Cloud Storage is a storage medium that many people use today, Because with the Cloud we can save the data anywhere and anytime, and we just need the internet to save our data. If you one of the users that use Cloud Storage, you should attention to the following matters to protect data in your Cloud.
Most of us use a phone number or home address as the password, so this is not protect data or file that we have.
If things happen that are not desirable your personal data will not be Misused, and ultimately to Prevent harm to you, from the materials or other things can harm your self. Because most of us are now utilizing the facility Cloud Storage to save our data in internet.

You should make your password harder to be traced and don't use your name as a passwords or use your mother's name or handphone number.
You can backup your data in other media storage to anticipate if your data is lost, and you can still return your data. With the development of mobile devices it will grow very rapidly and can make a new breakthrough.
So use unique passwords and use symbols and numbers to your passwords to add a password strength.
But Cloud have advantages and disadvantages, the advantages is we not need many spaces, we just need internet to save data, and this is free.

And in security questions use unique answers, don't use the usual names you hear so peoples will be difficult to know your passwords.
The disadvantages is data can be accessed by anyone so here slit will be open to data theft.

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