Once you login the service switches to https mode (secure HTTP connection) allowing secure communication with the website, your files are encrypted and are authenticated to provide data security with ease. The service provider plans to provide an option to upgrade your storage space for a small monthly cost in upcoming days. This is just one of the many helpful tips we have posted, You can find more stories here, Do subscribe to updates using your favorite RSS feed reader or using the secure FeedBurner email update form on top of this post.
Get 100 GB of FREE storage space, and save a secure copy of your photo collection, home videos, music, email messages and any other digital files.
You have lots of important things on your computer and laptop like photos, email, business documents, tax returns, spreadsheets, videos and music files. With your 100 GB of secure online storage there's plenty of room to keep backup copies of digital photos, all your important documents, e-mail attachments, and other files and still have plenty of space leftover for your extensive music collection.
We know that files and data are vital to the livelihood of a business and also contain precious memories for a family.
Windows Explorer-like interface, drag and drop file transfer, helpful setup and backup Wizards. Learn how you can completely protect yourself from computer crashes, accidental deletions, and PC file loss of any kind, and how you can have access to your files from any Internet-enabled PC in the world. Backup software that is easy to setup and provides an automated solution for data protection and disaster recovery for your computer, laptop, iphone or smart phone. Every computer should have a free automated backup software system that is easy to use and yet they do not.
Free backup software for laptops, PCs, smart phones and iphones so you can back up to the cloud or save an archive of your data to tape backups, DVD, CD, CD-R and zip drives.
A big online storage where Internet users store their text, audio, video, photo, and other files and share them, if they wish, with other people.
ADrive is a feature-rich online storage solution offering up to 50GB free storage for a 14-day trial.
A personal storage and file sharing site geared for members of social networks including Facebook, MySpace and Bebo. Offers a virtual online storage space for storing, accessing, sharing, and backing up your data.
Microsoft Live’s online file storage could possibly your best bet for online storage. Althoug LiveDrive is currently in beta mode, that should not stop you from trying out their services. August 11, 2016 by ThinkgOS Author With the easy availability of high-capacity networking system, cheap computers, availability of internet on the go, creating, storing, and transferring of data has become very comfortable.
With the improvement in technology, this necessity has largely been replaced by what is known as Online Data Storage.
Paying as per usage by the companies, thereby incurring only operational expenses and not capital costs. Provides immediate access to a huge pool of data and information to the users via web-based services.
Energy consumption by businesses using cloud storage reduces by as much as 70%, thereby choosing to become a green business. The risk of unauthorized access to storage due to they being located at multiple locations and replication. There are several free and paid cloud storage providers who allow users to lease their space for digital data storage. Almost all of the above storage providers provide paid cloud storage with increased space for an annual subscription. Cloud Drive Storage offers seamless movement of data across various locations quickly to multiple users through a complex network of servers.
In spite of the several disadvantages and security concerns about cloud storage, it saves businesses a lot of capital costs and redundancy of spaces required for storage of virtual information and is also an active step towards embracing clean and green business strategies. Google drive gives a free space of about 15 GB and that includes the space you are using in gmail and google+. SkyDrive gives you a free storage of 7 GB in which you can store all types of files like images, videos and other file formats. As you all know Apple has got more security than any others as they only supports their devices to sync and share files. First of all Idrive gives you 5 GB free space and you can upgrade to premium accounts which starts at 50$ yearly for 150 GB.
List of free screen recording software and screen capturing tools Help other peoples by creating a how to guides and software tutorials for your blog.
Copyscape alternatives – Plagiarism checker tools to find duplicate content In this post we will see some best Copyscape alternatives.

