MediaMax provides you free secure online storage to upload, store, access, and share your personal videos, photos, movies, music, and files, uploaded content can be accessed anytime, anyplace using just a web-browser, using the optional free software utility "MediaMax XL Beta Software" you can also perform batch upload, download and automated backup operations right from your desktop. MediaMax XL Beta Software is a Windows application that automatically backs up your files from your computer to your private and secure MediaMax account.
This is just one of the many helpful tips we have posted, You can find more stories here, Do subscribe to updates using your favorite RSS feed reader or using the secure FeedBurner email update form on top of this post. Before you choose the right cloud storage solution for your needs, it can help to understand the basics of the service. Cloud storage is a combination of online backup and data management that can be accessed through the internet. Once your data is stored in the cloud, you also have the option to offer access to other people by providing them with log-in details. Get 100 GB of FREE storage space, and save a secure copy of your photo collection, home videos, music, email messages and any other digital files.
You have lots of important things on your computer and laptop like photos, email, business documents, tax returns, spreadsheets, videos and music files.
With your 100 GB of secure online storage there's plenty of room to keep backup copies of digital photos, all your important documents, e-mail attachments, and other files and still have plenty of space leftover for your extensive music collection. We know that files and data are vital to the livelihood of a business and also contain precious memories for a family. Windows Explorer-like interface, drag and drop file transfer, helpful setup and backup Wizards.
Learn how you can completely protect yourself from computer crashes, accidental deletions, and PC file loss of any kind, and how you can have access to your files from any Internet-enabled PC in the world. Backup software that is easy to setup and provides an automated solution for data protection and disaster recovery for your computer, laptop, iphone or smart phone. Every computer should have a free automated backup software system that is easy to use and yet they do not. Free backup software for laptops, PCs, smart phones and iphones so you can back up to the cloud or save an archive of your data to tape backups, DVD, CD, CD-R and zip drives. Once you login the service switches to https mode (secure HTTP connection) allowing secure communication with the website, your files are encrypted and are authenticated to provide data security with ease.
The service provider plans to provide an option to upgrade your storage space for a small monthly cost in upcoming days. Avira Secure Backup is a cloud file storage solution from Avira – the makers of the world renown Avira Antivirus.
Avira Secure Backup is supported on Windows PC, Mac and has apps for iPhones, iPads and Android devices. The next step involves selecting the local folders on your hard disk that you want to synchronize with the online storage.
Avira Secure Backup control panel, which can be accessed from its notification area icon, shows the current status of the Avira Secure Backup.
If you click on the Access button in the Avira Secure Backup dashboard, then it would take you the web browser interface of Avira Secure Backup. Avira Secure Backup provides secure backup which means that all of your files on the storage are encrypted.

MediaMax XL is the latest and greatest in desktop applications and it is the new must-have for managing your digital lifestyle.
It is also a fast and easy way to upload multiple files to your MediaMax account, and download multiple files from your MediaMax account to your computer. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to browse the myriad of different options available to you and choose the one that best fits with your individual circumstances.
In other words, a cloud storage service is a place to keep copies of your most important and sensitive documents by storing them in data centers that contain hundreds of servers for storage. Hackers grow bolder every day and are constantly inventing new ways to circumvent your security, throwing viruses at your computer. Because the back-up versions are not located in the same place as the originals, they can’t be affected by a fire in your building and can’t be stolen by those thieves. You can use this option to share your holiday photographs with your spouse or work on a database with your colleagues – and all of you can do so from any location, using any device that can connect to the internet and open the relevant files.
It's the best way to keep computer crashes, spills and surges from becoming real catastrophes. We monitor every aspect of our backup service to make sure your files are always safe, secure and private.
It is an easy-to-use online cloud storage solution for preserving your valuable information. If you are a Windows user, then you can download Avira Secure Backup setup installer from Avira website. In the Dashboard section, it displays whether it is synchronizing the files, current available free space, an option to invite other people and gain 500 MB extra storage space per invite.
The data center might be anywhere in the world, but its location makes no difference to you: wherever it is, your data can be accessed just as easily. The natural world is unpredictable and can aim floods, fires, tornadoes and earthquakes your way without a second thought, damaging your hard disk. Your data is backed up automatically and, unlike with physical storage mediums such as USB sticks, are not at risk from many of the same dangers as your hard disk.
From the time they leave your computer or laptop, while they're on the cloud system, to when you restore them, every file is under lock and key.
It integrates into Windows File Explorer and allows you to access your files on the cloud as if you are accessing another disk. The download is nearly 10 MB and can be used to install Avira Secure Backup on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
By default it selects the personal folders in the Windows user profile, but you can also specify a custom folder. The Settings section displays the folders you have to set to automatically sync with your Avira Secure Backup account. You can copy, delete or perform other file operations in the disk just like you would do with regular disks.
The Avira Secure Backup has file versioning feature, so if you accidentally modify a file, you can still download the older version of the file from your online backup. Once stored, your data is secure and safe and can be accessed from any device by connecting to the cloud storage through the internet.

Even spilling your morning coffee over your computer tower can contribute to a hard disk failure that will render all your hard work inaccessible and instantly destroy photographs and documents that you could never possibly replace.
The free account on Avira Secure Backup gives you 5GB of free storage, but you can buy more space if needed. During the installation it creates a remote drive in Windows labeled My Avira Secure Backup.
It is set to synchronize automatically with the cloud servers, so all the changes made on any device or through the web interface are synchronized everywhere.
You can also allow other people to log in and view your files and folder and by doing so share your data with family, friends or work colleagues. After the installation, the first thing you should do is to create a new Avira Secure Backup account.
Just imagine taking a picture thousands of miles away with your Android phone and that picture appears on your family computer in your home.
Have a piece of mind in knowing that your data is always protected from computer crashes and viruses. Keep your data private and away from unwanted eyes, and share it privately with select group of people, set access permissions to give limited access to critical data.Brains and Good LooksSmart, Powerful and Easy to Use. We’ve spent countless hours developing our services to provide you with the best experience. Securely store your files, contacts, photo albums, favorite sites, calendar, and other information on FlipDrive. FlipDrive puts you in full control of your data.Store Data OnlineStore all your data online in one convenient and secure location.
Only FlipDrive allows you to store all your data (your documents, photos, and any other files, plus your contacts, favorite sites, daily tasks and events). There is no need to carry around memory cards, hard drives, CDs, or any other external storage devices. By uploading your data to FlipDrive, it goes wherever you go.Anything with AnybodyTired of sharing files via email, or inability to share large files which are too big to share as an email attachment?
Protect It!Do you have a backup plan and a way to recover your data in case of a computer failure? Whether you are looking to store your personal or business data, we’ve got a solution for you.
Upload your files to your FlipDrive account and access them anytime-anywhere whenever you need to.Easily share any file of any sizeStill sharing files as email attachments?
Securely share folders between accounts, set up different permissions for different folders and different users. Save your data to your FlipDrive account, and you’ll never have to worry about loosing your most important files and documents.
Try Carbonite Online Backup FREE for 15 days and back up your irreplaceable files automatically and securely.

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