This article has been published recently in German but seems to be very interesting for a broader audience, why I decided to re-post it in English. However, with the release of Windows Azure Pack the question again came up, what licenses are required for this product? Windows Azure Pack (WAP) is an independent product and available as a free and public download. To conclude, if you are using WAP without System Center you would have to license SQL Server separately. Michel Luescher is a solution architect in the worldwide Datacenter & Cloud Infrastructure Center of Excellence (CoE) at Microsoft Corporation based out of Zurich, Switzerland.
Correct me if i’m wrong but I think that you missed licensing SMA and orchestrator for WAP. ABOUT MICHEL LUESCHERMichel Luescher is a solution architect in the worldwide Datacenter & Cloud Infrastructure Center of Excellence (CoE) at Microsoft Corporation based out of Zurich, Switzerland.
In October 2013, Microsoft announced Hyper-V Recovery Manager, a service that enabled Azure to orchestrate site-to-site replication and recovery in event of disaster. Azure ExpressRoute lets you connect your data center with Azure via a private link that does not travel over the Internet. Azure Active Directory (AD) is a key part of both Azure and Office 365, which uses the same directory. Microsoft doesn't offer VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) on Azure, and in fact does not allow Windows 7 or Windows 8 desktops to be hosted in any cloud.
Microsoft now offers Windows 7 and Windows 8 VMs on Azure, but only to MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) subscribers, limiting their use to test and development. In a recent post I have compared 5 best free cloud storage service, Well now another player has entered market which can give tough competition for all of them. Yandex is free online cloud and email service which gives a whopping 10 GB of free storage. Once you have signed up for the Yandex you will receive 3GB of storage as free, now as same as other cloud storage service like Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive etc. So in very simple words Yandex will give you 10 GB of free storage which makes it much more superior than Dropbox or Google Drive and other related services.
The recently released Evernote Touch and Microsoft OneNote apps for Windows 8 function as front-ends for cloud services that sync your notes to the web. Evernote Toucha€™s home screen is laid out in a manner similar to the Windows 8 Start Screen.
OneNote arranges things on its home screen across four columns, but doesna€™t depict your notes as thumbnails. To edit your notes in Evernote Touch, you swipe up from the bottom of the screen to pull up a basic looking toolbar. OneNote implements a radial menu UI for its editing tool that Microsoft developed to make their suite of Office brand applications (which includes OneNote) easier to use on a touchscreen. Evernote Touch lets you change the look of the text: color, font, size, bold, italics, underline and strikethrough. OneNote gives you these same options, and some more: highlighting, subscript, superscript, and you can designate text to be a to-do item. The version of Evernote Touch we tested doesna€™t let you add an image to a note after youa€™ve created it. By contrast, in OneNote, you are free to embed an image onto a page whenever you want, whether by using your devicea€™s camera or attaching an image file. In Evernote Touch, you can attach audio or video from your Windows 8 device to a note by tapping the third tile in the first column of the home screen. In OneNote, you cannot attach audio or video -- or any kind of file whatsoever -- to a page. In Evernote Touch, each note is restricted in size to 25MB including any files or media you attach to it.
The app that we liked the most on a Windows 8 device with a touchscreen was OneNote, due to its radial menus, and versatility for letting you edit and add elements to your pages. Once user does the authorization, user’s acccesscode is redirected to our server and being further received by your app and being returned by this method. Licensing is often a very important (and confusing) topic, especially when you’re designing a new infrastructure or service.

