We’ve received a lot of questions regarding Ford’s SYNC Services and how to access it while in your vehicle.
Be sure to look out for our video on how to access SYNC Services and as always you can find our myTech Team service on our myTech Team page. You may use a number of cloud storage services like Dropbox, SkyDrive or Google Drive to backup your files online and access them away from home. Cloud services allow you to backup your data online, which is useful if you ever drop your laptop in the bath.
Dropbox, which starts you off with 2GB of free storage, is the best known cloud storage system, and as such, it enjoys the most support in terms of the third-party applications that are able to use it. It can handle large file volumes and it's compatible with Windows directory junctions (don't worry, these will be explained later). SugarSync is a less well-known service, but it offers a comprehensive service and 5GB of free space.
Speaking of mobile devices, SugarSync has the biggest range of official mobile applications, even including the likes of Symbian and webOS. Its desktop sync is limited, however, as it uses its own folder, and the desktop sync client does not scale well to large numbers of files.
Google Drive is the latest arrival at the cloud storage party and offers 5GB for no cost. Google Drive has the same limitations as SkyDrive in that it isn't friendly to directory junctions, and you can only set a custom location for the Google Drive folder during installation. Depending on your needs, there are several ways we can link your standard file locations with your various cloud folders.
To sync your Desktop with Dropbox, for example, move to your user folder and right-click on Desktop. If you use multiple backup services, you can also change the default sync location to nest one service within another.
File Junctions, or Symbolic Links for Mac and Linux users, link two locations on your hard drive, allowing you to make a folder or file appear as if it's located elsewhere without actually moving any files.
From to-do lists to time-tracking apps, herea€™s a look at eight ways to boost your productivity.
You might fly through your to-do list on some workdays, while on others, it seems insurmountable. Zapier is a sophisticated yet nifty service that allows you to create a€?zapsa€? to hook up various online services straight from the cloud so you can easily move data among your favorite Web apps.
If you struggle to find paper printouts like bills, then you may want to consider digitally filing everything on Evernote, which lets you upload PDF, Office docs or even smartphone photos.Paid accounts can have their scanned documents and non-searchable PDFs automatically run through an optical character recognition software, which makes it possible to quickly search for relevant documents in Evernote using a simple text query. The Duplicati backup client could save the day if your hard disk crashes or a hacker wipes your files from your synced cloud storage account. Working at your desk, but find yourself responding to a text or instant message on your smartphone? Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place!Cloud Storage Risks and BenefitsKeeping pace with the ever changing science and technology is something that we all want to do.
SYNC Services, if you don’t know, is a Ford service that offers turn-by-turn directions, real-time traffic updates and information. Start up the car so that the phone connects (make sure the bluetooth feature is active on your phone or won’t connect).
As you navigate your services it will use your minutes, but we found that on average you’ll be on the call for a minute and a half.
The problem is, they (usually) ask you to store your files in the service's own folder on your computer -- not, say, your regular Documents folder where you'd normally keep everything. They also let you access files on your computer using your smart phone while out and about.
Its desktop client is robust, capable of handling as many files and folders as you can throw at it, and it isn't tied to a single folder. SugarSync's lack of restriction to a single sync folder means this is one cloud storage service that doesn't require the hacks described later in this guide.
Unlike the previous two services, its website includes editing tools such as limited web versions of the Microsoft Office applications.

I have upwards of 10,000 files, for example, and it proved unable to keep up with my changes. Its file sync abilities are on a par with SkyDrive, but bear in mind that any documents created in Google Docs will be synchronised to your computer as .gdoc files, which are simple web links. Even more limiting is that whichever folder you choose for Google Drive, the installer will always create a 'Google Drive' sub-folder in it.
The simplest scenario is if you use just one service that has its own sync folder and you keep your standard folders (Documents and so on) inside it. Under the 'Location' tab, click move and navigate to your Dropbox folder, then click the 'New Folder' button to create a new Desktop folder and select it.
Rather than being restricted to a service's own sync folder, you could change the default sync folder to your Documents or Desktop folder. If you want your SkyDrive or Google Drive files backed up on Dropbox, for example, you can set them to be stored within Dropbox (or vice versa). In Windows 7, hit Start and type 'cmd', then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to run it as an Administrator. Productivity paralysis can be tricky to overcome, and often requires experimenting with new tools and processes to rediscover what works for you.Lucky for you, we have some solutions. Trello is a cool online service that makes it easy to create digital cork boards to help you visualize outstanding tasks.There are many use cases for Trello, though we recommend using it to create a different list for each day of the week.
No programming knowledge is required to use it, and Zapier supports hundreds of services with detailed configuration options.Use Zapier to post your Instagram photos automatically to Tumblr and Facebook, or save all your Tweets automatically to Evernote.
You may want to grab the WorkFit-P Sit-Stand Workstation from Ergotron, a nifty height-adjustable platform that lets you work standing up.
The free app runs on the Windows, Linux and OS X platforms, and performs incremental backups to remote targets such as FTP locations, Google Drive and Amazon S3. The Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard K811 lets you switch between three separate devices with the press of a button.
This question contains so much depth it cannot be explained within a few paragraphs, but here’s a short summary of what we do at Sync I.T Solutions. Since most companies offer some level of service for free, it’s easy to just signup for all of them and use each for their strengths. When it comes to storing and preserving the data on our computers and mobile devices, “cloud storage” is the magical word.
The information portion allows you to conduct business searches, get news and sport updates, receive stock information and even check your horoscope (if that’s what you’re into). Once your account is created make sure you fill in the additional information below your vehicles picture. If you’re still having trouble with connecting your phone please reference our SYNC troubleshooting page.
When you first use Services it will seem like it is taking for ever to get anywhere, don’t worry it’s just going through a tutorial. But because Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google Drive all sync their own folders, some dilemmas are created. Instead, you can synchronise any folder you like, making it available to browse on the web and using mobile devices. Also, it neither supports directory junctions, nor can you change the location of your SkyDrive folder without uninstalling and reinstalling the desktop sync client. That means editing with local office applications isn't possible, so if your Internet connection goes down, you're stuck. Read on for eight online services, apps, gadgets and habits guaranteed to help you better manage your workflow. Each card contains a task, which you can move to the next day if ita€™s outstanding, by dragging and dropping it. Also important: Its powerful reporting feature lets you slice and dice the data to see where all the time is going. Incorporating the companya€™s a€?Constant Forcea€? technology, the platform is easily adjustable yet stays in-place.
This lets you toggle between your tablet, smartphone and your desktop, all while typing at full speed on the full-sized keyboard.

