to use a backup service to offer most of your privacy in data to such organizations. The contents of a single file may contain everything needed to cause an entire lifetime of ruin. The point is that even if I didn’t, I have the right to keep it private and known only to me. Do you have any idea how close Weiwei came to being disappeared, himself, after his April 2011 arrest at the Beijing Capital International Aport? Moreover, it has nothing to do with what the comments beneath the article at the top of the page are supposed to be about. I even cited how one could create one’s own cloud storage exceedingly cheaply because of it. The quintessential feature of SurDoc is to make automated cloud backups hassle-free, with a high focus on privacy using military-grade SSL encryption for your backups. In addition to the backup process, the procedure to restore your backed up files from the cloud to any computer is pretty easy as well.
That you make the quantity argument cogently attests to your cluelessness regarding this matter.
China has already shown itself to be willing to use what would, in the US, be private business (but what, in China, is just a misdirection and actual arm of the government) to gather information clandestinely. Were it not for his international fame and the groundswell of support during the 81 days he was held in jail, he would never have been released; and even though he was, he was nevertheless charged with financial crimes from which he will never, in his life, recover. We Americans and other countries have almost sold are soul’s to there cheap products in are greed. The question regarding breaching an individual’s privacy is often governed by economic reasoning of opportunity costs and capital investment.
You will have to upload a new full backup within 30 days to avoid losing a backup.BitShare is not a storage hoster but a file sharing service. This means that you are strongly adviced to only upload backups encrypted with strong passwords.
This avoids troubles later on when you accidentially clicked the wrong button and shared your backup with the whole world. A lot of file hosters closed their business recently.
This also might happen with BitShare without prior notice.These are the reasons why we recommend the free service to try out large online backups with Duplicati. As far as I can see, the email address is not verified here, so that you do not have to give away any personal data.Login with your new account. That is all you need to configure your securely encrypted backup with Duplicati and upload it via FTP.Open Duplicati and configure a new backup. Don't miss to tick the box "Use passive connection" when your computer is connected to the Internet via router. If you like, you can backup your files to a specific folder ("Path") which you should do if you want to store multiple backups on that server (one folder per backup is the way to go).That's basically it.

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