This is a special giveaway from Pogoplug for CNET’s members, in which, you can get free for lifetime 30Gb cloud storage of Pogoplug. Step 2: Next, click on the link “No thanks, continue with 30GB free” at the botom of the second page. About the Author: Let's click on the advertising banner or the premium account if they meet your requirement. Being a digital marketer and practitioner, having internet connection and using a wireless router at home is a given. Recently, I was able to get a hold of EnGenius’ Dual-Band Wireless N900 Cloud router and having experienced a couple of its main features, I resolve to never look at any other brands when it comes to wireless networking. Pogoplug is Giving This Giveaway For CNET User thank God I am One Of Them Who Visit Cnet Daily i Got This For Onhaxiers  enjoy.
With this service, you can store, stream and share your files, photos, music and movies wherever you are. Since moving in to our own house in 2007, we have already tried 5 internet service providers and have used at least 3 routers.

Most devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) available in the market are able to connect to the 2.4 Ghz frequency. EnGenius router owners can download this app and take advantage of the EnGenius cloud service free for life.
This is an extensive GPS service that allows users to keep track of business colleagues, family and friends in order to provide an added level of safety. Network members can use this app to reach each other free of charge using a smartphone as long as there is internet connection. It allows users to store everything, share anything and play anywhere, effectively extending the storage capacity of their mobile devices. LG users who wish to avail this service on their Android smartphone have to download Box app from Android Market and sign up for an account with Box between November 30, 2011 and March 31, 2012. This app, available in both the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store, activates the router-attached USB port and whatever capacity of hard drive is connected to it becomes the capacity of the Cloud storage. The location or a footprint record of a network member can be checked by the network admin using this app.

The users registered within this period will get 50GB of free cloud storage for the lifetime.Currently this offer is available in United States. In our case, we attached our 1TB hard drive and we can access the files there anywhere in the house through wireless connection or anywhere outside the house as long as we have internet connection. Pogoplug’s distribution strategy revolves around partnerships with key mobile carriers and leading retailers to drive awareness and reach consumers in an efficient manner.
For the iPads and MacBook Pro, we connect using the 5 Ghz channel and do our video streaming through them. By doing this we distribute the internet connection traffic into two channels making the connection more efficient. He writes articles regarding Mobiles, Tech, Gadgets, Games, Web Applications, Social Media and much more.

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