Cloud Virtual Desktop « Hosted virtual desktop technology for nonprofits, nfp, and small businesses. The Freedom Cloud makes your businesses transition into cloud computing smooth and seamless. Get Dedicated Hosting, Managed Hosting, and Cloud Hosting with our 100% Uptime Guarantee and your own Dedicated Expert™ at NetHosting. Dedicated hosting is a must-have for companies whose websites experience high volumes of traffic on a daily basis. While you have full control over your rented server, and can purchase one of our customized dedicated hosting packages based upon your needs as they relate to hard disk storage space and data transfer allowance, you won't have to deal with the headaches of updating and maintaining the equipment. The initial capital outlay required for the outright purchase of your company's own web hosting equipment (in-house or co-location) is in many cases cost prohibitive. Beyond just the necessity of dedicated hosting for reasons of high daily traffic volume to your website and bandwidth issues, there are other reasons for having a dedicated server. If you want a completely "hands off" dedicated hosting experience, and wish only to deal with your website and its content, try our managed dedicated hosting. If you need something simple and straightforward, Nethosting also provides the most basic of web hosting needs -- virtual hosting packages. If your website is your livelihood then nothing but the best is good enough, and this is where I-Map’s Cloud Servers come in.
WHM (Web Host Manager) allows you to control every aspect of your reseller account or cloud server. WHM has expansive feature set that makes administering a fully loaded hosting server quick and easy with minimal technical knowledge.
Our cloud has been engineered using the latest techniques and technologies to ensure maximum uptime, and self healing full redundancy from top to bottom.
I-Map Websolutions is the country's top E-Commerce Web Designing and Hosting provider with the objective of providing quality services through the use of state-of-the art technology today. Our servers are equipped with Multiple HIGH PERFORMANCE Multi-Core Intel Xeon Processors, 32GB DDR3 ECC RAM minimum and RAID-10 Disk Technologies to provide SUPER FAST reliable operation for many years to come. Should you run in to any technical difficulties, our dedicated support analysts are on stand-by to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Microsoft has as strong focus on the hybrid cloud: a mixture of public and private cloud infrastructures. Azure and Windows Server 2012 bring in the hypervisor part, System Center 2012 sP1 the management of virtual machines running on one or both hypervisors. To enable a consistent user interface for the self service portal when Windows Server 2012 is used, the Azure Services for Windows Server are used.

Amsio, managed hosting provider, lauched the first  private cloud in Europe based on Microsoft Windows Cloud OS at February 6 2013.
Having a dedicated server that is hosted here at Nethosting guarantees that you will have an uptime of 100%. We will install software and configure your dedicated server for you, monitor it, provide software updates and operating system upgrades, do backup and restoration, include database administration, perform security audits on it, and be your storage engineers among other things. If you don't need something as intricate and progressive as dedicated hosting, but just need domain registration assistance and a place for your website to call home, you can rent space on a server that shares space with a large number of other websites. Designed for mission critical websites, our servers provide the very highest in performance and reliability. Create new websites, manage disk quotas and feature lists, right through to technical tasks such as adding PHP modules and modifying server settings.
We understand that our clients count on us to provide reliable, secure, and robust IT Solutions and Services.
Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. All of our Managed VPS plans are secure out of the box, courtesy of our unique in-house hardening script. All Managed VPS include a FREE Softaculous Premium license, which gives you access to 200+ software packages right from cPanel. Our infrastructure is closely monitored for any threats or incidents and we make sure your VPS is always accessible around-the-clock.
The vision is delivered by solutions like Windows Azure, Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012 SP1. These solutions provide customers with one consistent platform for infrastructure, apps, and data – spanning customer datacenters, hosting service provider datacenters, and the Microsoft public cloud. This has a Service Management Portal and Service Management API which turns a cloud based on Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V into the Azure look and feel and API-connectivity. Further, these divisions may all have their own web domains to distinguish themselves in the local market.
However, if you do require almost as much capability as dedicated hosting provides with your own dedicated server, but don't want the full price tag, try on of our virtual private server packages.
Your data will be more safe and secure with Nethosting that with any other alternative you may be looking at and considering.
So if you can’t risk a slow page load, or an unanswered request, then our vps cloud servers are for you. All servers are hosted on our Cloud Platform, which is fully redundant at every level and uses SSD disk drives for ultimate performance.

We’ve embraced the challenge and proudly offer one of the most comprehensive and best-in-class Managed Services plan in the industry. Included is the use of two full virtual private servers running Linux or Windows and 100 GB of high performance storage.
The great thing about the Freedom Cloud is that it allows you to utilize these same tools to keep your business on the move. Beyond the issue of these two mountainous constraints, Nethosting can also put your mind at ease as it relates to security.
Providing dedicated hosting for all of the company domains and having them all on the same dedicated server allows for the pooling of resources, thereby making operations more cost effective and streamlined. You won't be sharing space, and you'll spend much less than with the full dedicated hosting experience. Please take a virtual tour of our facilities so that you can see how serious an undertaking we are involved in.
Mobility in business is key in staying one step ahead of your competition and the Freedom Cloud helps give your business that competitive advantage. In fact, you may consider us "extremists" when it comes to the security of the data you have stored on our servers. For example, if there are online tools and software that can and should be used company-wide, a dedicated server is the best option. And if you start out with self-managed dedicated hosting and find that after a time that managed hosting would fit you better, we're more than happy to help you make the switch. Cloud Virtual Desktops allow your business to access all of it’s data and software from any device, anywhere. We want you to feel like you've made a solid selection for your dedicated hosting needs for years to come.
This advantage gives your employees the Freedom to stay on the move and the ability to continue their work regardless of their location. So, we deploy various software programs on an ongoing basis, complete with human interaction and intervention, to scan systems and networks thereby preventing potential problems.
Potential leads are contacted faster, proposals are sent faster and deals are completed faster.

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