If you're new to cacaoweb, download the application above, double click on it, and you're ready to use it.
Cacaoweb let you communicate with direct and encrypted chat messages, voice and video calls, direct file sending, file sharing.
We have a Forum to ask any type of question, for instance to solve an issue using cacaoweb if you have any, or simply to know more about cacaoweb. You probably already know that a mixed case password with punctuation and numbers provide you with the best security.

PC Tools by Symantec allows you to customize your generated password by checking boxes with the specific information for your password needs. Random.org offers a random password generator, which they claim doesn’t use “pseudo-random number algorithims” that are generally used by other computer programs. Whichever one you choose, it’s important to remember the limitations of password generator services.
Cacaoweb technology allows to use a virtually unlimited amount of storage space for a minimal cost.

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    50MB, you'll need to purchase a separate SmugVault.

    Author: WANTED
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    Back up an UNLIMITED number of devices, cross-platform with Windows, Mac incredible value for your dollar.

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