The mega popular photo altering app finally makes its way to Android after a successful and overwhelming debut on iOS last month.
Using cloud based servers Prisma breaks down your pictures and integrates an art style that does more than simply add a filter. In cities such as London where history is seeped in every cobblestone, a tour guide can bring the best out of your wander around London town.

Music Maker Jam gets you started with a simple eight-channel mixer and a helpful tutorial going over the basics. With Spaces, Google are focusing on tight relationships, making Spaces an exclusive social media platform. It can get quite hard to sustain the bug, with RunGo you can keep things fresh with new routes and trails.

Pre-installed routes are available giving you sat-nav instructions through your earphones as you run through a part of the city you’ve never been before.That’s our top smartphone apps for July 18th-24th!

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