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According to the hacker the reason for this security breach is to serve as a reminder to the government of the murder, by police, of 34 protesting miners outside the Marikana platinum mine. According to an ENCA report private details of hundreds of whistle blowers were exposed in the data dump which followed the hacking.
South African mobile networks enable fraudsters to steal your airtime, and there is very little you can do about it. Even if your budget is tight, there is no excuse not to have the right gadgets and tech accessories. Hackers have breached a point-of-sale credit card systems portal used by many prominent South African companies.

Another 0% fee increase will mean the beginning of the end for public universities in South Africa, warns Jonathan Jansen. Klipfolio Dashboard for web and mobile is fused with our customer’s DNA – a true user driven process.
Klipfolio Inc, the leading provider of KPI dashboards for the enterprise, today announced the final update to its beta for Klipfolio Dashboard for the cloud prior to a general availability announcement.
Improved sharing work-flow, making it easier to share Klips, tabs, and data sources with other users.
Dashboard synchronization, allowing for modifications to be deployed across the organization quickly and without interruptions to end users. Improvements to the workspace and dashboard UI, including updates to the function selector.
A set of indicator icons that can be associated with KPIs to visually show a status or trend. Klipfolio Dashboard provides a consolidated view of real-time business performance metrics, helping everyone throughout the organization make quicker, more informed decisions, while improving performance and profitability.

Klipfolio develops Klipfolio Dashboard – the KPI Dashboard – to help Fortune 1000 companies increase the accessibility and visibility of key performance indicators to make informed decisions that improve performance and profitability. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
If you have any questions about the site you are visiting, please ask your parents for help. The focus of this significant update was to improve real-time data updates as well as the user interface used for completing common tasks. 10 years of our own dashboard and business intelligence experience, real-world requirements and scenarios from our customers, and an extensive private and public beta has shaped our upcoming version one into something we are very proud of,” commented Allan Wille, Klipfolio president and CEO.
Clients include; Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aviva, Baxter Healthcare, Research in Motion, and Lufthansa.

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