To run the Portal or use the Management API’s, System Center is not necessarily required. Of course it would also be possible to use SQL Server Express Edition, but this isn’t recommended for a productive environment.
Primarily, Michel is focused on hybrid cloud solutions (Hyper-V, System Center and Microsoft Azure). It was announced in October 2008 and launched in 2009, but its appeal was limited by focus on cloud services rather than familiar Windows infrastructure, combined with awkward management tools.
Though it makes sense to have third-site manage recovery if your primary site fails, the customer still needed to have servers in two data centers for Hyper-V Recovery Manager to work, limiting it to the large businesses.The service is now renamed Azure Site Recovery and lets you replicate and recover to VMs hosted on Azure itself, extending its value to businesses of almost any size. These include support for Puppet and Chef, which lets you configure VMs with agents to manage their configurations, and security extensions that let you install antimalware protection, using services from Symantec, Trend Micro, or Microsoft itself.
It is incomplete, and for many operations you need to click the link to the old portal, but it adds key features. The directory service is free, but a premium version, now in general availability, adds multifactor authentication, security reports showing suspicious access, self-service password reset, and group-based application access. Microsoft's licensing FAQ states, "Multitenant hosting is restricted in the Product Use Rights of Windows Client, such as Windows 7 or Windows 8. Yandex has software client for your Windows, Mac, and Android which you can download and install in your machine and once the installation is completed you will get additional 3GB for free which makes the total 6 GB.
Apart from this, developers has also provided simple steps to obtain extra cloud space, on its Web API as well and allows you to access and upload files, create and save contacts and read messages everything under one place. Also all the email attachments are other files are stored inside you cloud storage which makes it for easy access of these in future.
We decided to analyze the differences between them, and to look at which works best on a Windows 8 device with a touchscreen? It contains buttons to change the color, font, size and style of text, and the formatting of their layout. The alignment of text can be set left, center or right, or formatted into a bulleted or numbered list, and you can increase or decrease paragraph indention. In OneNote, text can also be tagged as a contact, phone number or street address, or as a€?critical,a€? a€?importanta€? or a€?questiona€? to help make searching your notes more convenient.
You have to tap the second or third tile shortcut in the first column on the home screen in order to embed an image onto a note, by capturing a photo with your Windows 8 devicea€™s camera, or attaching an image file from your device. Or, you can record an audio clip through your mic -- but not use its camera to record video. But when we tested this, such links wouldna€™t open in a web browser unless we were signed in to SkyDrive with the same account used to create notes in the OneNote app.
It misses two things, though: the ability to attach files (audio, video or other kinds) to your pages, and there didna€™t appear to be any direct means from within the app A to share your notes with others to collaborate.
With the growing adoption of virtualization in the datacenter, Microsoft has simplified their licensing model. Very important, the Enterprise Edition of SQL Server, which is very popular because of the Always On Availability Group support, has to be licensed with or without System Center as this isn’t covered. In 2012 Azure improved, adding a true IaaS solution based on persistent virtual machines and a user-friendly Web management portal. You can access the shared folder from an Azure VM using that key, just as you would on any Windows network, including the ability to map a drive letter with Net Use.
Site recovery is based on Hyper-V Replica, which keeps VMs synchronized with only a small delay. The third-party security services are installed on a trial basis, and you need to purchase a license from the vendor to continue.Microsoft's Antimalware is free while in preview. There are new tools to monitor and analyze Azure Web Sites, for example, and to set up Web tests and get alerts if a site goes down. In the meantime, it's available on Azure's site.The idea is to discover which cloud apps are in use within an organization. The preview does not let you install new applications, but you will soon be able to publish custom applications. Windows Client Desktops are not available on either Azure or on any other Service Provider such as Amazon or Rackspace."Amazon Workspaces, a cloud-hosted Windows VDI offering, actually runs Windows Server 2008 configured to look like Windows 7. Well once you have done that you need to upload any file through the desktop client which adds your storage with another 2 GB which will make your storage space 8 GB in total.

Clicking a notebook opens in the second column a list of a€?sectionsa€? that it contains; click a section heading and a list of the notes (which are called a€?pagesa€? in OneNote) that youa€™ve placed under that section appear in the third column. For example, when you double-tap on a word, highlighting it, a circle with the letter a€?Aa€? inside appears near it. There isna€™t an embedded player program on the note itself that will play back either media: when you tap on the audio or video file, a separate audio or video player app will launch. The free user account allows you to upload 60MB every month, while premium grants a 1GB-per-month limit.
Otherwise, an error page said that the link was deleted, expired or we didna€™t have the permission to view it.
Evernote Touch and OneNote will both meet your basic note-taking needs on a Windows 8 touchscreen device, but both come off as works-in-progress that we hope to see more features added in upcoming updates. Using the Datacenter Edition of Windows Server and System Center allowed the deployment of unlimited guests (virtual machines) on the licensed hosts. Then in April 2013, IaaS features including the new VM and virtual network features moved from preview to general availability.Azure is now growing fast, and since the TechEd conference in April 2014 has added numerous new features intended to let Microsoft shops easily migrate all or part of their server infrastructure and applications to Microsoft's cloud. There are also devops features (bringing together development and operations), including integration with Visual Studio Online, which provides project management and source control for teams.There is more attention paid to applications in the new portal, whereas the existing portal is focused on individual services. Azure AD Premium is also part of the Enterprise Mobility Suite announced in March, along with InTune for mobile device management and Azure Rights Management for protecting sensitive documents.
Microsoft's hope is that businesses will choose to integrate these apps with Azure Active Directory for easier management and control. Authentication is via Azure Active Directory.Support for iOS and Android shows that Microsoft is following through on its "any device" strategy, though Windows Phone is not yet included. It's an annoying restriction, but at least developers now have a workaround, giving them a quick way to test applications running on the Windows desktop OS.
Tap this and a circular tool pops open from the encircled a€?Aa€? which has buttons to change the text (color, font, size and style) and its formatting. Also, you cannot take a note youa€™ve already created and then attach audio, video or other files to it.
Although a Premium account allows you and the recipient to collaborate, this function was not available in the version of Evernote Touch we tested. Looking throughout the OneNote app for Windows 8, we couldna€™t find a way to set permissions to let others open these links. Typical uses include migrating on-premise applications that use shared folders and storing files for a website served from multiple VMs.
In order to take advantage, you need an existing VPN or Ethernet connection to your exchange provider or to have servers co-located in the exchange provider's data center. Microsoft Antimalware can also be enabled on other cloud services, such as Web Roles and Worker Roles. Cloud App Discovery requires an agent running on client machines, which monitors app usage and sends the information to the service. Ita€™s not until you swipe further right to the fourth column that you see tile shortcuts to your notes, and in another column the notebooks which contain these notes. This GUI is also used throughout OneNote to let you perform other tasks, such as copying-and-pasting, and adding elements (images or tables) to a page. If you do this, you take responsibility for firewall protection on the machine, though Microsoft says this may change in the future. You can see which apps are most used, categorized by type (such as Travel, CRM, and Social). The tile of a note is a thumbnail showing a snippet of text in the note and any image that is embedded on it.
The risk is that employees may feel this is snooping, but the data has obvious business value.

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