Join over 27.4k SubscribersSubscribe to our blog feeds and receive high quality resources daily. Reproducing content and other materials without explicit permission is strictly prohibited. In this modern age, everyone now owned at least 2-3 backup storage such as 1TB portable hard drive or 5TB external storage drive.
Here’s a reasons why online file storage are important for a website developer and online developer.
With online storage service, you can share your musics, photos, documents and any transfer-able online material with your friends and co-workers. The reasons for having a online file storage account are good enough but the list of services provided don’t provide the true picture. If you enjoyed this post, please consider: linking back to it, subscribing by email to future posts, or subscribing to the RSS feed to have new articles delivered to your feed reader, or feel free to donate. Hi I wanted to add my website to your list of backup company review websites, Online Backup Search. For starters, things may be very difficult if they don’t know what to expect and the things to be considered in choosing online data storage and backup services.
BTW, if you are Ubuntu user, they offer a quite competitive cloud storage service called Ubuntu One. I used to use the paid version of Mozy, but I dropped it when they removed the unlimited storage. It's the best way to keep computer crashes, spills and surges from becoming real catastrophes.
We monitor every aspect of our backup service to make sure your files are always safe, secure and private. It’s a file management in the cloud as you can access your file anywhere, using any PC or even your mobile phone.
It’s a cloud storage system that let you access files anywhere, share files, edit documents online, and FTP file transfer. Allows you to access your files and your friends’ files from within the said social networks. It offers unlimited storage for free, works like a normal PC hard drive minus the hardware, synchronizes files on your PC, access your files on your mobile phone, PDA and other devices, and share your files.
Earlier, we needed CD’s, pen drives, hard disks or even local servers every time we needed to store data. Mega: This provider allows 50 GB of free data storage and can be accessed through Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry phone device as well.
Google Drive: This service is provided by none other than Google, with 15 GB of free storage space for each user.
Sugarsync: Extremely easy and intuitive for usage, with simple installation and online backup services. Certain Safe Digital Safety Deposit Box: The pricing is in two tiers, 12$ for 100 GB storage and offers access to 100 free guest users, or 15$ per user per month for 250 GB of storage and 200 free guest users.
Though still quite expensive, most providers give access to free storage space to individual users as well.
Once you stored your files in Dropbox it automatically saves to your mobile and computer and so you can easily access files from anywhere. It has the ability to pause and resume your uploads and your file remain secure as it uses data encryption. IDrive is an cloud backup solution with multiple computer supports and you can backup your files from anywhere and share your files via email, Facebook and Twitter. Manipulating each music aspects and creating a new work of music is referred as music composition. This weblog is dedicated for designers, developers, bloggers, internet marketers, web and computer enthusiasts. He blog about Website Designs, Website Development, Graphic Designs, Make Money Online with website and Offer Free Website Templates, Free and Premium PSD Designs, Free Vectors and Free WordPress Themes under GPL License. All the extra space to store your valuable and important stuff like music, photos, games and more importantly your work files. They offer 5GB file storage for Free account and can go up to 500GB to Unlimited for Business plan.
Start using an online file storage to share and backup all your photos, musics, videos, works and documents.
Eventhough it is not required, I recommend that you enable it for better code viewing and syntax highlighting.
It is a handy list, a one stop shop if you like, of the best Freemium Online data Storage, File Sharing, File synchronization and Backup services.

The safest method of backing up important data is to create multiple backups: to an external drive and also to an online storage service. After an extensive research and reviews, here are some of the best freemium online storage services that I found.
If I may ask, I was wondering if you had come across a backup plan that lets the user download an entire folder of files instead of just individual files?
I’ve been a long time Dropbox user and in the past 30 days have been evaluating MS SkyDrive and Google Drive. But there are many services providing backup, you gave a full detailed information and list of best services. You have a great thread, it is very informative, a lot of information readers can get in this thread. From the time they leave your computer or laptop, while they're on the cloud system, to when you restore them, every file is under lock and key.
The site lets you upload, download, and manage files online, access your files from any Internet connected PC.
Its privacy security prevents sharing your files to other people that you don’t share the files with. This is a virtual mode of saving data by the user through the internet in a remote network and accessing it time and again through the web. With physical storage becoming more expensive day by day, virtual storage of digital data accessible through web service application programs seems to be the new era solution to meet the ever increasing demand and supply of digital data across the globe. As a web developer myself, i personally own couple of 2TB portable hard drive to store my important files. In the end i founded 5 online file storage service that meet my requirement so i did a survey on each of the online file storage services. For a medium users, its more than enough but if you’re a power user like me then you can upgrade to their pro or business plan. For a larger space storage and users, there’s a business and enterprise plan for unlimited file data transfer and storage.
Both Skydrive and Google Drive eclipse Dropbox in terms of storage space and I’ll be migrating all of my file sharing and collaboration to Google Drive. The site also lets you create photo albums as well as hotlinking to your social networking profiles. This data can be stored on a third party network and routed through Internet Protocol, or, may be retained through a cloud computing storage component, called Cloud Storage. Mediafire: Allows free 10 GB online data storage that increases up to 50 GB through referrals and application downloads.
There is also a mobile app for Android and iOS devices which are very user-friendly. Any one can send files and folders to the user’s account.
Offers a paid plan of 12$ a year for unlimited storage of photos, and 60$ a year for unlimited file storage. Lesson learn, back in 2008, i had a workstation meltdown and all my files like invoices sheets, graphic files, project software etc were not saveable. Nonetheless all the photos and videos you been stocked up over the years are so precious and not restore-able.
When I complete a project I would like to archive it to an online backup site & delete it from my computer. Collaboration with others regarding opening files, commenting or viewing without downloading and accessing by multiple persons at the same time makes this storage very convenient to use. I had to re-track all my contacts and clients through emails and let me tell you, its not an easy work to begin with.
When I need to work on it again, I would like to be able to download the entire project folder back to my Mac. Like Brian above, I use both to Sync local files but wouldn’t consider DropBox, SkyDrive and Google Drive as a business solution because you still need to work out of a central folder. DropBox: Starts with a 2 GB free storage and can be increased up to 18 GB through several simple ways. Although you have to pay more for an automated solution like Mozy, it’s worth the price if you have mission critical files to restore.
All files can be viewed and uploaded from a desktop, or a mobile app and you can share files with the people who do not have a Dropbox account as well.

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