Though it printed well (and quickly enough!) in our trials, this mid-to-high-volume laser all-in-one is held back by its cost per page. If recent developments at Dell are an indication of what the company thinks about the differences between these two models, the answers to those questions are complicated.
Beyond the basic connectivity options, you can also connect to the printer via a couple of mobile peer-to-peer options, such as Wi-Fi Direct for connecting compatible devices directly, or Near-Field Communication (NFC) for touch-to-print capabilities from compatible mobile devices. One of this MFP’s more impressive features is its 50-sheet, auto-duplexing automatic document feeder (ADF). The spacious, easy-to-use control panel, anchored by a 4.3-inch color touch screen, sits just in front of the ADF.
Some of the best things in a PC lover's life are indeed free, but they're not always obvious. Windows users miss out on something Mac and Linux users have enjoyed for years: virtual desktop support. Photoshop and GIMPa€”the open-source Photoshop alternativea€”may be filled with bells and whistles, but all those tools just add to the software's complexity.
CutePDF is a handy, lightweight utility that actually installs as a printer driver rather than a separate program. You need to install a PS2PDF converter like Ghostscript to use the program, and it doesn't have the bells and whistles of premium options, but for basic, straightforward PDF creation, you can't go wrong. The aptly named Everything is a lightning-fast, no-frills replacement for Windows' native file search. We recently highlighted TeraCopy in a roundup of tools that can help you add Windows 8's best features to Windows 7, and our love still hasn't waned.TeraCopy replaces Windows' default file copying system. Keeping your software up to date is a crucial security cornerstone, but it's such a tedious pain to make sure all your various plugins and programs are patched and protected.That's where Secunia PSI comes in.
Dumping your data on third-party serversa€”as you do with any cloud storage providera€”carries inherent security risks.
F.lux sounds simplea€”and it isa€”but the program truly helps reduce eyestrain and makes it easier to stay relaxed working long into the night. If Windows won't let you delete a file because it's supposedly in use, Unlocker lets you unlock or outright kill the pesky active process via a right-click context menu. If you've had your computer for more than a few weeks, there's a good chance that your hard drive is speckled with redundant dataa€”files and folders that, for one reason or another, live in more than one location on your PC. The stock version of Rainmeter is utterly beautiful and jam-packed with widgets that display helpful information like a calendar, RSS feeds, weather conditions, and how your computer's runninga€”handy-dandy stuff. I agree with Kristy – I noticed the photoshopped scenery in a couple of the shots (windows). Maybe the interior photos were taken in the garage it was restored in, so they opted not to show racks of tools and mess and instead Photoshop in scenery. I clicked thru’ to the Timeless Travel Trailers Site- this was a commissioned by Orvis, which would explain the slick look and photoshopping of the photos. Actually, it is not the same window: look at the size of the window panes… Anyhow, who cares, the trailer looks fabulous!
As we said about the H625cdw, the H825cdw is an able-performing MFP with higher-than-average print quality, as well as a fairly competitive monochrome cost per page (CPP). Conventional duplexing ADFs, after scanning the first side of a two-sided original, pull the document back inside the ADF, flip it, and then scan the other side.
The Basic free service supports printing from and scanning to cloud sites, while the Premium service allows you to scan documents to searchable PDFs, as well as various Microsoft Office document formats. Beyond the free security tools and other must-have programs to install on a new PC lies a whole universe of lesser known, yet no less stellar software that's just begging for a spot on your hard drive.Need proof?
If you hover your mouse cursor over a window in Windows and try to use the scroll wheel, nothing happens if the program isn't currently selecteda€”even if you can see it.

Unless you're shuffling several folders around, that is, since Windows Explorer forces you to open each new destination in a different window.
Simply select CutePDF from any program's Print menu to save your current happenings as a PDF. Open the program, start typing, and any files or folders that match your search appear as soon as you start typing, like an offline version of Google's instant-search results. This super software brings all your simultaneous transfers into a single dialog box, speeds up your file swaps, and adds a handy pause option.The real icing on the cake, however, is the way TeraCopy skips over troublesome files and saves them for your perusal at the end of the transfer.
PSI sits silently in the background of your PC, keeping an eye on your programs and automatically patching them when new updates roll out. Encrypting your data before you deliver it to SkyDrive or Dropbox helps ensure that prying eyes will never see the true contents of your stash.The free and open-source TrueCrypt is our go-to encryption service, but having to muss with entire volumes to access a single file makes it cumbersome for the cloud. In addition to its Swiftkey-esque autotext function and predictive typing chops, it also keeps a multiple-instance clipboard, checks spelling, and morea€”globally. It's also heavy and glitch-prone.If you just need a straightforward PDF reader with none of the bells and whistles, Sumatra PDF rocks. F.lux dynamically adjusts the color tones of your PC monitor based on your physical location.
With that roadblock removed, you can delete the file to your heart's content.Adios, headache! For folks who handle sensitive data or simply love the feel of tinfoil hatsa€”hey, I'm one of youa€”Eraser's ability to delete data securely and permanently will be welcome indeed.
The software revolves around setting intricate rules: for example, you can create a rule that has DropIt sort all the images and music in a given folder into different subfolders, and all music under a certain file size into yet another folder. But here's the big draw: Anybody can create and share Rainmeter skins, and a thriving ecosystem has blossomed around the software. The thing is, great connectivity—from a PC just next to the printer, or over your network, or via the Internet—is all well and good. But these kinds of discounts have a way of recurring over time, and now that the H825cdw and the H625cdw (with its current $50 off) cost the same, it set us thinking. Not this Dell ADF, though: It’s a “single-pass” mechanism, meaning that it can scan both sides of a page simultaneously using two separate scanning elements.
That includes customizing the Web-based interface itself via color tiles, on which you can create, edit, arrange, and move options on the screen as desired.
Currently, the Premium version is free, but that will probably change as the service becomes more widely used and further developed. It's a great way to reduce clutter and keep like programs together.Dexpot rocks not only because it's absolutely gratis for personal use, but also because it's packed with UI hints to remind you about your virtual desktops, and it's extremely customizable.
That's where the lightweight IrfanView comes in.Irfanview stays lean and mean to focus on lightning-fast file editing and opening times. Virtually every boxed PC you can buya€”Vizio's notably asidea€”comes packed with crapware that's there for no reason other than to pad the PC maker's pockets. Once you've used this, it's hard to go back to Microsoft's search solutiona€”though it'd be nice if Everything scoured the content of files in addition to file names.
No longer will a single in-use file send your massive folder transfer grinding to a complete halt. And if Secunia PSI can't update a particular piece of software, it'll let you know an update is available. Since it's not a plugin, you can use it anywhere on your Windows PC.The software can help you can send the same email over and overa€”without having to retype (or even cut-and-paste).
It's lightning-fast, dead simple, and it updates much, much less often than Adobe's software. Maybe a Department of Defense-approved, three-times-through-the-shredder, or the full-on, 35-pass Gutmann treatment?

