Lync 2013 now offers more than 100 keyboard shortcuts for important functions, giving you direct access. Free WiFi is used by all kinds of businesses to help attract visitors and improve their experience when they are with you. Whilst the focus is often on providing WiFi for visitors and customers, have you thought about how staff can use it?
These days staff expect to be able to use their laptop or tablet device from anywhere in your building. Some companies allow staff to use their own devices on company networks and use your Internet Connection.
By simple use of registration forms, you can capture email addresses and add them to your mailing list. This post is part of our series on the agile development process that we follow at NewVoiceMedia. The Call Centre industry has traditionally been dominated by vendors selling individual capabilities such as IVR and Call Recording all bundled together to create a holistic Call Centre solution. This approach has typically relied on an Integration Service Provider to plumb it all together.

Most integrators don’t own these components though so they face challenges when it comes to implementing new features for their customer.
If we were integrating with several other vendors to provide a cool new feature for our customers it would take a huge amount of integration, heavy project planning and often a significant disruption to our customers. Whilst we work with a range of partners to deliver our service on a resilient platform, because we own our own code we can look at each prioritised feature in turn and get to work on it.
We aren’t delayed by slower companies who may not prioritise our needs above theirs or others.
Agile isn’t impossible in environments where companies are not the owners of all of our code, but the challenges are often immense.
Allowing unmanaged devices to connect to your business network can be risky as you don’t know if they are infected and pose a danger to your network. They are therefore reliant on other vendors to make changes, implement new features or build in capabilities.
This has some benefits for the team but often very little benefit for the end user if the rest of the project is slow, late or facing huge integration challenges. It is great to get to know a few of the more common functions and save yourself some time and increase your productivity.

MBM’s Managed WiFi for your Business delivers WiFi access points to cover a single office or your entire site. So separate them from your business network by using the MBM Managed WiFi Visitor Service so they won’t impact on your critical business connection.
This approach has nothing inherently wrong with it if you can control and manage the underlying components (or you require little change, the product is perfect or perhaps you aren’t thinking about the long term relationship and satisfaction of your customers). We can push releases to live quickly and regularly, adding incremental value, and importantly, getting feedback from our users; which in turn helps to drive the product forward.
This gives us a greater degree of flexibility which allows an agile methodology to flourish here. This gives us (an agile team (and company)) a greater degree of freedom when it comes to working on new features and releasing software.

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