To help you along, check out the eight cloud storage services and tools you may not know about.
Other services offer document specific cloud storage, such as Neat Receipts for mobile and desktop scanned image storage and access. Web-based file sharing systems typically require manual uploads and downloads without the convenience of click and drag management for copying and moving files. A cloud storage service can protect our precious data that we can access whenever we want, from any corner of the world.Best Cloud Storage for MusicWe can use a cloud storage service for storing all sorts of data and that actually includes music files too. There is also a FREE  Mobile App called SYNC Destinations that goes along with your Services Subscription. If you bought a new Ford vehicle model 2010+ then you’ll get the subscription FREE for 3 years. You'll see a 'Move' button, which you can use to set the new location of the folder into your chosen sync folder.
However, you can only set the location of the sync folder for SkyDrive and Google Drive at the time of installation. In addition, premium services such as SugarCRM, ZOHO CR, PayPal, Quickbooks and even SQL Server is supported for paying users. The WorkFit-P is ideal for use with a laptop computer, though it can be used with a wireless keyboard with ample surface space for writing or drawing. Ensure your data is securely archived no matter where it resides- in or outside of your network. To a music lover like me, it’s very difficult to part with my most treasured music files only because the hard drive of my computer has a limited storage space. Why worry when the cloud is right up there waiting for you to put in your favorite music collection?
However, If you are buying a used Ford vehicle then you’ll have to purchase it, which averages out to just $5.00 a month.
Here are some of the great cloud storage service for storing your music!How to Choose a Cloud Storage ServiceLike with most services, choosing the right service might sound like a difficult task, especially if you’re not very technical. If you find yourself struggling with the idea of picking the right cloud storage service, this article is for you!Mobile Cloud Storage: Find The Best OneIt hasn’t been long since smartphones and tablets have been introduced in the market and you might know how these gadgets efficiently offer you the greatest tech experience with increased mobility. We now have access to our virtual cloud storage with just a few taps on our smartphones or tablets. We're always working in the background to ensure your business data is protected.Certifies your data is protected.
But are any random cloud storage good enough to meet our needs?Best 5 Linux Cloud Storage ServicesPeople are now more interested to back up their data in the cloud storage – which is practically a very affordable data store at the moment. Many of the enterprises around the world along with many individuals use Linux built directories for storing the company’s credible data and information. A good cloud storage service that supports Linux can help them back up their huge volumes of data.
Check out the Top 5 Linux Cloud Storage Services here!How Does Cloud Storage Work?How much do you know about cloud storage system?
With the development of technology, the traditional data storage is walking on a completely new road opening a wide range of possibilities. Check out this article on how a cloud storage works and blend in with the crowd!Why Do You Need a Cloud Storage Service?Although the concept of cloud storage is still relatively new to the common people, one this is for sure – within just a few decades, the physical hard drives will vanish from the face of the earth. Check out the battle between the two and choose your ride!Home Cloud Storage ReviewsWhen looking for the best cloud storage solution for your home, you’ll find a huge pile of appealing services offering syncing and data storing options for all your essential files and folders.
A cloud storage service can offer unlimited data storage at a very affordable rate and some cloud space absolutely for free.
Free, cheap, and paid options all carefully reported inside!Best Cloud Storage for BusinessFor maintaining an on-site data storage for your business, you need a big budget and also the right IT professionals who can manage the storage system.

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