Our goal is to maintain your systems by staying ahead rather than reacting to system failures and falling behind. Pre-Tech handles all of McClafferty Printing’s IT needs with their quick response time, phone support, prompt field service, accurate billing and best of all no hidden monthly fees!
Pre-Tech’s Proactive IT Management Service is a unique, stress-free service that keeps your computer systems functional so that you can concentrate your efforts on running your business. For an affordable fixed rate, transfer your technology initiatives to us and we will make sure that your IT investments are contributing to the growth of your business.
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When I’m having an IT problem I trust Ron to give me good advice and fix the problem quickly. In that, for best performance and user experience, here’s the guide on release storage space instantly through the below guide explained in details. Some of the former helps still work and some new added only in iOS 10 (Public Beta available). In that live photo or HD videos allocate large space and it’s easy to flood black space.Depends on your usage or interest, you need to think behind major roll to fill up space in Device locally.
Installed Applications and more in brief calculated under list.Music App Storage OptimizationiOS 10 music app now we can optimize compare to prior music app from setting app.

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