The ShoulderDolly "Makes Lifting Easier" for anyone who needs to move anything big, bulky or heavy. When it comes to lifting heavy Appliances the Shoulder Dolly works wonders, freeing your hands to guide the odject and away from pinch points.
The moving straps made it very easy to move heavy pieces of furniture, that otherwise may have been cumbersome to move in a traditional manner.
Moving Straps 1 answer Would these work for moving an upright, console piano, about 400-500 lbs?

It may take a few seconds to figure out which side to strap onto your body and how to loosen and tighten up the straps, but once that's out of the way it works well.
As long as you and your partner can squat the weight, then it can be moved with this system. Home owners, delivery teams, and warehouse workers will be able to lift up to 800 lbs using the Shoulder Dolly. I would advise you to check with your local Home Depot stores about their services and capabilities.

Be advised that not all products can be rented in all stores, it depends on store availability.

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