Be warned: Recuva won't be able to recover all deleted files, and it definitely won't work if you've deleted a file with a tool like Eraser. Then, set the program loose to automagically sort your stuff.That's all well and good, but I prefer to use DropIt as an awesome tool for keeping my desktop clean. Seriously, if you can think of a design or function you'd like to see, there's a good chance there's already a Rainmeter theme for it. It’s too high for an ostensible midrange-to-high-volume MFP.If you’re okay with printing primarily black-and-white pages with a few color pages thrown in here and there, then fine.
Take some time to get acclimated to virtual desktopsa€”they're a bit of a learned behaviora€”and you'll never be able to go back to the stock, solitary Windows desktop again.And good news! Converting big batches of image files to new formats is a breeze with this speedy program, and IrfanView still packs everyday editing tools like resizing, rotating, and filtering options. This program brings browser-esque tabs (along with an incredibly useful preview pane) to the OS, letting you open several folders in a single window.The extra menu can feel a bit cramped alongside Windows 8's Ribbon interface, but QTTabBar's functionality is just so great that it's worth the acclimation. Check out PCWorld's BoxCryptor review and guide to encrypting your cloud storage for more info.
Or, save yourself the embarrassment and extra work of hunting down a broken HTML tag by storing the tags in PhraseExpress. Eraser's got you covered.The fact that Eraser embeds itself in your right-click context menu and allows scheduled wiping of specific folders and files is just icing on the permanent-deletion cake.
After taking the time to fine-tune a bunch of rules, dump DropIt's small, blue icon in the corner of your desktop.
For essentially the same price, with the beefier model you get a higher maximum monthly duty cycle (50,000 pages, versus 38,000 in the H625cdw), as well as a somewhat faster page-per-minute (ppm) rating of 30ppm versus 25ppm.Aside from these somewhat modest differences, the larger H825cdw also supports a set of larger “XXL” toner cartridges.
These page-description languages, or PDLs, are beneficial because they allow your printer to emulate a PostScript or PCL printer, which, in the desktop-publishing and graphic-design industries (both of which are very much alive) can be quite valuable.One use of both languages, for example, is to create color separations on high-end imaging and typesetting machines. Older versions of Windows look less squished, though you may need to hop through some hoops to activate the program.
The superb (and straightforwardly named) PC Decrapifier, well, decrapifies your PC, eliminating the bloatware scourge with minimal muss and fuss. Over time, PhraseExpress saves typing, pain, time, anda€”thoughtfully tracked within the program itselfa€”money. When you're done using files you've saved to your desktop, just drag them over and let the tool jam the file into its proper location.
Even better, the program lets you merge two mostly similar files into a single, comprehensive file, if you're dealing with code or documents (though you may need to download the xdocdiff plugin to coax Winmerge into reading Office files). In addition, with its strong single-pass document feeder and host of mobile-connectivity options, the H825cdw is designed more as an overall document-processing machine, not just a monochrome-page churner.Yet another thing to consider before going headlong into a laser or laser-class MFP purchase is, unless you’re required to have, or have a proclivity toward, true laser output, the ink-cost wars going on right now in both the low- and high-volume inkjet-printer sectors are pretty fierce.
This software is the very first program I use on any PC I touch, build-your-own rigs aside.
As we pointed out in our H625cdw review, Epson offers a few printers with both color and monochrome CPPs under 1 cent, and HP and Brother are both getting into the low-cost bulk printing game.While we liked the H825cdw well enough, our take on it was much the same as it was on its smaller sibling. If, like many business users out there, all you require in the way of printing is a modest amount of black-and-white pages each month, with very few color prints, it can be a good pick, especially if you're a budget-minded small business and spot it on the same (or a close) sale as we did.
You'll also get the ability to process (scan, convert to editable text, and catalog) documents at a pretty good clip via the single-pass auto-duplexing ADF and optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities available at Dell Document Hub.

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