This level of sophistication and privacy standards in security in the cloud is claimed to help protect your data against everyone including the government hackers and even the system admins. Google Drive and many other online storage solutions have been proven to be vulnerable to government intrusion. While crowdfunded projects are always a risk, Amaryllo has a strong reputation and a previously successful product which lowers the risk to you.
DISCLAIMERSecurityGem recommends products and services based solely on extensive hands-on research and industry experience. Most people don't know that to see clearly in the night is just as important as in the day since most events happens when it gets dark.
When you buy your SpotCam, you are instantly eligible for free 24-hours auto-recycling cloud recording.
Your private video is perfectly secured by two security measures, bank level SSL security for video transmission and video encryption on the cloud server. It is always a headache to streaming high resolution with limited bandwidth, especially for WiFi connection. SpotCam HD not only detect motion, it also detect sound events in the environment and disconnection between SpotCam and cloud server.
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However, the recent attacks on online data by government have made it clear that there is a need for high level of security in the cloud to protect your data against not only government but also against others including hackers and private institutions.

You have Google Drive, Dropbox and now SpiderOak, all of which are claiming to offer highly secure cloud solutions.
They claim that they don’t know anything about your stored data (including the file and folder names). This means that if you lose your login and password information, the data will be lost for ever.
Check all the features of a solutions provider and their terms and conditions before choosing any service. So make sure to choose your online storage solution with care – the above-guidelines seem to be providing something of the perfect solution. With a built-in motor and gears, iSensor HD is the world’s smallest and lightest high-definition IP camera that offers over 180 degrees of viewing. You can also plug it into a portable USB power bank (available on Amazon) for a truly cordless experience. Other products suffer from servers being based in one geographic location and can experience severely long delays depending on location. To keep our review services free to visitors, SecurityGem is compensated through affiliate partnerships, which will never affect how we rank, recommend, or review products.
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To make sure you can see whatever happening even in pitch dark, SpotCam HD is equipped with 12x IR LED to make sure you can see professional level night vision video.

This is why we insist to go with H.264 compression while many of our competitors still adopt MJPEG. Powered by a standard 5 volt and 1 amp supply, iSensor HD is also the world’s lowest power-consuming high-definition IP camera with a panning feature.
If the iSensor senses motion, a warning light will flip on to try to scare away any would-be intruder. Per my other reply, I was told all users would be upgraded from 15GB to 50GB and plan to dig into this deeper. Essentially, an update to the Skype app impacted my ability to use the shake feature with my iPhone and also my ability to get push notifications. I here bought 2 icam 360 with free 15GB of storage and am now e pected to pay a subscription. I have your camera models, waiting on your country and then I plan to go to my contacts at Amaryllo to see what’s up. However, the trade-off is no lag time, better security, and two-way audio that actually works.
Both cameras are made by Amaryllo and both offer 256-bit encryption and 15GB of free cloud storage through your Google Drive.

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